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My Photo With Dallas Green (City and Colour, Alexisonfire)

Man, it was to awesome meeting him.. I know I got kind of a goofy smile goin on and my hand is a bit weird.. But I was kind of in shock meeting him.. I thought I was pointing or doing a thumbs up.. haha.. I got 3 pics but they all look the same this one was a little less blurry.. Man, BEST NIGHT EVER!

Last Night Was The Best Night EVER!

So I went to go see Alexisonfire last night.. Which was amazing! But to start that whole night I got to meet Dallas Green (City and Colour).. My favorite vocalist of all time.. It was awesome.. Got a few pics with him.. Chatted for a few minutes he is super nice. Just saw him walking out of a comic shop. Super cool.. More later bed time for now.

-Sam out 8)

I Kinda Want That...

Man.. I just watched the Alan Wake review.. I gotta say I kinda want that now.. I didn't think it would look like that.. I haven't kept up with it at all.. That was really the first video I've seen of it.. Looked really good. Might pick that up soon.

Well not a lot to talk about.. I'm gonna be getting a new guitar as soon as I get paid.. A Agile-2000 Les Paul model.. It got a lot of great reviews.. Beautiful guitar!

I've been playing a lot of Halo Reach Beta.. Really good stuff.. Also I've been doing a lot of Bad Company 2 online.

This Wednesday (5/12) I'm gonna be going to see Alexisonfire.. I'm so pumped up for that!

I'm thinking about doing all my vlogs on Youtube from now on.. Still undecided but most likely my next vlog will be on Youtube. I'm DiabeticDood on their if you wanna subscribe to me.

That's gonna do it for me. Night my 2 readers.

-Sam out 8)

My First Game Review! Kinda...

I don't know if any of you know.. But their is a podcast called The Uncanny Gamers.. It's a bro and sis who do a podcast about gaming and what's going on with their lives. Funny stuff really suggest checking them out.. I've been listening to them for awhile now and I've finally been able to make a review for them! It's a review on Splinter Cell Conviction. I'm sending it to them right now and whenever they record the next episode they will be putting it in the show! WooHOO!! Just finished up recording/editind it. I'll post a link to their iTunes page for you guys to sign up if you want. If you're not interested in listening to them I will post a blog with a link to the episode that I'm in.. That's about it..

Podcast Here!

-Sam out 8)

And Just Like That I'm Done!

I finished Splinter Cell Conviction about an hour and a half ago.. It took me a total of 8 hours on the normal setting.. It was really good.. I enjoyed the new direction a lot.. I still prefer the MGS games for my stealth fix but this new Splinter Cell is easily my 2nd or 3rd favorite in the series.. Great replay value with the story again and coop.. For anyone who wants to play coop lets do it! Anyways that's about it for me.. Just wanted to say I finished it..

-Sam out 8)

BIG blog..

So I got a few new games... I recently got paid and I'm just saving money.. I have nothing I wanna buy/need to buy.. So I'm just saving.. I knew I wanted to get Splinter Cell Conviction when I found it at my Walmart.. So the 13th I decided to just go their after work.. Check it out.. They of course didn't have it. BUT they did have Battlefield Bad Company 2.. LIMITED EDITION.. That's like usually 80$ but I got it for 60$.. I couldn't resist.. What that LE version includes is the VIP code for the new maps and any extra DLC.. So basically any DLC coming out for that game will be free.. You can download the VIP code from the Marketplace for like 1200 MS points.. But included with the game is worth it.

So I finished that single player tonight and the first run through got almost all the achievements in 1 shot.. I just need to get the "Destroy 50 buildings" achievement, and "Destroy 15 System Uplinks" and "Destroy All System Uplinks".. I really wasn't looking for the uplinks my first time through.. I did get the achievement to finish the last level on Hard.. I did it in my first try.. Easiest 50g I've ever earned! Here's the tip you use a LMG.. And when that runs out of ammo switch to the AK74u.. The shotgun they give you is only good for the first hall on the plane.. But I've dabbled in the online with that game.. I gotta say it destroys the MW series! After playing this game CoD should call it quits. I'm not meaning any offense to CoD fans but the series isn't what it used to be. BC2 is real team work online and in the single player.. Their was only like 3 out of 13 missions were you fight alone.. The rest is with the 3 team mates.. And online is just the same.. Even if you don't talk to each other you work with each other.. You watch the guys who try to do everything them selves and they don't last long.. I haven't done much online but I'm rank 2 and going at it now since I'm done with the single player.. The single player probably only took me about 6 hours.. Which isn't bad considering it had a lot more to give then MW2 or WaW..

So in my last vlog I talked about pre ordering Halo Reach.. Yeah that doesn't come out till like September 28th or something.. BUT for pre ordering it I got a 20$ eGift card.. So basically I pre ordered Reach for 40$.. So I've been wondering what I should use the 20$ on.. I was gonna do BC2.. But when I saw that at my Walmart I just went for it.. So I decided to use that 20$ on Splinter Cell Conviction.. I odered it on the 13th so for some reason Walmart still considered it a pre order.. So the special was "Pre oder now and save 10$!" So it was only 50$.. Using that 20$ eGift card made my order like 30$!!! So I got Splinter Cell Conviction coming to me for the LOW LOW LOW price of 30$! :o.. Yeah it kicks MAJOR ass! I've been a long time Splinter Cell fan.. Ever since the first one was on PS2.. Then I got Pandora Tomorrow and loved that.. I still liked the first more just because I didn't like how Pandora Tomorrow worked all the jungle stuff into the mix.. I don't think that worked well.. But then Chaos Theory came out and I LOVED it.. I only ever rented it but I did get to beat it.. I loved that they had made the game M, added the sound bar, knife.. All that jazz.. I think it just made the game so much better.. I finally did buy that on the Games on Demand on XBL.. Brings back some good memories playing it.. After that I played Double Agent when that came out for PS2.. I thought it was OK.. It made a lot of switches that didn't need to be made. I found the story very lacking as well.. It was good but couldn't compete with Chaos Theory in my opinion.. So I kinda thought after Double Agent I wouldn't play anymore Splinter Cell games.. But they really out did them selves with this one I think.. I actually like the new style.. Not like full on stealth but something everyone can sink their teeth into.. I love deep stealth games but I don't mine stealth games that everyone can play.

I beat both Mass Effect 2 and Halo ODST.. Both fantastic games.. I like Mass Effect 2 a lot more but their was a lot more to like their.. I loved the ending and I can't wait to play through again.. I'll just transfer my save over so I can continue with my guy... I will make another save for another class.. I'm thinking engineer.. What do other Mass Effect players recommend? My main is the Soldier..

As for ODST it was great.. I've always hated Halo games.. I've thought they are bland and boring and break no new ground.. But when I saw ODST I saw a new art style and heard you weren't playing a Master Chief type character.. You were a straight up human in normal armor.. It added more challenge to the game and made it so you died a lot more.. I loved that.. And the way the story is told is just awesome.. How you find a clue and then you take place of who that clue came from and then you end up going back to the present in this just run down taken over city.. It's so cool how it ties in at the end to.. I won't say anything....

So as you can see I've synched my Raptr account and Gamespot account together.. Eh it's OK.. I don't see me looking up peoples achievements on Gamespot.. I'll just do that on my Xbox.. Anyways I'm gonna go to bed.. I'm thinking about doing a vlog of my truck next.. I've never even showed pictures of the thing.. So I'll probably do a video.. I just don't know what I'll say... It's a truck.. Eh I'll post pics.. I'll do a room tour next vlog.. I love my room I think I should show it off.. Anyways that's it for me folks..

-Sam out 8)

Listening to Lamb of God Blood of the Scribe.LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!!!!!! \m/8)\m/