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Reviews and leaving for E3

I have to leave in an hour but here I am sitting still adding videos and screenshots to The Witcher 2 review. Blargh!!

Anyway, some fun adventures with American Airlines, they called yesterday to tell me I was RELOCATED from the Luxe to the Ramada 1 mile away. WTF! What's the point booking 5 months in advance when they're going to $crew up my trip at the last minute? Then she says we get a 20% refund equivalent to $236... that's actually 10% of teh total of the trip, and if we;re getting downgraded to a hotel that costs HALF per day, why am I not getting a 50% refund on the hotel fare? I'm writing a complain letter, adding all my documents and demanding that difference back, cause those $236 won't even be enough to cover cab fares to everywhere for the duration. Stupid people. I'm not booking with them again. We called the Luxe, they blame it on AA, AA blames it on the Luxe... we don't know whose fault this is but sure as hell isn't ours.

Ok, quick summary of updates! Some reviews and articles to go with my Witcher 2 looooong rambling, E3 news feed, footage of naked Triss with uncensored epic boobies... wait, I'm getting ahead of myself LOL

There you go, reading material! I'm off to the airport and hope there's no mix-ups with the damn plane seats too, or I'll be taking my claymore to wherever American Airlines is and sticking it up someone's... head. Yeah.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
L.A. Noire
Stand O'Food 3
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
A Costume Tale: Abigail, The Witcher
A Costume Tale: Geralt, The Witcher
A Costume Tale: Triss, The Witcher 2

Hugs to all! :D

Unboxing my Witcher 2

So awsome I could die! I love new game smell :D hmmm... new game smell... /drool

So it seems I can't upload images to my albums... (no clue, it says click browse to add image, I do, and nothing happens, so whatever, Gamespot fail? Yes I tried on multiple browsers too. So here they are, from my Photobucket. :D

I'm on ur internets, downloading ur Witchers...

ARGH! First, Internet Explorer failed and didn't let me redeem my code on gog.com. So after some friendly advice, I had to go and get Firefox (downloading on husband's PC to abuse the system specs) and hooray, redeem code worked. Then I got the downloader. Then I finally started downloading... and been at it for a couple of hours. SIGH!

Doesn't look like I'll get to play before I have to sleep. But I'll be damned, I'll have it installed!

If I get lucky, maybe watch the intro too :D

Virtual me...

*fangirl squeel*

Well, and there it is, my face in The Witcher 2, lol :D The eyes and nose are spot on, I have to say, with the exception of the makeup!

I like how everyone isn't just a random villager, but has some kind of importance. All three winners became integral part of the game. The two guys, one is a duel challenger, the other seems to be the person you learn how to arm wrestle from! I'm a witch and I sell herbs, and apparently don't have a problem with slapping a witcher either. Super cool!:D

Check out a video of all three here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xigvhn_doppler-effect-winners_videogames

33 going on 50

So after a couple of months of horrid moments, including last monday nearly having to go tothe hospitaldue to excessive bleeding (hooray for the emergency prescription pills), thursday I got some more test results. We can blame it on the hormones now, until further notice I suppose. My estrogen is very low, which explains the hot flashes and other menopause-like symptoms I've been having. Taking me off my usual pill made it all worse and completely out of control. For now, I start today on something new to prevent periods for 3 months and hope it works. Basically, rebooting the systemwith a new dosage of hormones. I'm not expecting a miracle, but I'm also not optimistic. I guess hormonally speaking, I'm 33 going on 50.

Crappy health aside, I've received a pile of games thatI am still trying to find the time to go through. I did finish Arcania (hooray!) and the first N3II story, then had to move on to Dungeons, then Warriors: Legends of Troy and Dynasty Warriors 7. In the meantime, I have 3rd Birthday, Tactics: Ogre and Dissidia something or other still unopened. My husband is now bothering me with "my pokemons, let me show you them", because a friend convinced him to play some. Sorry, butI'll take hack and slash over pokemon any time. :)

I completely forgot to post my April's Fools joke this year, so here it is, along with the latest reviews I finally sat down to write. Funny how as much as I'm enjoying a game (or absolutely hating it), I seem to spend a lot more time staring at a blank page now. Anyway, here you are. I hope you find them entertaining, I especially likethe awsome new peripheral for Harmonica Hero :D

Warriors: Legends of Troy: http://www.gamersintuition.com/review.php?g=legendsoftroy

Dungeons: http://www.gamersintuition.com/review.php?g=dungeons

Harmonica Hero: http://www.gamersintuition.com/review.php?g=harmonicahero

Ys I & II Chronicles: http://www.gamersintuition.com/review.php?g=yschronicles

Health s.u.c.k.s but the games not so much. Oh, there's chicken butts.

It's been a while... I haven't felt up to posting because I'd just end up complaining. Still no news in the "wtf is wrong with this girl's health", all tests came back NORMAL. Yet everything still happens. Last time I bled, it was for 15 days, and it stopped because of some prescription pills that are usually given to hemophiliacs. The pain doesn't go away and it's even worse now since I am off my birth control in order to go for new tests. And the hot flashes are killing me! Yeah. It's been a hell of a ride.

On the positive side, my hemoglobin went up, but my iron is still too low. My dad is doing great after his surgery and the big scare last October.

I'm trying to get motivated to play more games, so I have been. On family day I managed to play Dance Central and DanceMasters with my family (took me a few coffees to get slightly motivated) and it was hilarious, especially because we were smacking each other due to space restrictions lol :D Even my aunt danced around with us. Kinect kept getting confused though and randomly tracking a different person.

My husband brought home You Don't Know Jack and that was a blast to play again, it's been years since we played it on his PC. I also got addicted to Arcania- Gothic 4. I don't think I reviewed it yet, but I haven't finished, I got sidetracked attempting to collect all those artifacts and now I am missing some and have no idea where! Most of the time I can be found on the sofa at night, mumbling and swearing at whatever is shooting at me from a distance, the relic that is supposed to be in some place but isn't and my overall lack of direction even with a map.

I also got a code for Dying for Daylight, which was written by the mind behind the Sookie Stackhouse books and True Blood. Not bad, but it does leave you hanging. This past week though, and by request, I dedicated myself to ChangYou's Zentia. I like it, but it's definitely too casual. But really, what other game lets you loot chicken butts? :D No, it's not edible btw. Ew.

Now I have Tactics Ogre and Ys I&II to go through. Needs more hours in the day!

Chicken butt. No, it's not edible.

Happy New Games!

Well, Happy New Year too since I haven't been around for a while!

Although only a few days in, it hasn't been an easy year already, butI got a little piece of good news and my E3 registration already has been approved. I don't know if I will be able to attend, health and finances depending, but I am keeping it in mind and doing my best to feel better and take care of myself while balancign the budget some more.

I finally got to try out some Kinect games, since I had to take down the Xmas tree before having enough room to push the sofa all the way back and the dining table against the wall. FFS, I almost need to knock the neighbor's wall over too and pushthe furniturein there some more!

Anyway, Dance Masters and Dance Central. What can I say, I don't dance. I just don't. Portuguese Folklore aside, I did that for a couple years back in highschool... I'm the person standing back against a wall in a club or a party, with the simple head nod kind of thing going on. So this was just... challenging.

Dance Masters is particularly complicated for me. It goes along the DDR lines, but you try to mimic what goes on on screen, and of course, there is always a delay in that. And then try to hit the circles when they appear. The entire time I am seeing my fat ass attempting to do whatever move in the middle of the dancers on my TV. At some point, snapshot! I looked for the snapshot and what I find is like WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS?! A blurry, pixelized me in a completely gray background. Not even my livingroom, jsut a weird cutout of... I don't know, it looked like a fat amoeba (me! LOL) in a totally gray canvas. The hell is up with that? No way to share it either, unless I go take a pic of my TV screen. Lovely.

Dance Central... now this is more for me. I like that every song has a Break It Down mode where I get to learn the moves (or die trying) and only then perform the song. It's also nice that I know some of the tunes on the track list. Not so nice is nearly falling because my socks were sliding off my feet while doing weird disco fever moves in Funkytown. Everything was going well until I am floored by FREESTYLE! No indicators on the screen = me not dancing. And in a split second, the game shows me what I have done so far by putting a series of snapshots together. My reaction: "Omg, this is how I look? My ass is hug...WTF... LOLOLOLOLOL" One of these days I will get the Funkytown hip/butt shake right. But again, no sharing option. I guess it's a good thing, no one guess to see my clumsiness!

Yeah :) I still have little energy to spare (I lost coutn how many supplement and vitamin bottles are in my kitchen counter right now) and I got some more medical tests coming next week, but for now I've been trying these in little 20 minute sessions. I feel completely drained after, but at least it makes me laugh!

Merry something!

Hooray for presents and stuff! My husband showered me with a ton of games, I wasn't expecting all this. Kinectimals, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Dance Central, Super Mario All Stars Limited Edition, Magna Carta 2 and Velvet Assassin (because I never finished playing it and I really liked it). He also got me The Sound of Music anniversary blu-ray, which is basically a tradition for me for Xmas and was also my ballet recital back when I was um, tiny and delicate and had good balance (rofl).

My in-laws got me an Android phone. Holy crap, this thing does just about anything. i just can't seem to sort out between my facebook and phone contacts, I got a list of 200 people to go through if I want to call someone LOL. It's awsome!

I also have some awsome news, but I can't share yet because they're not official. Yet. But it's awsome. So awsome I could die (I didn't, I just went "omg!!! omg!!!"repeatedly for about half an hour, with random periods of squeeling for the following days).

Merry Christmas to all :) And also, Merry Witchmas. As a side note, what's with EB failing, I tried pre-ordering The Witcher 2 and "oh, sorry, we don't have the code in the system yet..." Fail.

Totally sick of xmas songs already

BLARGH! Boss switched the radio station at the store, so now instead of oldies, we got some Toronto station that is playing all Xmas songs. I mean, really, how many versions of Let it Snow do I need to listen to in a period of 6 hours?!

After a week of this crap, I've come up with a plan to help me stay... mostly sane. Bare with me :)If you replace a random word in any given xmas song that plays on the radio with the first thing that comes to mind, those 5 versions of whatever song won't get as annoying anymore.

So, today I had It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Hot Sauce, Rudolf the Red Nose Hot Dog, Jingle Bell Plop and Your Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire. Sure makes the day more interesting!

Try it out yourself and feel free to post your titles, maybe I will sing your ideas at work too lol :D