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Desulated's Farewell Blog and last Movie Review: Arceus and the Jewel of Life

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"Holy crap, Desulated's been missing for 2 months and now he's back!?"

Well, sorry guys, but don't get your hopes up. This is, for real, my final and last blog on Gamespot as I am officially calling it quits. This place just doesn't interest me anymore compared to 3 years or so before, not to mention the majority of the unions I go to are dead and lack any spirit of posting or whatsoever. The fact I'm into my 3rd year of university, lacking a job, and writing a heavily planned fanfic gives me all the more reasons to stray away from this site and pursue more interesting things.

5 years is more than enough. I've really grown tired of coming here when people aren't active and discussions are no longer as lively. Oh, and did I mention I never liked the new features and designs. Heh.

A lot of people here have made my time here a memorable one, but after over half a decade, it's time to say goodbye. I won't mention anyone, because any commoner with me has definitely given me a lot of good, not so good, or sour memories. :P Nah, I'm joking. You're all special, one way or another. :D

Our paths are not written and we may have to forge and follow our own roads of the future, but in the end, we all go our separate ways.

Good news too, for I have managed to earn my driver's license just this last week! Suffering a car crash (recorded in a previous blog) and 2 failures due to anxiety and nervousness, I have finally passed. The road is all but mines! *laughs evilly* Kidding, but yep, I'm finally able to drive!

As a farewell treat, I have one last movie review to write out before I pull the plug here. I might write more in the future if I feel like it, but most likely I won't.

Today, we have the 12th Pokemon movie and the 3rd in the Diamond and Pearl era. It's...



...haha, I got you people there, right? In all seriousness. Here's the real thing.


It's Arceus and the Jewel of Life. Of course, once again, blame my brother for making me buy this movie for him! Grr. -_-

Released in 2009, it is the last DP era movie that deals with the Sinnoh Legendary Pokemon.

Plot Summary (once again, spoilers alert.):

In a secluded region of the Sinnoh continent lays a quiet, Greek-themed city (funnily enough, this movie is based on literal immortals and the latter country happens to be the land of 'em) by the name of Michina town lays a legend where a desolate wasteland once overtook the land before the town became a prosperous and peaceful settlement, a world plagued with terrible weather and famine. The world, by a twist of fate, faced judgment in the form of an apocalyptic bombardment of meteors and asteroids, and the inhabitants of the wasteland prayed to the stars for salvation.

It came in the form of the legendary Pokemon Arceus-using its talents of being immune to many elements of attack, it nearly sacrificed its life to save the people, and in return, provided 5 of its "plates" (based on elements of the Earth) to craft the Jewel of Life, an orb capable of revitalizing any life its rays of light happen to touch. Entrusted to a man called Damos, Arceus departed for the stars, waiting for the day where the human would have to return the artifact to the interstellar entity.

The day came, and without warning, Arceus is betrayed as Damos orders the Pokemon to be buried alive. From the shadows, his brother watches with glee, but not before the divine entity destroys the set-up ambush and vows to return when it will judge all of humanity...

Modern Day

Fast forward to the modern day where Ash and his friends arrive in his town and witness Michina Town in all of its blossoming glory. Having a quick Pokemon battle before heading into town, a twist of events begin to turn the peaceful day into a fated one-apparently, they had arrived in the town where Arceus happened to return to Earth to give its inhabitants one last chance for redemption. To start things off, massive whirlpools and dimensional wormholes come their way, threatening to drag the gang into...somewhere. Thankfully, the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Giratina arrive via portals of their own and save the group, but Giratina showed up for its own reason-to settle an old grudge with Dialga.

Two inhabitants, Sheena and Kevin (the former being a descendant of Damos) make their appearance and Sheena calms down Dialga by communicating with her via telepathy, much to Ash's amazement who also is surprised when Giratina listens to his words of pleading the Renegade Pokemon to stop battling. Palkia shows up after to continue the battle with Dialga (the events in Rise of Darkrai) but Sheena's telepathic abilities are able to settle the conflict, bringing peace to the three legendaries for good.

The chain of odd events (all of them making reference to the previous movies) is later revealed by Sheena and Kevin that they are all of Arceus's doings, caused by the fluctuation of his powers capable of distorting existence itself in preparation for his awakening. Unfortunately, they have little time to prepare as Arceus appears, attacking the town with a catastrophic carpet bombing of asteroids.

The Creation Trio once again, shows up and in a odd turn of events, side with the humans as all three of them battle Arceus, but even with their combined strength they do little damage to their master. Angered and disgruntled, Arceus threatens to wipe out all three of them along with humanity, and in a last effort to save Michina, Dialga uses the last of her powers to send Sheena, Ash and his friends back to the day where the betrayal occurs. Meanwhile, Palkia and Giratina begin a hopeless struggle against their former creator in order to buy the human protagonists enough time to alter what really happened.

With just enough time, the group might be able to save the future.


This movie, while it leaves a lot to be desired for in terms of a plot that doesn't leave confused heads and questioning minds, did quite well if not too terribly good. As this is the final DP era movie to feature not one, but ALL the major Sinnoh legendaries (at least the well known ones) it is also the last film to feature the legendaries all in one movie. By this point in the Pokemon timeline, it's all but a forgotten memory in the common kid's mind so this film is pretty much dead in the water in terms of media attention.

However, fans like my brother and partly me have managed to give it at least some attention. A little is better than nothing, right? Well, I guess nothing's perfect. Once again, I've got some pros and cons to list out!


-Arceus's voice actor is...just WTF. No, I am not kidding. I never expected the ultimate Pokemon god to sound like Frieza from DBZ and Ghor from Metroid Prime 3 combined into a whackjob of a character! I expected him to have a noble and gentle voice akin to the stereotypical rich gentleman, but nope. His voice actor really bummed me out here.

-Lack of the Creation Trio's involvement. Aside from their attempt to beat some sense into their master or the usual quarrel at the beginning, they don't play much of a role here. However, they all did some nice parts back in Rise of Darkrai and Sky Warrior.

-Dull, if not absolutely mediocre, plot. Apparently, the crap in the bucket all started because Marcus (no, not the Gears of War character) mind-controlled Damos and attempted to kill Arceus so the Jewel of Life would bring eternal prosperity to the land without challenge or opposition.

-Arceus is presented as an absolutely immortal entity capable of repelling all attacks, as none of the legendaries' attacks (even their signature moves) have any effect but ordinary Pokemon managed to severely wound him in the past with ORDINARY ATTACKS. Uhm, am I missing something here?


-Dialga, Palkia and Giratina all going up against Arceus in a myriad of a shooting gallery and high-speed aerial collisions. I think anyone would want to see that, whether you like Pokemon or not! Let's not forget, all three of them, save for Dialga, wanted each other's heads on a plate. Geeze, Dialga must be really hated among the trio. XD

-I'll be frank here-while Arceus had a "the heck" voice, it was rather badass, in the strange way. The fact he screams "You shall all be judged!" in an overly pissed off mood before bombarding his opponents in a meteor strike just strikes the epitome of intense and awe-gasping. Why is this in the pros section too, you ask? It's probably the fact I love AND hate his voice at the same time, for varying reasons. Oh well. :lol:

-This movie shows just how close the protagonists were to in terms of eternal destruction-if it wasn't for time travel, it would be likely they wouldn't stand a chance, even with the power of 3 legendaries behind them. It became so vital for the group to time travel in order to avert Arceus-wrought cataclysm raining down upon Michina Town's heads. :P

-An awesome setting. A movie that takes place in the town of the immortals, while concidentially, Michina Town is based off Greece's major cities? The movie creators did a well-done job with that. When it comes to Pokemon movies, it's rare to see the settings department falter-each and every one of them is bristling with life and spirit, as if you are actually in the real-life counterpart.

*spoilers end here.*

Arceus and the Jewel of Life is the final DP movie before any Generation 5 Pokemon are introduced, and even though it seemed to be all but futile effort to throw in all the legendaries into one film one last time before they are forgotten and slowly drift away via the streams of time, it did a rather fair job. I've watched Rise of Darkrai (all thanks to a friend at university who also happens to be a DBZ and Pokemon nut) but not Sky Warrior, so people who don't watch the previous two will have a hard time understanding Jewel of Life. I will give the movie a final score of 7.9/10.

For a twist of changes here, the DP movies were more about explosions and Pokemon attempting to kill each other. The previous films focused more on a plot and dialogue, but here, it's mostly Pokemon the size of aircraft and houses mauling each other apart with space-age techniques. :P

Above all else, this is a movie that is so-so in terms of the recommendation department, but if you love Pokemon, it won't hurt if you give this a check.

Final Comments

That's my final blog on GS, and the 110th one to boot. Farewell my Gamespot friends, but do not worry-I might return once in a while, but I'm done in terms of activeness, extensive blogging and heavy conversations here.

Why is my name Desulated, you may ask? Heheheh, well, I made this account and during that time period, I was rather obsessed with this one RTS game. I decided to base my name off a favorite unit from that. That's the mystery unraveled. :lol:

I have to thank all the friends I've made here-without you, I wouldn't have stayed long here. You paid attention to my blogs, stood my boring rants and either praised or bashed me when the times called for it. :P Thank you for your contributions.

You can still find me on sites like youtube and Talk to me if you want my account names from there.

Peace out. I wish you all a successful path in whatever you pursue in your lives.

I had an accident...caused by a pair of idiots.

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Desulated here. Well, another blog? I'm going to cut the talk and state it, because I'm utterly pissed at what happened today.

While I'm known to be pessimistic, what happened today to me is...just pure punishment or just something that was caused by complete bad luck.

I was about to get my G2 license (the one that authorizes you to drive without supervision, with the exception of highways) today and things were going well. I mean, I was extremely close to the examination school, but...things just HAD to **** up at the very last minute!

I got rear-ended by two idiots today. My car was at a stoplight, waiting, when out of nowhere two dip****s smashed right into my car at full speeds comparable to 70km/h. The zone's speed limit was about 60km/h, but whatever the heck was happening, the car that hit me was utterly annihilated-the front section of the car was smashed beyond recognition, the windshield was shattered, but what was funny was that the two idiots (probably a pair of Middle Eastern teenagers that don't have license or any insurance, or probably stole their parents' car, since the license plate was very new) were not injured one bit. The windshield glass of their car was cracked as if it was shot by a bullet, but they had no apparent wounds on them! Lucky bastards...

After being rear-ended, my car (or my instructor's) also hit a pickup that was in front of mines. The pickup suffered almost no damage while our vehicle was probably suffering some moderate internal injuries. Ok, enough of that. Time to get on to the real business.

The idiots tried to get away by running through heavy traffic-that's right. They tried to abandon their car after failing to surrender any licenses or insurance papers-heck, both of them didn't even admit who was the driver. In fact, they claimed the driver was at a nearby mall, which is pure BS in my opinion. They fled the scene. The other victims didn't bother chasing them for a couple of reasons.

-They looked like some scrawny gangster types, so who knew if they had a gun or knife.
-We were in a rather unsafe neighbourhood, you could call it the "ghetto".
-It was a rush hour period (Friday afternoon), so chasing them through heavy traffic wasn't exactly the best.

The police soon came and managed to gather enough evidence from us, and they towed the wrecked car away. Above all else, nothing too major such as injuries happened. My instructor's car was still drivable, although it was clear the internal damages were apparent to the vehicle.

*sigh* Above all else, today was a god-awful day. Maybe I'll be able to take the test again next week.

Desulated's Unnecessary Crap and a Second Movie Review: Jirachi Wish Maker

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Helloooooooo ladies and germs!

...ok, that was a bad intro. Wasn't it? Anyways, if you read the title, I'm sure you all know what's going on.

Regardless, before I start with the news, let's just say I have some very important announcements to make. First of all, I'm done my second year in university! I recently got back last week, but was too lazy to blog (university life is very stressful, you know...) so I needed my rest. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a job. Meh...another year of sitting around, doing nothing. Well, there's always next year and the decades that roll after that. Three more years to go if things play smoothly.

If anyone paid attention to the news, Osama Bin Laden, the megalomaniac that has been on the US's most wanted list for almost 10 years, is finally dead. Confirmed on Sunday May 1, 2011 on this date, almost 10 years after the September 11, 2001 WTC and Pentagon attacks.

*takes a deep breath and exhales*

Am I in reality? Yes? Alright.

It's breaking news, isn't it? The madman that masterminded unthinkable terrorist acts is long gone, but only time will tell how this will unroll future events. But this, by far, is news you don't hear everyday. I think it's almost as significant as HitIer's passing or the fall of the Soviet Union. Ok, that's my two cents. Don't want to derail this blog too much. On with the show.

Anyways...time for another review! *hears slight clapping* Thank you, thank you. Your gratitude is appreciated.

My brother and I went shopping recently and we found the Pokemon Legends DVD box set. It comes with four movies, one which I've already reviewed (Pokemon Heroes) so I won't point that out. The others (4ever and Destiny Deoxys) will be done some other time, I guess. I watched them all, but Destiny Deoxys's plot is so confusing, I'll have to watch it another time to actually get a grip.

*pulls out a machine gun* If anyone is going to laugh at me, say hello to my little friend! :twisted:

So for now, I present to you...

wish maker

Pokemans haters, get out. You have been warned! (and I know who you are) :P

To kick things off to begin with, Jirachi: Wish Maker is the 6th movie in the Pokemon franchise. It's also the first movie based on the Advanced Generation series.

Yeah, I'm probably going to start reviewing obscure movies after I'm done with this and Heroes. :lol:

Plot Summary *SPOILER ALERT!!!*:

In a secluded region of Hoenn known as Forina (based on the Hunan Province of China in real life) there is a legend where the Millenium Comet, a starborne object that only becomes visible on Earth every 1000 years, and with this stellar sight comes with great power-the ability to grant any wish-for those who can find the legendary Pokemon Jirachi but at the same time, must be able to befriend it (or him, her, whatever :P) to harness the divine strength.

Once again, Ash, May, Brock, Max, and their Pokemon happen to be in the region at this particular time during their travels, and they happen to find the comet. Along the way, the festival designed to pay tribute to this event takes place at their current location, and of course, they take their time to enjoy themselves in a carnival that has been set up close to their camping grounds.

A mysterious magician only known as Butler puts on a dazzling show for his audience, and of course, the main characters get caught up in the performance by complete accident while watching the show. After Max claims to have heard a voice out of nowhere (literally) talking to him, he soon discovers that the source is actually coming from a special rock that Butler hands to the boy. In hours, it is revealed the legend is indeed true and May's brother befriends the rather childish legendary Pokemon, but it was not long before an Absol shows up with a menacing entry. Things are about to go rocky from here. Whenever an Absol shows up, disaster is sure to follow, and it seems to be circling around Jirachi. He/she/it must be taken back to Forina, its home.

However, Butler, an ex-Team Magma scientist with a vendetta against his former employers, has other plans...


Unlike Pokemon Heroes, while it was rather an emotional piece of work but totally failed in the explosive action department and scraped the bottom of the barrel with abysmal reviews (although I believe it doesn't really deserve such harsh criticism), Jirachi Wish Maker is a little more upbeat and somewhat actiony, but it has its "damn, that's some hardship right there" moments. Giant, Alien-esque Godzilla rampaging and consuming every single lifeform in sight and a tearful departure, need I say more?

It wasn't as harshly reviewed by critics as the fifth movie, but this was mainly because the movie never made it out of Japan in terms of theaterical releases. It was released on DVD in North America in June 2004, and this is probably because Pokemon was losing its popularity in terms of the North American audience around this time, and given the fact Pokemon Heroes failed harshly over here in the theaters, I guess it was better off that way. But bummer, this was the last release in the UK in terms of DVD for years to come! Yeah...that's all I have to say.

Before I go to the next section, Pokemon films seem to be more fan-service like instead of actually trying to impress the critics. They're like fanfics, I suppose.

Like any movie, it has its pros and cons.


-The movie felt a little rushed. It takes place over the seven days where Jirachi makes him/her/itself awake on the Earth, but each day is only covered briefly-only the first and final days are covered in extensive detail. But then, I guess if each day took 15 minutes to play out, we'd have a movie that's as long as Inception (2 hours and 30 minutes!) but then, hey, let's stick with the subject now, shall we? :P

-Our heroes' Pokemon barely get any screen time. See Treecko on the boxart? Well the guy doesn't get any appearances at all in the film! Maybe I'm being a bit picky, but whatever.

-Once again, few Pokemon battles. Maybe I was too spolied with excessive battles...miss those Clone vs. Original and Charizard vs. Entei days. Heh. :lol:

-This is Groudon's only movie, albeit the beast is a twisted creation that only hungers for other beings, humans and Pokemon alike. Uh, oh well!


-Virus/Alien Groudon. 'Nuff said.

-Our star of the show, this time, is properly presented. Being the central character to the plot, Jirachi is both the creation of the Virus legendary but at the same the only one who could destroy it. Even a Salamence and a Flygon's combined attack had no effect, and both were promptly food for the sickening abomination. But yes, the Virus Groudon, is by far, one of the best Pokemon antagonists designed, next to Mewtwo. Too bad it doesn't stay around for more than 10 minutes. :lol:

-It has its actiony and emotional charms, as well as a touch of humor. How can you not smile when a child wishes for candy, the little legendary dumps an entire truckload of sweets on his head and burying his friends with it in the process? Or even better, get rid of Max's nagging sister by teleporting her into the heap of sugary junk food!? If you don't, you have no soul. Ok, maybe not. Of course, you have Brock spazzing over attractive women, as always. :P

-If there's one thing Pokemon films excels at, it is the soundtracks. Hear them for yourselves, you will not be disappointed, unless you hate the series with a logical explanation. The following is something you do not have to read, but it's just a tiny rant I have. Don't take it seriously, please. Want to skip it? Ignore the italicized text.

*Just saying "Pokemon is for babies" or "It's dumb" without any evidence to back it up is childish. I've seen more 10 year olds attempt to buy CoD and other M-rated games (only to get rejected by the cashier, dominated right there) and older gamers buy the recent release of Black and tell me what's for babies. Heck, I think that's the reason I decided to quit the FPS genre. The online community in many is just a big fat trollfest, and while it happens everywhere, it's out of hand over there. And apparently, those who play CoD or any oversaturated/overpraised FPS game think they're hardcore, diehard gamers and dismiss everything else as nonexistent creations.

Heck, I've even gotten comments from people who say without Pac-man, Doom, the forerunner of FPS games, wouldn't exist after they're greeted with the statement that without Doom, Wolfenstein or Quake, any mainstream FPS would have never seen the day of light. My comment: you just shot yourself in the foot. Fanboys. Heh, can't argue with 'em.

Call me a fanboy if you wish, but everyone has their own interests, and pretending to know real facts about guns based on a fictional game and paying 15 dollars for 5 new maps that are already in the disc's coding schemes is absurd. I just don't happen to follow the mainstream, or play the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (insert number here) just to look cool and hip. Yes, I have played Black Ops at a friend's place-not everyone is rich enough to buy a new console just for one game, or have the time to play. Returned the controller to my friend faster than speeding bullet fired from an AK47.

Note that this is an OPINION (bolded that for your convenience) and you don't need to agree with me, so don't say I'm attacking anything. On with the review.*

-Great character development. The villain, who originally is basked by the potential success of unleashing his new Groudon against Magma, eventually realizes what he has done after the mutant Groudon starts destroying Forina, and by sacrificing himself in the process for the safety of our heroes (only to get revived later alongside the other eaten Pokemon and humans) he promises to rebuild and guard the region with his talents along with his love interest. Unlike the previous villains (who either go to jail, or bear an untimely fate of being trapped somewhere) this comes to a rather interesting conclusion. As for the other's the usual. They move on.

*Spoilers end here.*

Jirachi: Wish Maker was definitely a massive improvement over Pokemon Heroes. The latter, while it has its good points, suffered quite a bit and was considered a total trainwreck by many (and possibly what brought the downfall of Pokemon in the Western World until recently, perhaps), even though fans have forgiven it for the mistakes. I haven't watched both in years, but after picking them up again, I have to say, they're rather good if you view them with a critical eye instead of thirsting for a particular taste. Final score for this movie from me will be a 7.8/10.

It doesn't matter if you love action, emotion, or an acceptable plot to begin with. This movie is bound to give you some relief in those areas. But be warned, as Pokemon movies aren't for people who are thirsting for explosions, blood, guts, swearing, sex, or whatever. Go watch a Michael Bay film if that's the case because when it comes to that field, he executes the fiery blasts and nuclear explosions with top precision (but have a terrible storyline to begin with! Even the director himself admits it, ask him about Transformers: ROTF). As for the others, you're looking in the wrong place. Maybe the mainstream Hollywood creations will give you the goods there. :lol:

Meh, how did I even start all of this? Ask my brother. I think Pokemon has infected him, but I guess that's better than straying to trash like...ahem...heaploads of mediocre FPS games and cussing like an angry kid with no parental guidance! Better to be the outcast than being a part of the blind sheep of the horde, like they say.

Some interesting (and rather sad) trivia: the voice actor for Jirachi, Tomiko Suzuki, died a week and a half before the Japanese release of the movie due to a heart attack. It's always shocking to see talented voice actors pass...Madeleine Blaustein, the voice actor for Meowth and various other characters, also died on December 11, 2008.

My summer vacation has begun, but this stressful year has definitely left its mark indeed. *sigh*

That is all for now. Desulated out.

And yet, another year falls by.

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No, I'm talking about a new year's celebration! -_-

Yeah, I said I'd leave GS, but I didn't say I was going to disappear forever. :P But yes, I'm rarely on anymore but I'm still alive and existing in this realm. So for those who want me dead, too bad! :lol: Like I said earlier, you can find me hanging around youtube or No, I'm not telling you what my name is on those sites. :P

Regardless, whatever. I've got another yet boring and unamusing blog to dull your senses and nerves again. XD

What can I say? I'm nearly done my second year in university. I still remember the time when I first finished college (or university, whatever, because my university used to be a college by the way) and felt like a completely different person. That was exactly one year ago. Time sure flies, doesn't it? I guess it's the fact if you enjoy your time, it will fly like a supersonic bomber. Hate the life, it'll crawl slower than a snail with 1000 tons of bricks on its back. It won't move. AT ALL. :x

Well, it's probably because I live away from home so I gained a lot of independent skills. And it's that time of year again. I'll be done in 3 weeks, with only 3 exams to deal with. This was because I dropped one course I couldn't handle, and the fact one of my courses had the exam early.

But yeah, if that exam wasn't gotten over with early, I won't be done until the 28th. If that was the case, I'd have a 2 week gap of doing absolutely nothing! >_>

Alright, once again, this year had its pros and cons. Time for a quick review of my 2010-2011 school year.

-Did a hell lot better. This year was definitely better than last's, as I knew how to get around easier.
-Courses were quite easy for the 2nd semester. I dunno, but this semester was like a walk in the park. Maybe it was because of the courses I took.
-My roommate was awesome. Yes, definitely better than last year. Although we didn't really talk as much (different schedules, etc) we got along well.
-Once again, you live life at your own pace instead of being rushed like back in school. As long as your assignments are in by the due date and you show up for your tests, your professor can care less. Most of the time, it's 2-4 assessments that determine your mark instead of a heap of them. While it's a bit risky, you can get it over with and move on with your life. :D After all, life's too short to worry about marks. You want to get on with your life, not worry about if you're going to fail that one course you hate to the bone.

-My first semester was living hell. It was so bad I actually got a stress attack, meaning I couldn't eat and sleep properly. This was mainly because I took two awful courses that were brain-paralyzing difficult, but this was mainly because of the professors that taught them.
-Had a LOT of readings to do. But eventually I gave up since I could not possibly catch up. I still passed all of them, so whatever. Serves me right to take two literary courses. *writes note to never ever take those courses EVER again in my life*
-First semester was mind-numbingly boring. I'm not kidding. But's over, I passed, and I'm still alive. At least.
-One of my courses had the worst professor you can imagine. His notes do NOT help at all, and he has no idea what he's saying. Essentially, for that course, you have to bull**** your way to victory. That's no exaggeration. You have no idea what he wants for your essay papers and tests. :lol:

For my last point, a friend of mines somehow managed to get the SAME prof for another course. She mentions that she's literally hating the course since she has no idea what he's teaching, and it's also dragging her grades down. That's right. As far as I know, it's impossible to get a decent grade in his course. One would consider themselves lucky if they even hit a 75% as their final grade. For the last exam for that course last semester, I was literally making stuff up. I managed to pass with a C+, which is like a 65 to a 70. Oh well. I still got the credit and that's all that matters. :lol:

The professor is also FAR too lenient with essay assignments. He allows the papers to be handed in a week late with no penalties, except for no feedback (but who reads them anymore, really? :roll: ). That's right. No marks are deducted. This means that the people who hand them in early have no rewards, save for pointless comments that don't matter since every professor has different expectations. So what's the point of a due date, really? Because of this, only like 20% of the students hands them in on time and the other 80% hands them in one week after. Being lenient is fine, but this is taking it too far. It's basically motivation for people to become lazier.

Although the panic and stress attack caused by that one course has really affected my life. My parents told me to stop stressing and that failure isn't the end of the world, but that wasn't what they said back in school. They used to act like I'll die when I performed poorly back in elementary, but now they're telling me that they should tell me to quit if I can't handle it. I tell them one thing, giving up is not in my nature. That is, unless it's pointless in the outcomes of my life. I have no motivation to work anymore if it doesn't benefit me.

Failing something that you paid 500 dollars for is NOT an option under any circumstances. That is, unless you know you're going to fail regardless and drop out anyways.

That's pretty much it. My summer vacation hits by the end of April. That's the benefits of college-early summer. Desulated out.

Considering leaving GS, for real this time.

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Well guys, what can I say. I've been here for over five years but I really have to say that my time here is finally coming to a close. Interest for this place is no longer in my mind, nor will that change. There's also a couple of other factors why I want to leave this place to begin with.

First of all, the site has just gotten...dull. The recent post glitch is just an annoyance, and it's just a reflection of how lazy this site's staff is. They aren't even making an effort to fix it. The forums are getting boring with plenty of good users having gone for the same reason, with the majority of union forums falling dead and silent recently. Why should I still hang around? One of the unions I visit the most has plummeted in terms of activity. A few years back, it was bustling with activity and now barely anyone posts.

Second of all, I just lost an interest in this place. It's just...boring. The off-topic and system wars threads are no exception, being loaded with some of the most idiotic users anyone can imagine.

That's pretty much it. I may still come on but don't expect too much posts or visits from me.

Desulated's very first Movie Review: Pokemon Heroes

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GASP! Desulated is doing a movie review!? When was such a thing even possible!? :lol:

Ok, in all regards, really. Can't I do some reviews once in a while!? :P But anyways, I know the majority will laugh at the title, but, who cares! In all regards, this is a review for the 5th Pokemon movie that starred Latias and Latios. Well, thank my brother for making me see this with him...I don't know how he managed to pull it off, but he found the DVD for this when he went shopping with my mom. :lol: If you laugh at me, you'll have to deal with him.

*smacks desk* He made me waste almost 2 hours of my life during my New Years holiday with this! Kidding. :D

With Pokemon Black and White around the corner, I felt it was a good time to refresh people's memories with this review. I'm sure everyone has at least had some fond memories of the famous Pocket Monsters series!

Anyways...for my first blog of 2011, the review will be....


Pokemon Heroes! The movie poster lied! I swear! LIES!! LLLIIIEEESSS!!! :lol:

But anyways, let's get serious. That's what we're here for, m'right?

This movie is the last of the Johto season, but for some reason, they decided to feature two generation III Pokemon in it. Well, I don't know why they did that...but let's get on with the basics.

The main characters (Ash, Misty, Brock) venture into a beautiful resort city known as Alto Mare, supposedly to be a representation of Venice, Italy in reality. From there, they experience a vacation getaway and a break from their previous craziness (like Team Rocket always harrassing them...:lol: ). Participating in a surfing competition and visiting some of the city's historical landmarks are just some of the methods the protagonists use to escape from reality.

The trio learn about the legend of the Eon Pokemon, and how they watch over the city like guardian angels. Almost no one knows about the two living among them, except for a few. Very few. But with the peaceful city left quiet and without dangers for a very long time, the people continue to experience happiness under the joyous atmosphere.

However, when there is peace, there is disturbance. And their vacation is cut apart in a very short notice.

Two agents, with almost no background information, secretly arrive in the city and focus on locating their targets-the Legendary Duo. They somewhat succeed, nearly taking Latias while she disguises herself as a human but Ash soon comes in, orders Pikachu to blast them with the c1assic Thunder attacks and flee while being chased by their nasty Pokemon.

From here, the young protagonist soon realizes what is really going on. Latias and Latios are no fairy tales and like anything valuable, there's someone out to steal it.

Ok, that's the best I can do without spoiling the whole film. :lol:

Before I get down to business, this movie was totally god-awful, abysmal and totally disgusting in the eyes of professional reviewers. It was like the abomination of the Pokemon movies when I read their reviews-never have I seen them being so harsh on the movie's negative points (did you know one of them said that a female character in the film was sexually exaggerated just because she wore a short skirt? Really? Does that even make sense!? LOL) and bombardment of criticism. I partially agree with them, at the very least. This movie does have its flaws, but it isn't totally horrible like the true trash that's out there.

So the cons will come before the pros.

*SPOILER ALERT* If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read this.


-Barely any Pokemon battles. In the movie, there is very little action involved (say why I wrote LIES! earlier?) :lol: except for the surfing and prehistoric Pokemon chase parts. And they're very short. Erm, didn't the poster mention "most action packed Pokemon movie ever?" No kidding, Mewtwo Strikes Back definitely blows this out of the water. But anyways, I know pure action doesn't make a good film, but they could've at least placed some Pokemon battles here!

-Poor representation of the central stars. Ok, so our two new stars, Latias and Latios, are in the film, but couldn't they at least be presented in a good way? Both of them squak like clowns that inhaled helium and they don't know any attacks. Uh...what? I don't need to say much here, but...they're legendaries! How could they not know how to breathe fire and torch any attackers!? :lol: Well, thank Arceus that Ash came to assist them...they're guardians, yet they can barely defend themselves. Hmm, irony can be hilarious, or not, sometimes.

-Somewhat anti-climatic. You'd think the two agents would go mad with power once they really get what they needed, and yes they do. And what happens? A giant tidal wave nearly drowns the entire city thanks to their stupidity and Latias and Latios rise up to save it. I personally expected a lot more, like a massive battle or something. Uh, well, I guess I couldn't expect too much here...

Right, this movie went down the toilet with such bad points, but there were some good points.


-Sweet soundtrack. I won't deny it, the music they used in the film was really fitting and it definitely enhanced the environment, both in the movie and in the viewer's eyes. They had a tense soundtrack during the chase scenes and a very moody one when Latios passed away.

-Proof that action isn't needed to make a good film. But wait, did I just say this movie had too little action and went against it? Yes, I did, but this movie did one thing. It attempted to try out a whole new formula by making a story about friendship and family. The sadness, joy, excitement and desperation is presented in this film perfectly, from Latias's joy of playing with Ash to her mourning of Latios once he passes. It's not all about blood, guts, explosions and screaming fools.

-It keeps with the Pokemon charm. While newcomers shouldn't start with this movie, it has all the basics that will make this one an enjoyable viewing experience for anyone who adores the series. It's got the cIassic feel, humor, the usual Team Rocket stupidity (very limited) and if you love to learn a story about the value of a life and peace, this movie definitely deserves an A for broadcasting this lesson.

*spoilers end here.*

Alright, so Pokemon Heroes did awful in the department, since it was considered the worst of the worst Pokemon movies out there. But I for one will try to keep any bias out, and I'll say this movie at least deserves a passing grade of 6.2 out of 10.

This movie, while it wasn't the worst, was arguably the weakest one out there. I've watched Mewtwo Strikes Back and the Power of One (second film) and those literally made my eyeballs explode in awesomeness, action and pure thrill. Well, when I was a kid, anyways. I've never watched the third one, but the fourth (Celebi: Voice of the Forest) and sixth (Jirachi: Wish Maker) sort of fell down the pooper also for me. I don't know how to compare the movies, but yeah, you get the point. The first two were the best in its days, but the ones that followed didn't do so well. Oh well...

To sum it all up, if you're a hardcore action nut, you shouldn't even come close to this film. Really. You'll just curse yourself out of anger for seeing it-it will bore you to your death because there is nothing that'll pump your adrenaline through your hardened veins. I sort of did that, being the action-loving freak I am, but hey, I wouldn't curse this film to burn in the bowels of the netherworld, would I? I'd probably get modded if I did in this review. :lol:

However, if you're one of those who prefer a good story about the values of life, then I might consider checking this one out. After seeing the piece of work in a whole new perspective, it's totally different. My brother loved this, probably because he's the polar opposite of me. I guess I should give props to him for making me see this.

And that's it. Desulated signing out.

System offline....

Shutting down central power...

Backing up files...



Goodbye 2010, and some of the hardest video game levels I've played!

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"As another year drifts by, the future draws closer and closer."

2010 is once again coming to a close, and the first decade of 2000 is now over. Who knew 10 years would fly by so fast? But anyways, I wish you all a happy 2011 ahead of us!

But before we go, I'm going to do a quick review of the hardest video game levels ever. Note that this is not the video game levels ever, but the hardest levels I've ever played throughout my gaming career. Here we go.

Castlevania: The Adventure- Stage 3 and 4 (wait until like 8 minutes in the video)

My god, this game was a nightmare. Not only was it challenging, but the controls were also extremely difficult to get used to. You move slower than a snail and you can barely jump more than 3 feet. But anyways, these two levels made the notion "jump carefully or you die" true-if you miss a jump, chances are you'll plummet into a chasm or impale yourself on spikes, meaning instant death. You had to be precise. But it's doable, even though I've never done it. You only had your whip (no other weapons unlike the other Castlevania games) and getting hit downgrades your weapon. Aside from the terrible features and controls, the game was difficult in its own right.

Final Doom: Go 2 It

Without doubts, this is by far the hardest level in any FPS game (unless you count official releases and not custom modifications and levels, because this is kid's play compared to what is really out there). Approximately 200 monsters await for your arrival on this map, and the majority of them are boss-cIass enemies. While it may be cake for someone who expects such a surprise, newcomers will be in for a rude awakening when they walk in and come across 50 top tier enemies ready to annihilate them. But then, let's not forget, this map is what inspired the creation of super-hard mods for most Doom games. Thankfully, you get a BFG9000 (strongest weapon in the game) at the beginning so you're given a fair chance to survive here. The real hard levels, however, lies out in the famous WADs and custom levels out there. This is nothing once you've seen them! But those are unofficial, so I don't really count them. Otherwise it'll take me forever to sort them all out in terms of difficulty!

Metroid (NES): Pretty much the whole game...
(you can search up the game yourself :P)

The first space adventure game that starred the famed bounty huntress Samus Aran could be considered the most difficult, both in technical and gaming areas. The one major problem here is that YOU CAN'T CROUCH. Because of this, you can't shoot enemies shorter than ya, and the only choice to kill them is to use the Bombs or Wave Beam (if you find it). Bosses can take a ridiculous amount of damage before dying, and their attacks can block your attacks easily. Let's not forget, they launch them in massive barrages! Plus, there are inescapable areas, so if you fall into them, you'll die a slow miserable death and/or the player will be forced to reset their game in rage. Why? There are no save points! You can only save if you die, and you start back out with a measly 30 HP. So if you collected 799 energy units and have to leave, you'll have to do it all over again. Bummer.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption: Mogenar (this is only part 1)

For a generation known for extremely easy games and applications that give the player an easier time (easy enemies, regenerating health, overpowered weapons, etc) this was a nasty surprise. The first major boss in the game is no joke, and he'll hand you uncountable game overs if you aren't prepared. Here's the lowdown: this boss can only be damaged in ridiculously hard-to-aim weak spots, and he regenerates/switches them to make your life even more miserable. To do so, you must sacrifice your own HP to damage him! But this boss is more of a test of patience and careful conservation of attacks and HP-his attacks are fairly easy to dodge, so the burden is really how well you use your HP to whittle down his. It's a completely different story on the hardest difficulty level, because he can do monstrous damage there. The trick to win here is not reflexes or an itchy trigger finger, but patience and a cool head. I guess they were right about patience being a virtue.

Advance Wars 2: Final Front

Oh. My. God. If there is one game level where unfair is official, this is it. Advance Wars, known for its frightening difficulty later on in the games where luck and true skill is required to win, is one of those games where they don't simply hand you a victory. Too bad this is a whole new story-you're facing a CO (Sturm) with a powerful superpower that can serve you a game over instantly if it hits your most important units, not to mention he's got three massive artillery pieces pointed right at ya. One fires every 7 turns, while the others will take potshots at your units with every chance possible. His units have superior offense and defense, and the Black Hole Overlord has endless cash at his disposal. The biggest disadvantage you have is yourself-your COs are nothing compared to his stats not to mention you have to secure more income as soon as the game starts. The trick to winning here is to Bomber rush-by doing this, you'll be saved the hassle of getting stormed by his heaps of Neotanks and Bombers. I haven't been able to do this, but Youtube proves me wrong. Most tactics people use to get past these nightmares are to spam cheap units to wall off the enemy, while hoping they'll run out of supplies sooner or later. Essentially, attrition is key.

Super Smash Bros. Melee: Event 51

Alright, I know people are going to say "This is easy all you need is to use (insert SSBM character here)" or "You suck to begin with!" or "Use Fox because he's top tier blah blah blah!" but let's get this straight, do you think ANY new player with barely any gaming experience will be able to survive this nightmare with only one life left on the counter, let alone a no stock loss? You're facing three cIassic Nintendo villains: The genetic weapon from Pokemon, the King of Evil from the Zelda series and...a mutated/supercharged version of the cIassic Koopa King from the Mario series. They're all against you, and you're alone! That's right, a 3 on 1! Sounds unfair, right? Well, it is, but once again pure skill and luck is needed to win here. Say if you're lucky enough to get a Pokeball that contains Lugia or Ho-Oh (or any other legendary Pokemon for that matter), or if you get a Party Ball full of Bombs (you want it) then you can pretty much knock out the trio easily. They also have three lives themselves, meaning you have to knock out nine enemies. But they don't hand you this challenge just like that either-you have to prove yourself you're ready for it. You need to kill Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode and all 50 events must be completed. Once you've done that, this will be unlocked. I guess Nintendo really knows how to prepare players for such nightmare-inducing challenges. It is possible to complete this without losing a life, but the best I've done is having 2 lives left. Oh well, close enough!

So there you have it-the hardest levels I've ever played. I'm sure there's plenty more, but I pulled these out of my head randomly and of course I don't have the time to log all of them down.

Happy 2011 anyways!

Merry Christmas my fellow compatriots.

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(Soldier, you're not done your duties! Get out of your relaxing mode and blog something, just because you finished exams doesn't mean you can slack off! Drop down and give me 10, and get cracking on a blog!!)
(Uh, yes sir! *drops down and does 10 pushups and proceeds to write this blog)

:lol: Ahaha, I just had to do that. :P

Woohoo, so I'm done exams (finally)! First of all, my exam schedule was outrightly terrible. I had my first exam last Monday, and had four days off doing absolutely nothing until last Saturday where I had one at night, one on Sunday morning (boo) and one on Tuesday night. After grueling writing and an aching hand, I lived. This was by far the most stressful year, ever, due to the workload of readings. Ah well, I survived. I hope I did well on them, but I knew I did really well on one and ok on another (85.5% on the final exam, but it was all multiple choice :lol: so yeah! I got a final score of 60 in another, but it was quite difficult) so I can get that off my back. It was a great semester but I did have stress attack. Had to see a doctor a couple of weeks back and a blood test, they said I was fine. I guess I'm not failing, yet. :lol:

After finishing exams, I feel more free than a freed prisoner. The exam phase seemed forever and neverending, but...*sigh* it looks like it's over. At last.

I'm going home today at 2:30PM. I definitely look forward to it, I can't wait to get some Chinese food. After living 4 months off of disgusting fast food and stale Subway sandwiches, I definitely need something good. And that's what I plan to use my break for. Eat until I die. :lol:

So, what else do I need to say? Merry Christmas everyone! Your beloved Desulated wishes you all a very happy Christmas and a bright 2011 ahead of us. Looking back a decade, I was a miserable little kid in grade 4, being treated as if I had a mental problem. Really. My teacher thought I was mentally stupid because I was overhyperactive and very talkative. Geeze, that's very supportive, isn't it? But whatever, the past is something I don't dwell on, especially someone who's extremely unsupportive.

But yes, 10 years later, I'm in my second year of university. I feel old here, since a lot of others are quite young, about 2-3 years younger than me. Don't call me old! :x :P

In terms of gaming, I don't know where to start. I've stopped gaming for a while, occasionally playing Pokemon HeartGold, but that's pretty much it. I've somewhat lost my interest in gaming, is this the end of a human who spent 17 years gaming? Ah well. :lol:

12 hours from now, I'll be busing home. Yipee. 5 hour bus ride, but I'll game and listen to music to pass the time. Until then, peace out everyone!

Youtube...better, worst, or the same before?

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I'm sure everyone here has used Youtube at least a few times throughout their times on the internet. It's the one-stop premier destination for anyone looking for an online video. Prior to these years, it was one of the best sites ever if you wanted to go waste some of your time with something funny or amusing. But with all good things must come to an end.

However, has it gone from great to a pile of steaming crap lately? My answer, is yes. Why? Well, here's the reasons...

-Ads. Before Youtube was a popular website, there was no ads. It was just a small site where users could upload their videos without fear of any punishment. But now, look at any popular video, and there's bound to be some annoying advertisement.

-Copyright. Yes...this is what really kills users when they try to upload videos. If you upload anything popular (music, TV, movie-and even if it's a small portion) it's bound to be blasted out of existence sooner or later. The only ones that don't fear this punishment are paid partners. Essentially you have to PAY if you want to upload videos that contain content not belonging to you. I can see it now-in 5 years, Youtube will ban everything that isn't homemade or uploaded by a partner. And who are these "partners" so you ask? One of them is Fred. I don't have to go into detail here...

-Paid partners. This is what really kills. Like I said earlier, you have to pay if you want to upload popular content. Just another way to gain more money for Youtube. And most of them are douches anyways (ahem, Fred...)

-Playing attack dog with Corporations. The Viacom case is a pure example of this. Prior to 2009 (I think) any video that contained the slightest content of Spongebob was demanded to be deleted from the site immediately. But since that company lost a court case, Spongebob and any Nick content is now allowed back on the site. Now really, it still happens right now. Youtube will find the slightest excuse to remove a video just to please corporations. I'm beginning to feel the site is becoming a corrupt corporation myself.

What happened, Youtube?

Well, if you want to know how all this BS was because Google bought Youtube. Now the site is slowly becoming WWII era Germany-you can't upload anything that's popular, and to make it worse, you're forced to audioswap your videos with **** soundtracks-songs that most people don't have a blasted clue about.

I personally didn't have an issue with this until lately. I was making Latias and Latios AMVs and tributes, and three of them have been taken down because of copyright issues-or rather, I was forced to take them down myself. Really? Using scenes from a DVD and music I personally bought with my own money and uploading them is considered copyright, even though I don't intend to make any profits or promote anything? Must Youtube bend their sorry asses to please corporations and stomp all over the little people that made them popular? Really, seriously...

And they're doing this to many other countless users too. I don't encounter this issue if I use a video game soundtrack. Essentially, any good music is denied.

"Do unto others as you wish for them to do unto you" is no longer that...

It's rather "He who has the gold makes the rules" (quoted from JeepersMedia, the infamous fail toys Youtuber).

And thus, this is how Youtube turned into another sellout...

People can't drive these days. Seriously.

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What's up everyone. Well, I don't really need to go much into detail about the blog header, as it's self explanatory. Well, aside from the fact we got some freezing rain, then some snow, and finally, one bone-freezing day explains it all. :P Winter is great, but when it gets too extreme, it does more hurt than fun. :P

But yes, let's get on with the real stuff.

No kidding, I think idiots can't drive these days. How?

Well, I was walking out of my residence and was about to cross a street. The signal said I could go, but then suddenly, this guy wanted to make a left turn. I stopped, but he didn't. I let him go-I don't fight with cars, that's for sure. :lol:

Ok, he made a left. Fine. I thought he was going to progress with his left turn and after he made his way across, I crossed the road. Then the douche suddenly stopped his car and started reversing RIGHT AT ME. I instantly jumped out of the way, got to my feet, and immediately yelled "**** CAN YOU EVEN DRIVE!?" while raising the middle finger at him. Apparently he wanted to make a U-turn but he didn't even realize I was crossing.

If I didn't jump out of the way, the idiot would have reared right into me. There was quite some traffic, so I'm sure a lot of people witnessed it.

The guy shamefully looked away-and he should be. If he had hit me, I'm sure he'd be in deep ****.

Well, here's the things he did wrong:

-Not looking out for a pedestrian.
-Turning when there is a pedestrian.
-U-turning at an intersection.
-Not looking out for pedestrians when backing up.

This guy had not seen me the second time I was crossing-so essentially, he was either blind, or pretended I wasn't there. I would've slammed into his car for nearly hitting me-yes, I was like 1 second away from being hit if I didn't leap out of the way.

I continued after that fiasco, and I thought he'd get out of his car and come after me for swearing at him. He didn't even dare to look at me in the eye.

That's it guys, and really, look out for idiots on the road. This guy should consider himself lucky-if I didn't jump and he hit me, I'm sure he would have lost his license for his ignorance.

That's all for now folks!