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Dokuro day is near

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My own customize comic strips about the storyline of Dokuro lol. I hope you like it guys this is my first time posting a comic strip ^_^. I cant wait to play the game on my Vita while waiting for other games, Once Dokuro appears on PSN I will download it and Ill make a walk-through for you guys on how to get the secret and complete each area. Well going to look out on PSN and it seems like October 16 is near lol.

I will post my blogs or wiki page soon once I download the game to keep you guys updated .


New Devil May Cry 5 Dante is not cool as Old Dante

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Well Devil May Cry is not DMC without Dante. Devil May Cry 5 is different with emo black hair and lame face holding a weird scythe sword? They change the graphic and change the character too [wtf] I know some of you are disappointed too with the trailer since all DMC 1-4 are all successful and Old Dante was there. Anyway I heard the DMC 5 is a prequel let's just hope that Old Dante is still in the story. ^_^


Credits to the uploader - it is really same with my reaction when i watch the trailer