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Awake from the dead!

Hey guys idk who still on since i aint been on in like 2 years so this is the amazing Derek awaking from the dead. give me a few days or a week and ill be back on like always and making photos and reviews. so glad to be back and very eager to see who is still on. :)

I Am Sorry ;(

I am sorry all i aint been on i got kicked out of my house and been living with friends.
And they dont got online so i cant go on GS for now
Sorry i aint been on in about a year once we get online i be on alot more.
* i got alot better at making pic cuz i use PS at my school*
Well till when ever

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Yesterday was my birthday i am 17 now :D
I have been trying to get on but track and weight lifting is in the way of me getting on like i use to.
But i am trying but stil hard one of thes days i will get on like i use to.
What i have accomplish
I now bench 195lb
( only 5 more lb till i get 200 wooooooooot )
Bringing grades kinda up :P
keep with a girl that i love with all my heart
work out every day
Getting faster and stronger
hanging out with friends more
Became a beast on CoD
Stop sleeping in kinda :P( kinda)
grew my hair back out

Thanks for reading and understanding

I am sorrry !!

I am sorry i have been stuck with track and its been lasting very long so i have no time to ever get on.
I am trying but its not working out so if i can get on i will but no promising nothing.
Thanks For Understanding

two new sigs

Ok here is my last two sigs what you think?

WorkingonMario.png Mario picture by derekgilreath
this one i started with a new tut but i got lost so i just did random stuff

Narutosig-1.png Narto picture by derekgilreath

PS3 Help PLZ PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i have an PS3 from Nonvember2006 and i try to get wifi i read they did not make it in that model and i was wondering if i got an WiFi USB and plug it up in the front would it work or do i need another thing to get wifi?

Sorry i been away

Sorry i been gone i been having alot to do at school and all the working out is killing me and when i get home i dont have enough time to get on and do my work around the house done. And my dad not been letting on the computer. Well i am going to try to get on more. . ( cant wait till the summer then i be on more)