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First blog in a year

So... Nothing has happened, I'm still alive somehow and such... What I made this blog for is to advertise my friend's forum, and I want all of you to join it. WHY? BECAUSE ITS COOL AND ITS FUN, AND OF COURSE.. ITS ZETABOARDS.. DO ET... fgt.


We're still growing, so we need members or else Imma be a sad panda bear. We'll be waiting for you there.

A Blog

Hello you low life bastards, how is going?

yes, yes, good for you, now move along.

So what have I been doing as of recently? Well, I suppose that's the question that most of you that actually pay attention to me have been wondering.. (lol people actually pay attention to me?) The answer is... Nothing really. I have been playing games again as of recently because I'm so utterly bored of masturbating during the night time that I should do something more productive than masturbating and sticking sharp things up my arse.

Now for this moment, I will post quite creepy and maybe funny pictures.

And now I'm bored of posting stupid pictures. Anyone know a site called Reddit? If you don't, then watch this, but even if you do, then watch the video. Basically a video on why reddit sucks with some guy with a horribble British accent.

Anyways, that's it for now. Until I get out of my next coma from a possible drug overdose, I will come back... and I'll make another blog. So long, you god damn bastards.

Reaction Face Theatre

Hey guys, Billy Mays here!

F**k you, you're not Billy Mays. You aren't even yelling.

Oh yeah? Go to smouch.net/lol/


lol trolled

D: I had porn streaming and had to ctrl alt delete that sh*t

lol noob. Real perverts have fap folders. I can bless the bishop 24/7. Suck my pokeballs, b**ch.
Personally I fap to videos of me holding a match and screaming the names of Canadian Prime Ministers.

da f**k?

So I guess I'm the only that sticks toothpicks in my urethra?
feels good man


Because it's finger-licking good, that's why.

God, this blog gave me such a stiffy.

inorite? I'm F**kin hard right now.

But, that's because you're metal...

I always wanted to be rap.

The Happy Little Pooper (A Story)

Once upon a time,




The end.


I now clean toilets for a living. Sometimes they have pubic hair. Something I've learned is that women's restrooms are much nicer than men's. They have chairs and sh*t, you could hold a regular pooper's convention in there. Men just have a stark gray room and lots of pee stains.

Oh God, the pee stains.

I haven't blogged since October, can you believe it girlfriend? YEAH WELL.


I'm very halpful

Well, why have I been gone for so long? Two reasons:

1. I got suspended for a while.

2. I was busy with other things.

I was on the internet, but mainly I was on MSN, and watching videos and such. I honestly don't have the time to go on Gamespot because I'm busy for most of the day. Other than that, I've been listening to these bands:

Cheap Trick


The Dead Kennedys


Green River

Love Battery


Tom Petty

So my friend told me that I'm like a love doctor, and I think he's right sorta. I decided to go on Omegle to find that out, cuz you know a bunch of people are trying to look for relationships on that site. And you wanna know what starts a conversation? This will always help; 100% guaranntee. Just say "asl", trust me, I'm a professional at dis.

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 1: 14 f usa

Stranger 2: 17,

Stranger 2: m

Stranger 2: USA

Stranger 1: state?

Stranger 2: near texas

Stranger 2: but not bordering it

Stranger 1: alright

Stranger 1: colorado here

Stranger 2: cool

I think this is a great beginning for their lives. ;D

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 2: f 22

Stranger 1: male 19

Stranger 2: where are you from?

Stranger 1: boston masss u ??

Stranger 2: some small town in Kentucky

Stranger 1: thtss hott 9;

He know that's hot which is why they're going to do it all night long behind a dumpster.

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 1: female 18 usa

Stranger 2: No

This guy knows that she is a liar, this was a complete failure. It still truamatizes me! D:

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 1: uhh

Stranger 1: no

Stranger 2: a lot

Stranger 2: xD


Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 1: female

Stranger 2: 53 M

Stranger 1: 18 usa

Stranger 2 ends the convo after she said that, I guess he was more into little girls.

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 1: lol wut?

Stranger 2: You heard the man

Yeah you heard me *****.

Stranger 2: asl

Stranger 2: :P

Stranger 1: 21/f/usa

That's what I thought.

Stranger 1: jeez

Stranger 2: I was expecting a little more originality with these questions :/

Stranger 1: i kno right

Stranger 2: Oh well

Mission accomplished.

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 2: ......................▲

Says the man who can't triforce.

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 1: hahah sooo generic

Stranger 2: 108,idl, Bikkni bottom




Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 2: after ***, lattes?

Stranger 1: 12/girl/whatisthis

This is the internet, home boy.

Question to discuss:

uh... asl?

Stranger 1: 15, female, usa

Stranger 1: you?

Stranger 2: 16 f USA

Stranger 2: :)

Stranger 1: hi :)

Stranger 2: how you doin?

Stranger 1: good, you?

Stranger 2: realll good

Stranger 1: i'm tiredd

Stranger 2: awe

Stranger 2: poor baby

Stranger 1: high school does that to ya. haha

Stranger 2: get a latte

Stranger 2: helps

Stranger 1: tomorrow morning i should!

Stranger 1: yumm

Stranger 2: or do what me and my friends do, skip lunch ditch school and go get some starbucks for an hour

Stranger 2: kicks ass

Stranger 1: i don't have a car yet, so i don't think that's gonna work :/ it sucks

Stranger 2: we walk

Stranger 2: my cars totaled so

Stranger 1: ohh.

Stranger 1: starbucks is a couple miles away from my school though, lol

Stranger 2: damn

Stranger 1: sucks

Stranger 1: i gotta go, have a great day! :)

Stranger 2: bye

I feel so accomplished and special now, I just feel so proud of myself now!

I guess I might be a love doctor after all! I think I have found my career. :D

I also heard that SEGA is making a new sonic game:

I'm thinking of getting it. Well, I have nothing else to say but you guys are the best. Happy Halloween.

September 18, 2011

Hello everyone, it's been a long while since I posted a blog. To begin with, I've been very inactive lately (like always), and one of the reasons for the inactivity is college, colege is hurd and im lurnig h0w to rite and reed an stoff so is y im naut on @ll teh timy. Aside from typing like an idiot, I have college and can't have gamespot get in the way of studying. The other reason that I'm inactive is because I'm just bored of this site, it doesn't mean I will leave this site and give that crappy excuse that this site is stupid and I'm bored of it and just go to another site and then the next week I come back. It just means I won't be active as much anymore (Hell, I wasn't that active during the summer either), I might be active during Winter, and Spring break, other than that, I'm not going to be on much. Maybe 3 times a week, instead of being online for 24/7 like most OT low lifes are. And the last reason is because I have a life, u jelly?

Aside from that, this was the music I've been listening to recently:

My Bloody Valentine:

Nirvana's early work like Insecticide:


Big Black
Alice in Chains:

Brian Eno
Joy Division
New Order
The Fall
Dinosaur Jr.
The Jam
And other trippy stuff.

Anyways, I've watched Don't be Afraid of the Dark, and it's the cheesiest movie that I've seen in a long time. Crappy movie, 2/5. I've watched the Bears game, and that has to be the worst game ever, made me so disappoint. The offensive line sucked, it's not Jay Cutler's fault, he's getting pressured all the time because of the idiot Offensive Line not doing their job. The WR's were just horrible, and Mike Martz was an idiot and should have been doing runnig plays since that always works with the Bears offense. The defense was like asleep during that game, jeezuzz. Bears better do something about it or they'll get beaten by the Packers very badly.

Another thing is that I got Comcast Internet now, it's been 3 years since I've had the internet, and it seems fine so far. At least it doesn't crash like my old crappy AT&T would. And I think I can change my IP with this internet, so you know what this means.. trollface.jpg

Well this is it for now. Next blog will come in over 9000 years.

I'm bak

What up! What up!!! WHAT UP!!! what up... Yes, Dgalmun is back! Long time no see! You know you missed me, ADMIT IT!!! ROTFLMAO! Where have I been you ask? DUH? The Yahoo message boards, where else?

Anyways, my activity has been on and off lately, 1 week I won't be active, then 2 weeks I'll be active and on and on and on. Well that might change, I will try to stay online for the rest of the summer, maybe until the fall. Durign the 3 week hiatus, I did some stuff. Like.. Nothing. :|

The reason I was gone for a while was because of my computers, both of my computers had a veyr nasty virus so I didn't go on the computer too much. The other reason was some personal issues I had to deal with so that's a bummer. But now that crap is over, I'll be on gamespot more often.

I haven't been designing or playing any games lately cuz vido gasme r gay and god damn man thery stpud. Got a new cell phone because my old one was a piece of **** so umm yeppp.. And my headphones broke so im sad. ;_;

I'm still trolling these days so don't expect me that I've changed! Also, another thing that I've noticed around the internet is those damn ponies. God damn man, this cancer is invading the internet. Even Former President Bill Clinton likes it. WTF IS THIS ****?!?!?!?!?!

Anyways, enough of that crap; my blog has ended. See Ya Suckers!

What I've been up to lately..

Well, as I said in my last blog. I will make a blog, that will be good. And this blog will therefore, be good. So anyways, I'm actually a bit more active on gamespot now. There are some days that I'm not going to be online. Sadly, that might change this summer. I might be inactive for almost a whole month or so. I'm not sure when, but I'm going to give reasons why. Private stuff.. lawl.. private.. uhuhuhuhuhuh
 Well, summer is coming soon, and Beavis and Butthead is coming back to MTV!! I used to have good memories watching this show, and it's pretty good that it's returning. Let's see if it still has it's originality. And another thing that I'm pretty excited is the weather, and the Chicago Bulls. I'm sure that Bulls can win this, wanna know why. Two words; Derrik Rose. And one word to describe him; MVP.

I haven't been designing lately.. :( Number one, don't have the motivation to design anymore. And number two, I don't have any good resources to make a sig or LP out of it. Maybe sometime, the motivation will come back and I will start designing again. And for music, I've been listening to a lot of Post-Punk. Here are some cool bands that you guys might like, they are pretty old, but you probably never heard of them:
Joy Division
Gang of Four
Public Image Ltd.
The Smiths
New Order
I could go on, but those should be the ones that you may like. But for anime.. Well.. Uhh yeah.. Skip that. Also, I wonder what will be Nintendo's next console.. And how will it look like..

Another I want to say is that today, was the day.. I died. It sucked.. badly. But since I was so awesome, I was brought back to life. 8) Well, I guess this is the blog for now. Maybe I might get back to making blogs a little more daily then every now and then. Well that's it for now.

Busy days..

I'm guess I'm still under a hiatus over gamespot. I've been busy lately, so if you were wondering why I've been gone. There's your answer. Well, I got my guitar fixed (sorta..), and been watching a pretty gud animu called Fooly Cooly.. Used to remember watching this on Adult Swim when I was younger.. Check the anime out if you're never heard of it. You may like it.

I'll make a blog later, don't feel like blogging. But I need my profile a bit updated, so I'll just make a stupid blog to show you fools I'm still alive and well. Anyways, that's all.

I'm back.. Kinda

As a lot of you losers, I mean guys noticed. I have barely been on gamespot for a while. There a couple reasons to that.
1. Gamespot is boring
2. I got a life
3. The glitch is just annoying
4. I have better things to do besides going on this site
I'm still on the internet, just not on gamespot.
But most of the time, I'm not using the internet. I'll probably get online very now and then, or at times. I'll be online a lot, but I doubt that. Also, you guys are losers that have no lives.

yep I sed it. Problem?