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Video Problems and You - AdBlock Awareness

Hello GameSpotters,

It has been brought to my attention that some of you (namely those of you who use AdBlocker) have been experiencing some issues with our videos not loading.

This -IS- an AdBlock issue, currently our video player will not work if you are running this software.

NOW! Before you all start panicking and coming up with crazy theories about how this is some way for us to nickle and dime our users let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR when I say that this was NOT INTENTIONAL!

According to a recent discussion with Video Production Manager, Dan Mihoerck:

"This is NOT intentional (has to do with the new CBS video player back end we are using) and they are looking to resolve really soon."

We appreciate your understanding during this time and as always if you have any questions you're welcome to the fabulous females of the Community Team.


I'm having issues in my main browser Firefox with the video player. It does now play videos but they are very low in frame rate, maybe 10-15 when i've read that its now showing in 60! Is there anything I can try? I've disabled hardware acceleration but that didn't make a difference :(

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Good news everyone! New code was recently published in an attempt to help better resolve the video player issue. If you were or continue to be impacted by this error please take time to clear your cashe and try again. 

If after doing this you are still having issues with our video player please let me know in this thread. 


I'm surprised by how fast you guys are fixing and adding new features since the launch. Keep it up. :)