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Christmas list

I want to see what games you guys all put on you Christmas list. These are mine


Colin McRae: DIRT 2

Forza Motorsport 3

Beatles Rockband


I think thats it. Not sure tho.

All for Xbox 360

All Aboard!

Hey peoples. Yesterday, I went to my local PC WORLD, and i got a pack of three games that was called all aboard. It consists of Trainz driver, Bus driver and Ship Simulator 2006. I would really consider p[eople buying it, as it is only £9.99 ($15.49 approx)

need for speed: Shift

You peoples. I got Shift for me birthday, and its a definate improvement on undercover, which in my opinion, is the least proffesional of the series. So far, from what i've played of it (around 2 hours) I'd say it is 7.5 out of 10.

If you want to know what game it is most like, i'd say 'racedriver: GRID'

Need for speed

people are saying the new need for speed is more of a simulation game than an arcade game! This means Grid, rather than midnight club! Oh well, it should be good!! :D

Need for Speed n00bs

I hate it how loads of n00bs keep on saying i've got every need for speed, but they only have nfs undergroung, to nfs undercover! that is thick, i should know, ihave every need for speed