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I'm on the look out!

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For a new car. I took my truck to the mechanic today and he's saying it won't last much longer. So that means I don't have much longer to search for a new vehicle. And vehicles are pricey! Especcialy small trucks like I like. I'm right now currently driving a 1983 Nissan Datsun pickup. It's my first vehicle. It's old. It's got 230K miles on it. I spent 600$ on it. I'm sure I can get another 3K miles out of it. Maybe more. But not much more. So I've been on Craigslist most of the day since I got home looking for new vehicles. I'm pretty sold on a Hatchback. Mainly Geo Metro's or Honda Civics. I found a 91 Civic for 1750$ (OBO). It looks roomy for both driving friends around and for my work tools. I've read up on 91 Civics and it looks like it gets about 28 MPG.. Which is better then what I'm currently getting (20 or so MPG). I would really love to get a Geo Metro. Those things are rocking 45-50 MPG. That is freakin awesome! Gas is about 3.79$ here in my area. So at 45-50 MPG it would be perfect. However Geo Metro's seem to be a little bit harder to find right now. But I'm not really in the market to buy right now. Give me a month or two and I will be able to start calling some of these numbers to maybe buy. But I'm pretty bummed about my truck. It's a good little runner. It's gonna be the vehicle I always remember. Blasting Lamb of God as I cruise threw town. Good times. Anyways all this really means is that I will have less money for new games.. HOWEVER! I'm gonna buy LA Noire. That games looks freaking AMAZING.

Anyways not much point to this blog I guess. Just thought I would update. Work is really starting to pick up which is good for $$ but becomes stressful VERY quickly. We will be doing a job shortly that has been bid at 20K. It's a custom house. Not nearly the most expensive house I've worked on but still pretty pricey place for us to work on in quite awhile. This house has 70 windows through out it. Mainly all looking out threw to the Gorge. It's an amazing house.

So this weekend is gonna be killer.. My folks will be leaving Friday for Chelan WA. So I'm inviting an out of town friend from the Tacoma WA area (near Seattle). I haven't seen him in 10 years. He's gonna get here and we're gonna go see Sucker Punch. We've both been REALLY wanting to see this movie for quite some time. It looks so dang good. Saturday I'm throwing a little Rock Band shindig. Gonna have my out of town friend meet some local friends here and we will throwdown some Rock Band. Gonna buy some Papa Murphy's Pizza and just have fun with friends. Isn't that mainly what it's all about? Then Sunday we will pretty much just hangout till he has to leave. Then my folks get back sometime mid day Monday. Overall I think it's gonna be a pretty sweet Weekend.

Well I gotta get up pretty early again tomorrow so I shall be sleeping. You know it feels pretty good to write again. I do wish it got more comments and reads but I'm grateful for who ever still reads and comments already. It's been so long. I may do a Gamespot only video this Sunday if I have time. Which I should. It's been awhile since I've done a video for Gamespot. I still have YouTube going which GO sub if you haven't already.