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Remember Me...

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Well do you? :P

I haven't updated this journal in quite some time. :? How is everyone? How are things?

I'm doing all right. A bit under the weather today. :( I had to pop in though and add Assassin's Creed: Revelations to my following list! Oh man, I can't wait to get it! :D

Hope all are well! :)

I'm Back From Mexico...

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I had a blast you guys! :D It was so beautiful there and I went to two Mayan archeological sites: Tulum & Chichen Itza! I totally fell in love with Chichen! :D It was just so awesome there! :D Sadly you can't climb the temples anymore but just gazing and standing there really blows your mind! :D Here's a few pics and HD videos for you! :D Er I can't do video, so here's some pics for you guys! XD

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It was soooooooooooooo much fun! :D I can't wait til I go again! I want to see more of the ruins! :D



I'll be around...sort of...

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I'll be lurking around GS because it's E3 this week! :D I'm going to try and catch some conferences! Especially the Ubisoft one because I want some AC: Brotherhood news or trailer or something! :D

You guys I got my Modern Warfare 2 out of my dead PS3 in May, well my Bro got it out for me, and now I'm playing it whenever I can! :D I totally blow at it but it's fun and I want to prestige! :D I'm always getting killed by someone launching a grenade when I'm clear across on the other side of map. :| I'll admit that sort of bugs me. :x

Life is going good, can't complain! Hope all of you are doing okay! :D

USA vs England soccer match today! I am excite!!! :D


Devil Huntress! :D

It's My Birthday Today...

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Well there's only 10 minutes left and all I can say is Thank God it's over! It wasn't a good one, not at all. :|Maybe I'll have better luck next year! Hahahahahahahaha! I doubt it! :|Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to see if my emotional support is awake so I can whine to them! :lol:


From an older and more cynical,



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Well as you can tell I'm okay and so is the family! :) No damages here but it still wasn't fun to get woken up by an earthquake this morning at 4:04 am. :| It was a 4.4 magnitude quake and at first I thought something just fell in my room but once I realized the ground was shaking, I was like 'oh snap! It's an earthquake.' Truthfully I didn't even get out of bed, because a part of me thought I was dreaming!:lol: I just turned over and tried to go back to sleep. Woke up again an hour later because I felt too hot and removed some covers and then went back to sleep to have my alarm wake me, so not a peaceful night's sleep last night at all.

So just updating to say me and mine are all good here in quaky California. :)


DH 8)

When We Last Left Off...

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I was crying my eyes out because my PS3 died.:| Okay that's an exaggeration, but I was sad that it was gone. Since then I got my 120 gig and soon after got Assassin's Creed II! :D

Assassin's Creed II! OMG! Is it possible to be in love with a game? Well is it? :P Because since I got that game I have been enamored with it! I passed it in a few days and kept playing it! I did every possible thing in that game and I got all my trophies, thus earning my first Platinum trophy! Not that I really care for those things but the feeling of finally getting one was awesome! :D I got the 2 DLCs of course and passed those in no time! :P I've been very vocal of my love for this game that I got my oldest brother into the AC series! :D I can't wait for ACIII and for any information on it! Ubisoft giving me something damn you! :cry: My fangirl heart can't take it! Oh and regarding Ezio? Yes please!!!! :oops:

Okay let's move on....if you're still here that is...and that above paragraph didn't scare you away...

Aside from ACII, I played Bayonetta which I thought was okay. I know it was made by the same team as DMC 1 and even though I had fun playing it. I'd rather be playing with Dante then with Bayonetta. Don't get me wrong she had her moments and I loved her as a character but sometimes it felt like this was just a version of DMC but with a girl protagonist. That get's half naked to do her finishing move.:|Why wasn't Dante given that ability? :P Also going through Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 since I got it for Christmas and I recently went back to Uncharted 2 and played it because that's another game that loads of fun to play. I'm pondering playing some multi-player but I wonder if anyone is still playing it, especially since Final Fantasy XIII has come out and God of War is out next week. These 2 games though are blah to me! :P I want Final Fantasy Versus XIII! When is that coming out???

Regarding real-life...not much to report! Today though I had a great day! I'm still feeling the afterglow, so to speak! Also because Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday I'm losing an hour of sleep! Boooo! :P

As for you guys I hope you're all well! :D I hope no one is sore with me because I sort of disappeared again!:? D'oh! I'm actually surprised no one de-friended me since I've been AWOL. Which means you guys really like me! :oops: And of course you know I like you guys too! ;)

Talk to you guys soon!


DH 8)

P.S. Guess what happens in 8 days...if you get it right you get a cookie! ;)

My PS3 Died Yesterday...

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You guys I got the dreaded yellow light of death. :( It happened last night out of the blue when I was playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2! :( I thought at first it was overheated so I left it alone for a few hours and nope it still didn't work. Tried it again in the morning and nada. :cry: So farewell to my old 60gig! :cry:

With no warranty on it, not from Sony and the one I purchased from Best Buy I just went to Best Buy and bought a new one. So now I have the 120 gig but it's not the same. :( I miss my big shiny monster! Also I have to re-pass all my games since I lost my game data! Oh and my Modern Warfare is still stuck in my old one! I can't get it out!!! :(

This month is shaping up to be very crappy indeed.

P.S. Also a belated happy 5 year anniversary of being on GS to me.

P.S.S. Assassin's Creed II in 2 days. Real reason why I bought my new PS3 so damn fast. :P



Assassin's Creed: Lineage

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I just finished watching the live action movie/shorts they did for the game! It was so cool! We get some backstory on Ezio's father and also on the conspiracy going on in the game! Did anyone else watch it? Any thoughts?

In 6 days we'll be assassinating! 8)