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PSA for anyone who's currently enjoying Pokemon X and Y

Woke up to some rather sad news this morning about people reporting a game breaking bug in Pokemon X/Y.

From Bulbagarden:

Escapist Magazine, a well-known gaming website, is reporting a potential game-breaking bug regarding saving on North or South Boulevard in Lumiose City in Pokémon X and Y. Some players are reporting that, when loading the game file after saving in either of those locations, the game may freeze, and reportedly the only solution is to delete the save file. This error supposedly effects both physical and digital copies of the game. They have contacted Nintendo regarding the issue, but have not heard back. For now, it may be best to avoid saving your game in any area of Lumiose City.

What do you mean you have to "delete your save file" you mean... We have to say goodbye, forever?

Read More Here.

Top Ten Bug Report 10/14

Hello GameSpotters!

Here we have a list of some of the top 10 issues that users are currently experiencing on the site. The following have been reported to the developer staff for review.

1.) Users Unable to log in.

2.) Video Issues:

  • Video player issues in Firefox
    I have noticed that refreshing a page with a muted video makes the video play with sound (with mute still selected).

3.) Avatars, User Pictures, and other Images:

4) Livefyre compatibility issues:

5.) Searching for a forum doesn't return results:, specific forum, type in forum box.

6.) Search breaks when adding filters: check games.

7.) Stack Bugs:

8.) Game Titles appearing in Japanese:

9.) 301s needed for old game review links:

10.) Post Count Reduced.


If you are experiencing issues please report them. Let us know how you came about finding this bug. But most importantly try and be as specific as you can. URL's and screenshots are extremely valuable when it comes to the bug reporting process.

Video Problems and You - AdBlock Awareness

Hello GameSpotters,

It has been brought to my attention that some of you (namely those of you who use AdBlocker) have been experiencing some issues with our videos not loading.

This -IS- an AdBlock issue, currently our video player will not work if you are running this software.

NOW! Before you all start panicking and coming up with crazy theories about how this is some way for us to nickle and dime our users let me be PERFECTLY CLEAR when I say that this was NOT INTENTIONAL!

According to a recent discussion with Video Production Manager, Dan Mihoerck:

"This is NOT intentional (has to do with the new CBS video player back end we are using) and they are looking to resolve really soon."

We appreciate your understanding during this time and as always if you have any questions you're welcome to the fabulous females of the Community Team.

This blog is Magic.

.... the Gathering that is.

This week I'm going to be competing in a Pro Tour Qualifier at Eudomonia Games in Berkley. If I win the PTQ I will be getting an invitation and airfiare to play in Pro Tour Born of the Gods in Valencia, Spain in February. 


This would be my reaction if I won.

To help get myself hyped (and maybe for good luck, I dunno) here are some of my favorite MTG related photos from this year. 

Wish me luck people! 

Injustice: Gods Among Us Giveaway

Copied from Ohaifrancy, you should go follow her.

If you havent noticed by now, I really like gifs ^____^ If you want to check out the ones I have made sp far for GameSpot, go to our offical tumblr account. You will not disaapointed!!! 




Anyways....INJUSTICE!!!! I am a huge fighters fan, so am totally pumped for this giveaway. Do you guys play injustice if so who if your favorite character? My favorite character is Green Lantern!

Detials will be up next week, so keep an eye out for that. 

So who wants to win a copy of GTAV?

Now that I have your attention. 
GameSpot will be giving away a copy of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 and PS3 tomorrow on everyone's favorite social media platform. No not Myspace.... our beloved FACEBOOK!


Now I know what most of you are probably thinking and it likely sounds like this.
"But Synthiaaaaa! I hate this social media crap! Why do you always give the cool stuff away on Facebook or Twitter, IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Well my darlings, as much as I would like to say that your plea has convinced me to not give anything away on these social platforms I have to say "no dice" and if you want a copy this is the way to get it. 

The next question is usually "Is this US only" and when I respond with a heavy sigh and a defeated "...yes." anger and disdain tend to boil with "OHMAHGERD You know there's more to this world than Merica!?@!?!11" To which I am of course aware of. But since I'm bound by various trade and contest rules and regulations, giving away things on an international level is just not... well always going to be possible, again sorry but I don't make these dumb rules. 

So with all of that aside, for those of you who don't mind having to dabble with the devil that is Facebook you can look forward to seeing an announcement made for the giveaway some time tomorrow, so be sure to keep an eye out! 

Calling All Union Leaders, Officers, and Potential Adopters!

Are you a Union Leader?
Are you a Ranking Officer?
Or are you just a concerned member of a Union who's ownership never quite passed hands?

Then listen up!


As you have likely heard by now, unions will not be a part of the new GameSpot. But as was humbly suggested, there will be a hand full of unions brought over and turned into forums on the new site.

A message will be going out to Union leaders in the near future, but for those of you who may belong to unions that no longer have an active leader I implore you to comment on this blog if you wish your Union to be a part of the transfer.

Not a Leader, Officer, but want to see one of your Unions moved over? Let me hear about it and I will see what I can do to assist you!.  



Got a shiny new Vita

This isn't going to be a long blog. It's probably not even going to be a particularly interesting blog. But I wanted to inform those of you who care to follow me that I finally have a Vita. 


If you haven't already added me then feel free to add digitaldame on PSN.