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Final Fantasy XV Character Analysis 3

Regis Lucis Caelum

Regis is Noctis' Father and King of the Lucis Kingdom. King Caelum is a wise man, and a loving father. This is evident in the trailers as it is obvious that Noctis looks up to the man and even offers him words of wisdom. His most memorable scene so far is a scene when the Niflheim and the Lucis are in a stand off and talking about the last Crystal, which is in the poscessin of the Caelum family. During the scene there is also a brief glimpse an older looking an which there are zero details on, but he seems to either be Regis' right hand man or a close servant of his, whom I will show in my next blog post. Another memorable scene is when Regis declares that he will be the last king, for what reasons are still unknown.

King Caelum


Characters Analysis'd So Far

Final Fantasy XV Character Analysis 2

Stella Nox Fleurent

Stella is rumored to be the Juliet of the story. Supposedly Noctis' long time friend and enemy. Little is truly know about Stella except that she knows Noctis and that she can also see the light of Etro that Noctis can see. It is my assumption that the white robe dressed people are somehow related to her. One other thing known about this character is that she can wield a rapier sword. More information about Stella is hopefully to come soon. A new blog post will be posted once this when this information becomes available and my lazy self gets to it.

Stella Nox Fleuret

Stella Nox Fleuret


Characters Analysis'd So Far

Final Fantasy XV Character Analysis 1

Hey there everyone! This is Demonkillua (of course) here to give you an updated look at Final Fantasy XV, previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. I decided that these Analysis that I have done will not be able to go full blast in Fuse and do disappear there. :( so I've decided to do it here on GameSpot's very own user blogs. I will roll these out whenever I feel like it. Just remember that any images used in this Blog and the coming are not only property of Square Enix, okay it's it entirely theirs, but of mine as well. Each screen shot to follow will be done by yours truly and requires work to do so in such hig quality, so if you happen to use them I would like a mention to me, but at the very least credit for the image. Thank you and enjoy the Blog.


Noctis Lucis Caelum

Noctis Lucis Caelum

To start out the Character Analysis, no one would be better then the main character himself, Noctis. Noctis is a prince, the young offspring of King Caelum (Analysis to come). Noctis is said to have grew up rather sheltered and not know much about the actual world from his father's kingdom. The faces he see everyday are mostly the faces of his retainers and his fathers. As Noctis grows he starts to meet new people and that help shape his growth. While rather naive at times he has the abilities of a true leader seen in his kindness towards his friends and his servants. Recently it has come to be known that Stella (Analysis to come) and Noctis may have met during a young age, so it's my assumption that the two families may have got along at some point in their lives. One day the Caelum find themselves under attack by the Niflheim. They are after nothing other then the last crystal in the possession of the Caelum family. Much about the reason of the war other then the Crystal is not very well known, it may also be a family feud following in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

Anyways, back to Noctis, he is commonly seen in a blue outfit that seem to match his hair. He does seem to have other costumes available presumably as the game goes one. Noctis has the power of the 'Light' which is apparently a light that is visible only by those chosen by the Goddess, Etro. His powers allow him and those around them to wield magic and warp anywhere he can throw his currently equipped weapon. Noctis can also switch weapons freely between his many equipped weaponry, controlling them with a telekinesis like abilities to defend against projectiles, such as bullets. Whenever Noctis uses his abilities it is known that the hue of his eyes change from a gentle blue to a serious red, as you can see in the two images below.

Noctis' Eyes are a gentle blue color when he is not using the powers bestowed upon him.

Noctis' eyes are a serious red when he is using the powers bestowed upon him.


Characters Analysis'd So Far

Concepts That Make A Game (Opinionated)

*Will Spell Check Later*

Yesterday, I made a post, on Fuse, about how I have been playing Persona 4 Golden, for the PS VITA, more than any of my console based games and was wondering why I could not find myself to get that much into a game that is of this current generation of games. After making that post I decided to do a little brainstorming on why Persona 4 Golden is better than any of our current generation of games and what it lacked, or could have made it better.

First thing that came straight to mind was the concept of time. As everyone who has played any Persona Game or pretty much any Shin Megami Tensei games for that matter should know that they have a heavy empathis on time. I started to think about games of this generation again and what games put to use time in a actual manner that would make the player feel more inclined to do more in a game day, and ,sadly, I couldn't think of one. I challenge you to name one game, of this generation, for me that take in the concept of time and make you have so long to complete one task while having to complete the main task before a set game date. Some of the first few games that came to mind that used any time of this generation was Skyrim, you can't do anything at certain times of day, sure, but you can also not do anything and the land of Skyrim will be safe. So in actualality here, you are the real threat to the land of Skyrim because you decided to tigger a flag that caused the game to proceed? Give it some thought and serious consideration, how much did you feel you had to actually get done in skyrim, or any other game of this geretation for the matter, to go on playing.

The next concept that came to my mind was story. How many games out there have a story that makes you want to learn more. Unfortunately this gaming generation is held back by the inability to present a decent story mostly thanks to deadlines on the publishers side and hopes that the pretty graphics will allow them to make sales. I can definately name games that have suceeded in the current generation that have done this successfully, but the ratio of games that I can think of that can to games that I can of that can are sadly much less then 1:2, or 33%. Honestly I don't give a care if a developer holds back a game to add more to it, but it would be great if they could work more on the story, rather then the gameplay and visuals themselves.

Finally, for today, is combat. Not to many games have a combat system that excites me anymore. A game with a good combat system is usually just that, good. There are to many games that hold back the potential to create a challenge anymore out of fear that the consumer may not want to play it because it's to difficult to play. I am all fine with the easy stuff as long as they succeed with a story, but by taking out the challenges they're are also throwing a handful of gamers on a shelf themsleves. Isn't this what difficulty settings are for? Anyways, to many games have become to focused on the presentation of the battle system itself then the thrill. Push one button hundrends of different actions are then executed. By the push of a button. "That was easy!"

In sumarry, games seem to no longer be able to put together what is needed. We usually get parts without the rest. Graphics without the story. Gameplay without the graphics (rather have this one myself). Story without the gameplay. hopefully you get the point right now. The beginning of this blog, with the concept of time, was also not something that I think is something that makes a game but just adds to the playability and wish was put into more games.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII


I've done a number of looks at the Final Fantasy Versus XIII game which was announce at E3 in 2006. It now being the year 2011, a 5 year span since it's first appeared, the game has still been barely talked about by the developers. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was known as a game thought to only exist in trailers because of the lack of information given and without any actually game play appearing in any of the trailers until January 18th, I believe, when Square-Enix decided to show a new trailer at the 1st Production Premier. Well actually our first look at actually game play [starts at 0:48] was a bit earlier at the Tokyo Game Show, but the footage was slowed and not really released publicly.

From Here On In Is Just Spectulation and Thoughts!

...with some facts.

After the release of the 2011 trailer many have much thought about this game again. Currently only to be released on the PlayStation 3 entertainment system there have been virtually no signs of the game to be released for the XBOX 360. In my personal opinion, I own all current generations systems, I think that it would be best for the game to actually not become mutiplatform because I think it could cause more harm then good. According to rumors the Director for the Versus project himself does not wish for the game to go to the 360 as well.

In Final Fantasy Versus XIII you follow the tales of a lone prince named Nocitis (Full name: Noctis Lucis Caelum). Versus XIII takes place in various Kingdoms, Cities, and Towns, each quite large according to Nomura. Apparently Noctis leaves his Kingdom after being chased out by an invading Kingdom. While away he think of things on how to obtain revenge and to get back the Crystal which was stolen. Though it is unclear how the female character, Stella, and Noctis are related in the game. They seem to be people with extraordinary powers granted to them by a light that only they can see.

While Noctis on the run, Noctis's Father seems to be in a argument with an older white robed person, different then the one that confronted Noctis in the previous trailer. I'm assuming that this character is from the invading Kingdom and wants Noctis's father to surrender to him. The King declares that he has decided that he will be the last king, and will go down in history as the last king. What becomes of the King is unclear as of this point, so I shall stop talking about him for now.

Noctis is joined by two friends and a military tactician from his kingdom, confirmed to be named Ignis, during his travel. Though it is unknown as to how they will be used in battle it is thought that it will be similar to that of Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts. Noctis can equip any weapon he desired, be it long sword, gun sword, dagger and so on. (not sure if it's limited to just swords... and overly large lances) The blonde haired guy wields a gun and while controlling this character you can enter a first person mode that allows you to aim more precisely. Apparently anyone can also use magic in this game, but only while in the presence of someone like Noctis and Stella who can see the "light".

Blonde hair guy useing his gun

The talk of L'cie and such from Final Fantasy XIII is also thought to appear in this a bit, but not as important, and more like a thing from history. This game will take place in a darker and more modern times like era. I am assuming that the entire game will be down on Pulse and the many places that came to be since Final Fantasy XIII.

Although there is not yet a release date planed for this game. I am personally expecting one this E3, June 7 -9 in Los Angelos. I am praying that we get a major surprise and the game comes out before Final Fantasy XIII-2 and if not sometime by or before next E3. Versus XIII might appear this year, but an E3 showing has not yet been finalized.

Versus XIII has seemed to become one of the most anticipated games this year. According to Gamespot the game is ranked 6th in the top ten most anticipated games by users. This not really having to do with what I was talking about, but I thought I would add it in here.


Other irrelevant Final Fantasy new: Final Fantasy Agito XIII was renamed Final Fantasy Type-0, while still remaining a part of the XIII Crystal Nova series. Final Fantasy XIII-2 a direct sequel to the popular Final Fantasy XIII is in production by popular demand. Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy is also in production.

Got a 360 / Best Exclusives Question

So recently I got the 360, and the nice looking slimline version I might add. I got two games to start off with; Tales of Vesperia and Mass Effect. Both of them great games. So I've been pondering this for a while even before I got the 360 which great game would be great to buy? Having had the PS3 for about two years now I have most multiplatform games that I would bother with for the PS3. So I turned my eyes only towards exclusives for now. Which is part of the reason I chose Mass Effect and Tales of Vesperia. Other games I'm looking at would be of course the Halo series (3 and on), maybe Fable, and Mass Effect 2 once I'm done with number one. Looking at it the list it doesn't seem very large Large to me. So for the reason I'm posting this Blog is that I want to ask 360 owners what the best exclusive games are for the 360. 360 owners, or non if you still have a thought about an exclusive, I'm looking forward to your responses.

My Christmas Day

So today is Christmas, and I got a few games to add to my collection today. It was all sweet, but santa forgot a game... or a peice of coal. Today I recived the DJ Hero game with the turn table, or well the turn table at least. I was most psyched to get my DJing grove on, so I decided first thing I would use is the DJ Hero. I opened the box got it all set up and only then noticed that the game wasn't in the box, or the game box case wasn't even in the box. What a great Present Santa!

Other games that I got are;

- Phantasy Star: Portable for the PSP

- The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for Nintendo DS

- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the Nintendo DS

- Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the PSP

Though I didn't get some of the games that I really wanted like Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 + 4. This year was a good Christmas except for the first part mentioned up top.

PS3 Becoming More Sucessful and Looking Ahead

Alright, so the PS3 is becoming much more successful this Holiday Season. With Wii topping sales charts followed by the DS/i. Next in turn came the PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, and the good old PS2 ( Right now, since I currently don't havea Xbox 360 to complete my collection, I can't really say if this could mean something for Sony all that well. But I can not remember the PS3 beating the360 in sales. Currently games are coming out for the PS3 that would make me buy one if I didn't all ready have one. Games like Uncharted 2: Among Theives, Demon's Soul, and the non-exclusive Dragon Age are currently making my mind boggle on which one I should try first. With Assassin's Creed II coming soon, I just don't think I can afford all of these games right now. What to do? What to do!?

Anyways the PS3 is already doing well for this Season, but let's get to thinking about next Season, or Winter of2010 (Which now that I think about it I should probably get a 2010 calender). Over the Winter PS3 and Xbox 360 will be receiving Final Fantasy XIII on March 9 (US, EU). With much anticipation for about four years, Final Fantasy XIII will hit the market. Probably hitting a sales boom, much like Modern Warfare 2 did, I'm expecting Final Fantasy XIII to be the top selling game of the Winter/Spring season. Next is White Knight Chronicles, another PS3 exclusive. Though not as many as I may think are looking forward to this game, I currently am. White Knight Chronicles was the third JRPG, or RPG in general, to catch my eye for the PS3, Following after only Final FantasyVersus XIIIand Final Fantasy XIII. White Knight Chroniclesis currently not set with a specific date, but in my opinion will be sometime during February.

In my opinion the PS3 is going to do really well this Holiday Season, after the Holidays game sells overall will probably decline some till the release of the two games mentioned above. On the bright side, things are looking good.

Thinking About Getting A 360

Edit: I decided to wait on getting a Xbox 360. Maybe for Chritmas or something.

Alright, so everyone should know by now that a price drop is happening for the 360 August 30th, right? Well I've been thinking about getting a 360 around this time of the year and I got lucky about the price drop. So now I've actually thought about what I would do with the 360, you know what games I would get and such. Well after thinking it over I've recently realised that there aren't that many games I would get for it that I could get for my PS3. Right now I would have to say that there are only three games I would get for the 360 that I wouldn't be able to get for the PS3, and maybe one I could get on either. So would it be good to buy a 360 for only three games? I would like some other peoples opinions on this because it I want to know if it's worth paying $300 dollars for a 360 (Elite?), probably another $150 on (new) games, and about $70-$80 on accessories. So about $530 + tax. P.S. Trying to figure out when there will be a tax free week/end? at a nearby state to see if I can pay even less.

Final Fantasy XIII Installments

Final Fantasy XIII (X-BOX 360, PlayStation 3)

Lightining for Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is to be released sometime late next year. Many were looking forward to playing the game this year for it was originally announced to come out late 2008 for the PlayStation 3. Many people grow tired waiting for this game to come into their possession. At the moment in Japan only (not confirmed if JP only) in March 2009 a 90 minute demo of Final Fantasy XIII, PlayStation 3 only. The demo is to start from the very beginning of the game, that way nothing will be spoiled for people. The demo will come with the Blu-ray version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent children and is probable to sell seperately later. While many will go out and but this demo separately I would really not recommend it. A reason it may be sold separately is only because of the files immense size. Because of the immense size the file will probably be to big for the PlayStation Network.

Well enough about the demo and on to the story. The story of Final Fantasy XIII takes place somewhat on a floating utopia city to human, Cocoon. All that is known about the heroine is that her codename is Lightning. While Lightning true name remains hidden from everyone else. Anyway, Cocoon is watched over by a Crystal (yes, the Crystal's are somewhat alive in this game). While the Crystal watches and protects the humans on Cocoon. It is believed that any who defies the Holy Government is to be killed. below Cocoon is Pluse, another part of the world. It is believed that the construction the floating city was constructed by the Farsi, people on Pluse that had a certain infection. There is also a group called the Lusi, whom fallow the will of the Crystal's and carry out missions for the Farsi. It has been confirmed that Lightning, Mr. 33cm (nickname made once it was confirmed he wore shoes in the size of 33cm, also he's the Blonde guy in the trailers)*, and the Pig Tailed Girl (no name information what-so-ever) are all Lusi.

Final Fantasy XIII was originally a PlayStation 3 exclusive, till they decided to go multi-platform and will now also release on the X-BOX 360. While the game will first be finished with the PlayStation 3 version, the game will probably be held till the X-BOX 360 version is completed. during this time they of course won't just leave the PlayStation 3 version to lay there and will probably give it some extra things the X-BOX 360 version will not have.

Sources: *,,

Final Fantasy versus XIII (PlayStation 3)

The Prince and His Group
The Prince and Group

Final Fantasy versus XIII was also expected to come out during the late 2008 with Final Fantasy XIII before Final Fantasy XIII was announced to become multi-platform. Final Fantasy versus XIII however is to remain a PlayStation 3 exclusive and will not change. I personally now think that Final Fantasy versus XIII will probably be out later then Final Fantasy XIII. While many look forward to this installment of the Final Fantasy series, you will not need to hold you breath 360 owner because again it's only for the PlayStation 3 and will NOT change (and I don't really want anyone passing out from it).

The Story of Final Fantasy versus XIII takes place in a city, currently known as "Dark City". You follow the adventures of a Prince, whom name is not yet known. The City has the last known Crystal that man has. Whomever has this Crystal there kingdom will prosper. Another world attacks the kingdom in hold of the Crystal. The Prince is with the defending kingdom and defends the Crystal, While magicians defend the city. So, In this game you will probably go around and kill people who are a threat to the Crystal, but I don't know.

No demos are yet known for this game,


Final Fantasy agito XIII (PlayStation Portable, Mobile Phone)

The 12 students from the school of magic. The one who is holding the cards is the main character.
12 Students from the School of Magic and one Moggle

Final Fantasy agito XIII will be for the PlayStation Portable and the Mobile Phone. While I expect no demo for this game in the future I also know very little about it. only at the time when this game was also announced for the PlayStation Portable that some people have decided to try and shed some light on it. I can tell you this much though, the Hero of the story is a male with blonde colorish hair and a red uniform.

Final Fantasy haeresis XIII (???)

No Image

While Final Fantasy haeresis XIII is not yet known much o the public. It is not even confirmed if the game will be coming out at all. But for those that wish to know something about it I can tell you that if it ever comes out it should be a Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game, MMORPG for short.


Well now that I typed all that, I will stop because my brain has become tired from all this thinking and typing, and if you are to read this I ask that you please leave any questions or comments in the comments. Thank you.

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