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I got another set of articles to post (which may or may not have been posted already, but I didn't see them). This time it is an in depth critic of Anita's position. It's a very clean read for those sick of the foul language and usual BS.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I'm not in total agreement with the author, but there is lots of good arguments to take in and consider. It is a long read, you are warned.

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Going to put this here. It is what I consider a really good piece, not just for the article but the comments as well. Together they give a really good notion I think of where the more moderates of both sides are coming from. Also relatively civil for two sides going at it:

Diversity, Censorship and Artistic Criticism

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Well, I don't think it is likely myself, but using PS2 as the comparison misses some important bits. Nintendo was still doing fair in the pre-PS2 era, and had a power advantage in the PS2 era. Likewise MS was basically in full on get your foot in the door mod with a much stronger console. This time around Nintendo is really hurting, despite a good showing in the previous gen, their current gen offering is on full life support, and even their handheld isn't as commanding as it used to be. MS likewise has a lot of internal rumbling of discontent with the Xbox division, and that means at the least they don't have the leverage of power of money they once did (especially as I suspect buying MC has pretty much blown their wad for the near future). Still a long shoot, but is a different situation.

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people still give a crap about this?

Obviously the biggest threat to gaming is some indie chick on patreon who gets a few dicks wet in order to promote a unique, original, pay-what-you-want game that donates to charity.

This is a much bigger deal than AAA games blowing a significant part of their budget into slick advertising campaigns, so they can sell you the same game as last year, sponsor shows on big websites, have editors fired for personal criticism of said games, releasing games in a broken "we'll patch it later since we spent our money plastering billboards" state, day one DLC..

no you goddamn idiot. That was merely what sparked the fire. The issue was all about the relations devs were having with journalists. Some of these were most definitely not just speculation cases. Conflict of interest that of course makes us question the integrity of many sites. Sites like Polygon, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, and NUMEROUS others were involved. Just look at the sheer number of sites that all reported "the death of the gamer" at around the same time.

So yeah, it was about some cheating indie game dev, but we're WAY beyond that now. Gamers now feel at war with all these "gaming journalists", feminists, and Social Justice Warriors because here's how the whole deal was handled by the other side.

1. They tried to cover up information

2. They tried to CENSOR conversation

3. They tried ATTACKING the gamers who continued the conversation.

In the process, sites like reddit and even 4CHAN have fallen and are no longer allowed to discuss the issues in peace. Mods and admins of this site have been PROVEN to be in collaboration with the anti GG people. Users from these sites are banned or shadowbanned (aren't even told that they've been banned, so when they post, it looks normal, but nobody can see their posts besides them) neogaf's mods and admin have given out personal information on voices of dissent and openly mocked them. Anyone who is seen as pro gamergate is subject to attacks on twitter and some have lost their careers, but there's no publicity for this. You only hear about it from websites when someone is lashing out against an SJW or feminist and then these sites lie and try to claim that every gamer is like this and that they should be ashamed of that.

You mind showing us some actual links to these things (I'm talking your last paragraph there, I know the evidence for the first 3 points).

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Okay, I'm joining in right now, and I read the OP, and I'm still not sure what this is about. Can someone give me a clear and concise Tl;DR?

... You know, that's probably good advice :)

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Funny how GamerGaters love talking about a Kotaku journalist sleeping with a developer... Yet most GamerGaters don't even know what that Kotaku journalist's name even is, but the main target of their venom is instead the developer he slept with (who "coincidentally" happens to be female), not the actual journalist who committed the alleged non-criminal "offence". That, right there, exposes the GamerGate movement for what it is: a fraud.

Yep. It's very telling.

Not really, as the narrative of GG has been formed by both sides, and one side is very clearly pushing the narrative that is all about Sexism and keeps pointing to said developer, and downplaying the journalists involved. Me for instance, I came to know the situation almost exclusively through the Anti-GG side, and they were the ones that made sure I knew about said developer. Meanwhile the GG side has moved on to many other topics, meaning their focus is all over the place, so it isn't unexpected at all that they have less attention spent on the journalist involved in that incident.

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Far too many people involved on either side of this GG thing are pretty much degenerates. I can't take either side seriously until they clean up their acts, which I don't expect to happen.

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This proves nothing. All it shows is some numbers for visitors to one specific website that happened to take the survey. Steam survey certainly isn't bullet proof by any means, but this survey does literally nothing to discount Steam's survey.

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For PS4, PSone compatibility really hasn't got much of an excuse. You don't need extra hardware, you just need the emulator which is basically already out there. PS2 is a bit nastier, but to my understanding it has been emulated too. PS3, no way in heck they could get that running without the hardware in the box, which would simply needlessly increase the price. If you're just going to pay more anyway, might as well just get the PS3 and be done with it.

For XB1, neither Xbox nor XB360 are really viable to emulate. So, again you end up with paying more for the hardware to be built in, and again it really comes down to if you're going to do that, why not simply buy the hardware directly to start with.

Is it also a bit of a cash grab, probably. However, in the end, is it a big selling point to have BC, not really. If it was WiiU would be doing a lot better, but it obviously isn't. Likewise you'd expect PS4 to be doing a fair bit worse, but it isn't.

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Yeah, that is a totally useless number as if it was anything even approaching that with actual gaming PCs, steam's counts would be MUCH MUCH higher as pretty much any PC gamer who actually has anything approaching good hardware will have steam account, and they are not even at 100 million yet (I believe last number was 75 mill, and that's counting Mac and Linux users too).