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I never got my Valentine's Day emblem, I did report it back in the day on the thread at the Emblems Union created for us to report missing emblems to Synthia but no staff cared about it, so I hope this time I get it, yes I did comment on the blog post, yes I did it in time because people that commented after me got theirs.

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Thanks Syn! And thanks to Devil_Spooky for allowing my late entry!SavoyPrime

LOL you own me one ;) congrats

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Trophies achieved. :D


Savory, you missed the cut off. But since there's only three of you I'll let Sidburn and Devil vote. Should Savory's entry be counted for the raffel?

I vote yes, no point in leaving him out. He should have a chance ;)

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Hi jody,

Keep getting this error. Doesn't matter which of the 3 browsers i use. Chrome, firefox or IE. If i reset my password it logs me in ... if i logout thats it until i change it again! i am on like password 3. been a gamspot member for like 10 years.

Windos 7 64bit

newest firefox and chrome....

also when i try to log in and confirm i am human ... the image with the words to type isn't not shown!

User Login - CAPTCHA Required


There have been multiple unsuccessful login attempts from your current IP address or against the account you are attempting to log in to. In order to prove you are a human, please log in again and enter the text below as requested:


Just had this exact same problem

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The first Resident Evil for the Gamecube (or any other of the series, but please no RE4, RE5 or Revelations (no Zombies in there) or RE6 or REORC (because, well, they suck)

Lollipop Chainsaw

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

and a oldie but a goodie, Martian Ghotic: Unification

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I don't have my Avatar, Profile banner and blog image.

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Here are some of my favorites:

- ToeJam & Earl (rumored to soon be released on the PSN) (GENESIS)

- Sunset Riders (GENESIS)

- Mickey mouse World Of Illusion (GENESIS)

- Alien Storm (GENESIS)

- Road Rash (GENESIS)

- Rocket Knight Adventures (GENESIS)

- Spot Goes to Hollywood (GENESIS)

- Tiny Toons Adventures - Buster's Hidden Treasure (GENESIS)

- Toy Story (GENESIS)

- F-Zero (SNES)

- Jurassic Park (SNES)

- Super Mario Kart (SNES)

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Ok here goes nothing, have to thank my Girl and Google for this list :P

And are you sure #9 and # 20 are books? Only found a song and a movie for them... :?


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We don't celebrate Halloween in my country so i'm not gonna make one (I suck at doing anything that needs creativity anyway) but I found this ones that I'd like to share with everyone: