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Brilliant! Thank you for that neat tid-bit.

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So, we all know the classic RPG is a game chock-full of cryptic features, items, and otherwise unexplained phenomenon.

My initial question lies with a line of text found in one of the environments on a sign.

As a precursor, lets look back at Corel Prison. Keen eyes remember a ShinRa billboard with the text "Pyck" spraypainted over it as graffiti. Pyck? Look closer. Obviously this was originally our fabled four-letter curse word which was modified for obvious reasons; at least in the U.S. adaptation of the game.

View here at 5:58

Now here is one I can't figure out. In the popular area Speed Square the strange word "Pavkivy" is present right above the electronic board where the scores pop up, viewed here at 10:25. What the hell could this mean?

As Barret would say: "This game 'jes full of surprises".

Feel free to discuss other unexplained FF7 mysteries here as well.

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I've spent the last week reviewing some of the less-than-stellar NES games from my youth. I made some videos out of it.


Jordan vs. Bird (Links to others under the "More from Diamhea" tab).


Love me / hate me, I really don't care.

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I dig it! Ignore the naysayers, keep it up.

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SNES, simple and effective.

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StarFox 64 :)

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The N64 track through the freeway :)
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Some of Legend of Dragoon, and almost all of Gauntlet Legends for N64 rounds out my list of underrated game soundtracks.
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From my experience, the CD-I