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Give me a ship, and a star to sail her by!

So "Gamer of Shame" moment; I've never really been into the whole Assassin's Creed series despite all reason and logic.

I mean I love history, I love the concept of assassination, and well… I guess those are really the two main points to really ship an opinion based on why anyone would be interested in playing a game but still. Those are two things that should have encouraged me to want to join the guild of assassins. And yet….

So the TLDNR version of why I didn't pick up the first one is that one upon a time an X of mine was obsessively playing it and when the split happened he kept all the consoles and their games. So when I moved back to California the only pixilated pleasure I had to my name were the few legacy games I managed to smuggle out of the house and my DS. After that I just never quite achieved a point where dropping all of the monies on a system made sense. I was perfectly content with my PC and PS2 so why bother.

Years go by, my computer fades off into the technology twilight that befalls all PC's at some point and with a new glorious job in gaming I’m left with basically no good excuses, and yet still I found myself more interested in picking up other games or telling myself that I needed to stay current with titles that were coming out.

Flash forward to E3 2013 when this happened.

I LITERALLY started screaming like a 7 year old girl.

I'm sure many of you are aware that I have a thing for pirates. Not a weird thing mind you, lets not be hasty. But I do thoroughly enjoy pretty much everything to do with the pach-eyed, pegged legged, shiver timber-ers.

So much to the point that during Johnney's Assassin's Creed IV episode of the Waiting Game I couldn't help but go "Did that, seen it, read it, watched it… COME ON!" Further more, I was dismayed that I didn't produce my own list, which would have included things like…. listen to "Hoist the Colors" on an infinite loop…. which may or may not have happened.

Now, despite my pirate fever I haven't had much time to spend plundering and or pillaging, quite sad really. You see, I have a pretty firm rule about playing M rated games around my 4 year old because eh in my opinion she doesn't need to see mommy slit throats.

So my play time is basically limited from the time she goes to bed till the time I go to bed.

I'm currently just past Memory 05: Sugarcane and its Yields and I have to say I'm loving every moment I get to spend with the game. I'll probably review it at some point in the future once I finish it but for the time being I'm off to go take on Spanish soldiers and commandeer some ships with my awesome and powerful Jackdaw.


Good to hear that folk are enjoying this latest Assassins Creed, I might play it at some point, but not sure yet could probably use a bigger break from the series than I have done.

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Nice !  I haven't played much but I've really enjoyed what I've played so far !


Good to hear you're enjoying the game! I, for one, am sick of Assassin's Creed as a whole, even if there are pirates :P

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@lim_ak Not sure what kind of "break" you're looking for. But before I played AC4 I had just finished Puppeteer which was amazing and whimsical. 

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@AvatarMan96 I suppose that makes my inability to get into the series at launch a blessing rather than a bane. Not feeling exhausted by the concepts and experiences they are crafting for ACIV: Black Flag is a huge factor I'm sure. 


@DigitalDame @lim_ak Just time really, those last two I played were kind of bummers like they were Assassins Creed games but just ones that were not as good as 2 and Brotherhood. I'm enjoying other things in the meantime XCOM expansion was great fun, but yeah maybe no more running about and stabbing for a bit :).