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Tomb Raider: Dumb Ways to Die

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**The following editorial does not reflect the official and professional opinions from GameSpot. They are simply the ratings of a gamer with the time to type.**

This last week the gritty remake of Tomb Raider stumbled its way onto the list of free to download games from PlayStation Plus - [LINK], so of course this reminded me that it's currently sitting in my every growing pile of shame. Also, GameSpot had some pretty good things to say about the game [LINK].

So I got comfortable and readied myself for a night of adventure.

All and all so far I have enjoyed what I have experienced as far a game goes. Admittedly, this is the first Tomb Raider I can remember playing from the last decade or so. I of course gave the original game a spin and I'm sure those of you who remember playing it on the console probably remember just how hard it was to do even the most basic movements when you first sat down with the game.

I never thought driving a 98lb girl would feel like a 2-ton truck

Scaring-nostalgia and occasional awkward voice acting aside, I have been having fun. There is however one thing that still bothers me. What the hell is with these death scenes?

The TLDNR version of this rant is that I honestly don't feel like these scenes add anything to my play experience.

I mean, if you think about it for even half a moment you realize that there was someone (or even stranger, a team) who's job it was to come up with every gory, impaling, blood-squirting, smashing, ripping, painful cut-scene.

Further more, there is audio for each and every one of these. I can't help but wonder how much time, effort and money went into just these scenes. This of course adds to the concern of AAA vs. not AAA titles and where they decide to spend their money. It just makes me wonder, if Tomb Raider were a new game, fresh off the Indie-Cade, would they have even bothered trying to tell each gruesome end for our adventurer?

There have been a number of articles expressing disdain at the high levels of "torture porn" in the game. Now to be fair, I'm not inclined to go so far as to call it that, I mean really let's not be extremists…. But I do agree that at times it feels a bit over the top.

Okay… so maybe they're not too far off.

The point being, who among you feels that these scenes actually contributed anything of value to the game as a whole, and can you elaborate on your opinion.