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Not Quite Dead Yet - A GameSpot Update

It feels like it has been practically forever since I posted a blog, mainly because... well it has. 
What have I been up to? Well some users might have you believing that I've been hiding from the inevitable backlash that would come from the community finding out about what is being taken away from them. And they'd be half right... 


When I say "half right" I of course mean that I'm not hiding, but rather have been busy attempting to figure out work arounds, tricks, and other means to try and make as many users as I can happy. 

Yes, I know you're upset about losing unions.
Yes, I know that you're unglued about UCB's.
Yes, I know that you're frustrated about Fuse not getting support until the new site update. 
Yes, I know that you're shook up at the continued push for social media integration.  
Yes, I know that you're dismayed about not being able to download video's. 


I really do want to be able to have a video game site that feels like a second home to everyone. Please believe me when I say that it hurts to see the "F&%k this site, I'm leaving" blogs, or the constant wave of emails about how I am personally ruining the site by killing the things you love. 

I'd like to make one thing very clear. The decision to remove a feature is no single persons decision, it's one made by everyone which includes the users. 


I guess what I'm trying to say is that...

Yes, I'm still here.
Yes, I still care about you.
Yes, I will still continue to do what I can to make this feel like a -real- community.
Yes, I will keep fighting for your content to be featured.

And Yes, I still want to hear from you. Be it the good, the bad, the ugly. Whatever you have for me. I am willing to listen to. I just ask that you all remember that things sometimes take time, and that it's much easier to work with a person if concerns are brought up in a respectful manner.