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In space, everyone can hear me scream

Hey guys, I recently bought Dead Space 1 + 2 of Steam because they were both on sale. Both are great games and I'm in the process of playing through both of em (a review is coming soon.) They are both pretty scary (that crazy biatch Nicole being a prime example of when the game scared the hell out of me)

Looks like another love TKO

Lately, I've been listening to the song Love TKO by Teddy Pendergrass while writing my reviews. Don't know why, doesn't really flow well with writing a review it flows more with candlelit dinners and late night kissing if you ask me.

WTF to review?

Do you want to hear something unbelieveable? I don't know what to review next, if you want me to review something please comment :) Much love

Read Me

I recently purchased Fahrenheit of Amazon for the cheap price of £1.45 and it blew me away with it's cinematic story telling and felt more like a film than a game which is developers Quantic Dream a comfortable and familiar genre. I'll be writing a review about it shortly after I get all this damn coursework done!