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Laptop Go Bye Bye... AGAIN?!?!

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I've only had my laptop back 1 day after having sent it in for repairs. I have an MSI GX620. I love the laptop. Especially what I paid for it.. The things GREAT! The company's customer service however is HORID! The customer service alone will make me never buy from this company again. I like to know that IF something goes wrong on my laptop people will do their job. They were supposed to repair my hinges and give me a new HDD due to mine failing. HDD was no issue. However the hinges they needed to charge for due to it being a new case. However my laptop was under 3 year warranty for parts and labor but they STILL couldn't cover it. 140$ charge. I bit the bullet and said yes to charge me. They said it would be done in a couple of days and I would have my laptop back. "Fine" I said. PFFFFF what a bunch of BULL that was! It took them 2 weeks after that! Finally the only thing they could do for me was give me 2 day air shipping. Oh thanks knock a day off big thanks! So I get it on Monday. Everything "seemed" fine. Until I started using my touchpad more and more. The thing is deffective! You gotta be kidding me! I know it was their fault too because it worked perfect before they had it. AND they installed a new case so even easier to point the finger at MSI and say they didn't hook things up correctly. OR something happened to it in the installation of the case. SO now I have to call MSI AGAIN and go threw the painful tech support of TRYING to have the guy on the other line understand me and what I need him to do! My laptop will probably be gone at the minimum of 3 weeks AGAIN. That is if they have their freaking act together and can actually do their job and repair a laptop in the time they say they will.. SO if you get ANYTHING out of reading this... Don't buy from MSI kids.. Spread the word. Learn from my mistake.