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The Game That Never Dies

Bungie Studios created my first shooter, and though I was a later starter, Halo was that first shooter. The first Halo blew my mind, more fun than almost anything I played back then and almost today. Halo 2 was good, and it had me heightened in energy on how good the game was, but multiplayer just didn't have it like the first one did. Halo 3 made me sad, campaign was awful and confusing, and the multiplayer got repetitive. This was countered simply by Halo Wars, an RTS that was actually very well done for a console RTS. Halo: ODST was decent, but lack of matchmaking was depressing, though getting four friends on legendary and travelling New Mombasas was very entertaining. Now we are at Reach, the so called "peak" of the Halo series. The campaign was amazing, Firefight was exhilirating, the customization is off the charts, but at the start, the multiplayer felt like it had its broken parts on top of the fact that it got repetitive at some points. However, they have done many updates, and it is back to its superiority that the first game declared. However, the first game will stand up on two legs, an automatic pistol with semi-explosive rounds in hand, and a new look overall as Saber Interactive and 343 Industries announce Halo: Combat Evolved Redux. The first game is being rereleased with graphical upgrades and online co-op (no confirmation of Multiplayer just yet). The game itself is the same, but the look is totally new. Obviously, after Bungie passing the torch to a company who's only real success was the creation of Halo Waypoint made many sceptical, this action alone would cause fans high amounts of Nostalgia, and bring along watching eyes to see that the ones who hold the heart of Halo will show it as much if not more love than Bungie had for the series. So, to top all this off:

Revival of the Fittest

So, I have been a huge fan for a long time of the series Zone of the Enders, Kingdom Under Fire, and Legacy of Kain. These series have been a round for a while, and after the amount of time since the last one in the series for each, most would think these to be dead. Well, after heavy research yesterday, I learned the simple word of "revival". Kingdom Under Fire wasn't exactly dead, KUF2 has been in production for a while, just under raps for most of it so when it was announced, it was great to know it was still alive. However, when I did research, I found that the company lead (don't quote me on that) of Eidos stated he wants to bring back Soul Reaver in the Legacy of Kain series, along with Kojima stating that after MGS Rising and MGS3D, he will start production on ZOE3. After seeing a character skin for the most recent arcade game, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, of Raziel and Kain, it is clear the franchise is not dead. Its good to see these games alive and kicking. On poorer news, Devil May Cry 5, named DmC, is NOT being made by Capcom, but by our western peace of crap gaming company, Ninja Theory, makers of Heavenly Sword (crap game) and Enslaved (wannabeplatformer crap game), so in all hopes, I hope they don't screw up an amazing franchise. Also, the lead developer of Megaman resigned, which to many is bad news, but to me, it opens up a brand new world that he blocked, reopening a chance for Breath of Fire to be made again. With all these remakes capcom has been doing, I'm hoping they pick BoF next.