Gun customizing is amazing.

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Ok, I just now started customizing my guns in Resonance of Fate. I really wish I would've done it sooner and I feel dumb for not doing so. It helps a LOT.

I've realized that this is a game that really makes you have to utilize all of what it gives you. Because if you don't, it'll destroy you at some point until you do.

So, just working on level grinding at the moment. And then I'll go get that stupid bottle of wine for Barbarella. >.> (Who keeps their refridgerator that far from the kitchen anyway? Ugh.)

Chapter 5

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So, I'm in Chapter 5 of Resonance of Fate now. I'm really taking my time with this game. I just enjoy it but also, the difficulty of it kinda makes me have to move slow through it. But that's alright; I don't mind (mostly).

Well, Chapter 4 was indeed annoying, as many people have said. Jean Paulet's statue needs to be healable or something. But you know, it wasn't a hard chapter; just annoying. I tried to speed through it, though, just because the statue wasn't doing too well. If I didn't have that stupid thing to worry about, I would've gone a little slower and tried to distribute the EXP evenly between the three characters.

The ending of that chapter gave a small flashback to Zephyr. Thank you! I've been dying to know his backstory, so maybe it'll start going into that. Hopefully.

So, I'm on Chapter 5 now's kicking my butt again. :/ I even spent some time leveling up my characters (they went up about 5 levels each, which isn't that much but I figured it'd be enough) but that didn't work. At all. So, maybe I need to level some more or really just change my strategy. Their levels are 19, 20, and 21, if I remember right. I was using some Molotovs but I want to save as many as I can for the boss (Yeti, I know) so I don't want to waste them all on stupid Gremlins and what-not.

This game really makes me feel like a stupid gamer. xD But, still, I love it.

Chapter 3

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Well, I've finally made it to chapter 3 in Resonance of Fate, about 18 hours clocked.

I'm still enjoying it and I really get the battle system now (Zephyr and his machine guns are amazing!) and for the most part, I think I'm able to make good use of it. But it seems like there's always one area of each chapter that really gives me trouble.

I had a friend over at my house last night and we were playing it together. Well, more or less, she was watching. She said the combat looked really confusing so she was afraid to try it. But we played through pretty much all of chapter 2. I didn't struggle too much with most of the smaller enemies but I really had a hard time with the section before the boss. I'd rather not think about how many times I died, because it was a lot. I know it was all about strategy and timing and all that, but it just felt like too much in too small of a space. I couldn't really do any Tri-Attacks but of the obstacles and there were 3 mechanical gear spider things and then 2 or 3 of the dogs. I hate the dogs too, by the way. They drool on you and it takes already about 1/3 of your Scratch Damage, which sucks.

Anyways, I could have cried from relief when I finally beat everything in that area. I was getting really frustrated with it.

It only took me 2 tries to beat the boss though. It's sad that I found the boss to be easier than the smaller enemies, but it seems that this is how the game wants it to be. I don't know; we'll see as I go further. But it's really annoying me.

Zephyr's still my favorite of the three, but he seems to be really like...not whiny, but self-pitying, maybe? I don't know how to describe it. I don't want to call him "emo" the same time, I do. "I'm used to being alone." Where did that come from? o.O It was just random and just "ugh." Just saying. Still my favorite character, but I really want to get to his backstory so he can start to flesh out a little more. He's so quiet during cutscenes. :/ Vashyron and Leanne do almost all the talking.

First for 2010

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Happy late Easter everyone!

It's been a ridiculously long time since I did one of these. So, here we go.
Is it just me or has this year been insane with good PS3 releases? I can't keep up!

Recently, I've played Assassin's Creed (yes, I'm a little late to that party) but I did enjoy it. A little repetitive and the plot made no sense by the end, but it was fun. I've got AC2 and I'll probably play it sometime in the near future.

Also played Dragon Age: Origins. When I first got it at Christmas, I popped it in and really didn't care for it. The gameplay felt like a mess and I was afraid that I was doing it wrong by just mashing the X button. The circles were throwing me off, making me think it was turn based or something. Anyways, I re-loaded it and tried it again about a month ago. I fell in love with it.
I probably won't play it again any time soon though. I have too many games piling up and the last part with the million waves of Darkspawn annoyed me. My first play through was Human Noble and Rogue. I'll probably do Elf or Mage next. I dunno, we'll see.
I have Awakenings right now but I'll think it'll be a while before I play it.

At the moment, I'm currently playing Resonance of Fate. I absolutely love it but it hates me. This game has no mercy and is pretty brutal in gameplay. Fun, but difficult. I love the characters though (Zephyr's my favorite but I do like them all) and I want to know their story.
I'm dying to get to Chapter 10 because it apparently gives the details of a certain plot point that I had no idea about until I showed the game to a friend and she made the connection right away (I didn't). And now I'm dying to know.

And usually when you put me on the internet, spoilers are to me what a light is to a moth. And even if I'm not looking for them, they find me. -_- And since I'm going to super slow in this game (still on Chapter 1, 6 hours in), I have a feeling I'll hear about it before I see it for myself. Which is both sweet and not. xD Because I want to know, but it's always better when you get to the plot twists/details in the game itself, rather than from someone else.