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Top Bug Report 10/21

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Hello GameSpotters, back again with another list of bugs to report.

Last Weeks Issues:

1.) More and more users continue to come in with reports on being unable to log in.

2.) Livefyre avatars still not syncing with GameSpot avatars.

3.) Searching for a forum doesn't return results:

, specific forum, type in forum box.

4.) Search breaks when adding filters:

check games.

5.) Stack Bugs.

Top Ten Bug Report 10/14

1.) Video Player Issues:

- The video player is really choppy.

- There is no options when I hover over the fullscreen icon using ie10

- The video only plays in native ratio and won't even go to 16:9 ratio. I am running windows 7 ultimate and a Mac screen with 1920 x 1080 HD display.

2.) "New Releases" does not currently work as intended. When going to "coming soon" users see a plethora of titles that are irrelevant to core interests.

3.) Signatures not saving

- "Twice now I've had to re-upload my pictures to my settings - I make a post, my sig does not appear (but does if I refresh) - and if I make an extra tab from a link to my profile when no sig is showing, it shows the standardized profile with no pictures.


4.) Subscription to show feature not universal (Images included).

5.) User Rating have vanished

Feature Requests:

1.) Bring back the "new posts in thread" indicators.

2.) Limit number of posts quotes back to, or a maximum length to quotation space.

3.) Unions being merged to the new site.

4.) Anyclip commercials should have volume set to off.

5.) Move the "Flag" button to prevent miss-reports.

6.) Privacy settings for profiles.

Remember that when reporting bugs it is always important to provide as much detail as you are able to. Having screen shots, URL's, and/or examples are some of the best ways for your bug, or feature to be resolved in a timely fashion. And as always, you catch more files with honey than with vinegar. We understand that bugs and missing features are frustrating but being a jerk in your report is well... jerky.