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Gaming at work

I was just thinking about how many people play video games at work. I play at work all the time. A couple of years ago I started bringing my PS2 into work with me. I work at a poolside bar and grill at a hotel. And sometimes it can get pretty slow. So I had to find something to do. They used to keep this 60 some inch TV in my kitchen. It was just an extra, and before they moved it out and into a more suitable storage area I tried to get all the enjoyment I could out of it. So that went good for a couple of months, till they moved it. After that I had gaming withdrawals. So I purchased a PSP and I never looked back. Currently I am playing Crisis Core, Silent Hill: Origins, and Vice City Stories. Not to mention Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and Room 215. So this should be a busy winter. If any one else has a story about gaming at work, please share it with me. Word out.

The weather outside is frightful, so let's stay inside and play games!!!

This is my favorite time of year for gaming. I mean there's nothing else to do right. Living in Wisconsin sucks in the winter. So stay inside where it's warm and play. Right now I'm on my Third time through GTA IV. I'm trying to get as many things completed as i can this time through. I'm also playing Half Life 2: episode 2. Finally I can play the newest installment, now that I beat the other two. It's definitley the best yet. Scary too. I'm trying to get ready for Fallout 3 by finally beating the first two. Games I've had forever, but never had the time to play. Not to mention all the extra stuff i've been trying to accomplish on Final Fantasy XII. Just stalling really, biding my time until Final Fantasy XIII. So I guess I have my work cut out for me, Well back to the games. See ya next thought.

GTA IV Dissapointments

Well I just got through the game for my second time. And I found myself thinking about all of the things that I was disappointed at. Now maybe I just got my hopes too far above the bar. But i don't think I'm alone when I at least expected to see a lot more explorable areas. There are very few buildings you can enter, only buildings used in missions, or the obvious resteraunts and ammo stores. I was hoping for a little more extra content as well. After finishing the game theres not much to do outside of multi player. I think maybe Game developers are putting more of their efforts into the multi player portion of games, leaving the single player modes coming up short on content. Maybe I'll have to go more into this in another blog. Back to the point. Another disappointment was the lack of certain weapons. Namely the flamethrower. Arguably the best weapon in the gta series. I can't imagine why they would leave it out. I guess maybe they weren't happy with the way it turned out in testing. Or maybe the sight of seeing people roast in 1080p was too much to bear:] My last complaint is one that really bugs me. The best car in the game, the Infernus, is comletely hard to get ahold of. outside of recieving one as a gift from Bernie, and stealing one for Steve, you don't ever see one. If anyone knows of a good place, or way too find one, please let me know. Outside of those problems, I felt the game was wonderful. I'm currently starting another game, and this time through I'm gonna use codes and really raise some hell.

Skate may be hazardous to your health!!

Well, I've been playing "Skate", lately. And talk about stress. There is a certain kind of game that really get my nerves on end. Sports Games. Don't get me wrong, I love sports games. But there is a reason that I don't own too many. I like to space them out. I can play any other kind of game without getting mad. But sports games are my vice. I just seem to take it too personally when I lose. "Skate" is definitely a sweet game though. The tricks are a lot more challenging to perform, but the satisfaction of finally pulling them off is worth it. I've always been an avid"Tony Hawk" fan, I've played them all. But now that I've gotten a taste for this game, I don't know if i can go back..... well maybe. Sweet game though, even if it sends me to an early grave. Try Try Try Try Try Try Try again. word son.