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Gex 2: Enter the Gecko: All the Proof You Need that I m Not Blinded by Nostalgia

I was a young child during the fifth generation (PlayStation, Saturn, and N64) of gaming, but I still remember many things about my early gaming days on the PlayStation; many of those memories I am quite fond of. One of those fond memories was of a Jampack demo disc. There was a game in that demo whose promo demo (as in, I didn't get to play the game) I fell in love with. It was this promo demo if anyone is curious to see it. I don't know why I was so intrigued with that thing. Guess it's just one of those things you enjoy as a kid. For some reason though, I never ended up asking for the game. That's right, people: I never played Gex 2: Enter the Gecko. However, when I saw that this game was being offered for a dollar on a PSN flash sale, I decided to buy it. I have to yet to fall in love with the game.

The first problem I have with this game is the camera. Dear lord, that camera is awful. It's not usually so bad that it makes me too angry because I've been through this with 3D Sonic games (I'm fucking looking at you, Adventure games), but it still hurts the experience. Another problem I have with the game is using the d-pad to move. I can't see to set the game to analog settings on my PS3 (I guess it's not compatible with it), so I'm stuck using the damn directional pad in a 3D platformer. That's not shit you mind when you're younger and haven't been introduced to analog controls in 3D games, but when you've been using the analog stick for the past two generations, you start to notice the issues with the d-pad. The d-pad makes the game's controls slippery at times. One last issue I am having with this game is how often level themes are reused here. I've already seen three haunted house levels (which sucks because I hate these levels and the camera as at its worst in them because of the tight corridors restricting camera rotation) and three Jurassic levels; but at least the Jurassic levels are fun. Also, the cyber space levels just suck. Everything looks the same and there's usually no soundtrack to go with them.

Dark Souls: A Game Too Hard for Such Little Time

A couple weeks ago, as I posted in my previous blog post, I started playing Dark Souls. I was looking forward to playing the game, but I was worriried that I would have the same experience I did with Demon's Souls.

I started playing Demon's Sous at the start of 2012, and gave up on it six months later, with over forty hours into it. The game was just too hard for me, I guess; however, I kept at it. I kept on grinding and trying to get good at the game, but that damn soul mode that cuts my health in half always kept me down. My little brother told me that Dark Souls got rid of that, so, after beating Sonic Generations, I decided to give Dark Souls the old college try.

The game got rid of soul mode, but everything else was downgraded. The combat and physics I found to be terrible. I clipped through the leg of the first boss after a failed attempt at a plunge attack, and, when he moved to turn around to face me, the game counted it as a stomp because I was technically under his foot. Enemies can't even hurt each other, and their attacks clip through other solid objects. There's also that annoying thrust my character does that makes him jump a foot whenever he attacks. On small platforms, that gets really annoying, and it kills the pace of combat. My biggest issue with the game was the inane way the A.I. works. The A.I. is locked onto you, much like the way I lock onto them. The only difference here is that when I get behind them, they will often turn on a dime. Big deal on it's own? No. Unfortunately, they do this in mid-attack. I had enemies use attacks that lock-on to me land a hit on me despite the fact that I would be behind them. It's credibly cheap and illogical.

Another problem I have with the game is From Software's insistence that I not be able to pause. This is not just when I am online, but even when I am offline. I understand not being able to pause to change equipment and all; that's the same thing Kingdom Hearts does when you're in combat, but at least you can still pause the damn game!

My final issue of the game is the learning curve. Even if I wanted to learn to get around the bad physics, the game would still have a sharp learning curve, which is not bad thing in itself (it's just bad when it's influenced by bad physics). The thing is, I do not have the time for such a learning curve. Do not get me wrong; I like a good learning curve, but Dark Souls' is extremely sharp. I do not game as much as I used to. I am a much busier person than I was a long time ago. I estimate that on an average week during a college semester, I game between four and five hours in a whole week. I simply do not have the time to invest in Dark Souls.

If that does not quite make sense, let me explain my reasoning with an analogy. A car analogy, to be specific. Playing Dark Souls is a lot like driving a Porsche. For those of you who do not know a lot about cars, Porsche's are high performance, but costly to maintain, cars (especially if you're American and you have to import the parts). If you want to own a Porsche and truly enjoy it, you have to have the money to maintain it. Otherwise, it's a horrible car to own, as they are traditionally unreliable cars (although the past few years they have the upped their game on that aspect). Dark Souls is a game that you, or at least me, have to have the time to get good at to truly enjoy and get good at it. Because I do not have the time to get good at it, I do not enjoy Dark Souls; much like I would not enjoy owning a Porsche because I do not have the money to maintain and take care of it.

Dark Souls is a game for the dedicated gamer, and I am not dedicated enough to ever truly appreciate Dark Souls. That does not make me a "casual gamer," nor does it mean that I just suck at the game (sorry, Dark Souls fan boys, but you really need to get a new argument) It just makes me someone who does not have the time and love for Dark Souls to give enough of a shit to get good at it. Besides, the physics really did suck.

Just started Dark Souls yesterday

After reading and hearing so much praise for the game since it came out, like, three years ago, I am finally playing the son of a bitch. Despite the acclaim, I am merely cautiously optimistic. The reason for this caution is that I started Demon's Souls about two years ago, played it for six months and logged more than forty hours of game time on it, and got a little less than half-way through it. I estimate that seventy-five percent of my playtime was spent on grinding. Now, I do not mind grinding in healthy doses, but when I am constantly forced to grind in a game, I get bored. I had to grind so much because of the fucking soul mode that Demon's Souls had, which would take away half your health. It was the biggest issue I had with the game, and it caused me to eventually give up.

Dark Souls does not have this, although there is a "hollow" mode that does not take away half your health when you die and turn into a hollow. I am giving the Souls games another shot. I hope I enjoy this one more.

I did not like God of War

Normally, I write reviews for games; however, I did not finish God of War, so I am not going to write a review for it. All I am going to do is write this post explaining why I did not like God of War.

Now, it's not a game game; it's just a flawed one. It did a lot of things right:

  • Great story.
  • Amazing graphics (by PS2 standards).
  • Good combat
  • Cool combos
  • Decently long for a hack-and-slash

Now, allow me to explain what broke the deal with this game for me.

I felt like most of the moves, such as Medusa’s Gaze, were basically useless.

The game had a huge problem with cheap battles; like, in this last battle I played before I finally just had enough of the garbage, I was in the room right before you get Pandora’s Box, and there was a bunch of herons and archers. These are normally not tough enemies because all you had to do was roll to avoid their attacks. Well, the game took that away by making the whole battle take place on a tread mill. Basically, the developers at Santa Monica (the guys who made the piling steam of shit known as Twisted Metal* (2012)) just designed the fight to exploit the game’s own mechanics; not to mention I was doing the fight with only 40% of health the whole time because I just got through two way tougher battles and there was no damn health chests at all.

One last problem I had with the game were the glitches. I can list a few things that happened:

  • A checkpoint abruptly activated in the middle of a fight, and every time I died, I came back with almost no health and with a tough enemy right up in my face.
  • This one room with a bunch of those green dogs under water (an incredibly cheap battle, might I add) where the enemies just didn’t spawn period.
  • The battle I mentioned previously that was right before the first battle I talked about in my second, where I had to jumped off the building to escape death, and went back in and found that the doorway back in was an invisible barrier to the enemies, and all I had to do was lure them to the barrier, and I could get cheap kills.
  • And, in that fight I rage quitted on, I was about to win, but I touched the side of the steam roller (as in, I was on a platform that was next to the side of the fucking thing), and I died.

I don’t think the game had these flaws because it’s a nine year old PS2 game. I think it has these flaws because Santa Monica Studios just are not good developers. The new Twisted Metal had a lot of good things about it, but it had a bunch of fundamental design flaws to it that ruined it for me; and this game had the same exact problem.

It’s safe to say I will not be playing the second one or anymore Santa Monica Studio games, as I am tired of playing they’re highly praised game only to annoyed the shit out of by glitches and design flaws one would think would get fixed before release.

*Read my review of Twisted Metal if you want to see exactly what I thought of that game.

My Rental Experience with Batman: Arkam Asylum

Great game! I loved the combat. I liked the stealth. Just a great game. Luckily, I can find the Game of the Year Edition for only $20, so when I feel like buying a game, which will not be for a long time thanks to my large backlog, I will definitely pick it up.

My Rental Experience with Tomb Raider (2013)

It started off pretty good. I love the graphics. I think the survival stuff is cool. Then I noticed the game fuvking has regenerative health, so I took all of ten minutes to stop playing because of how aggravated I was at yet another potentially awesome game being ruined and dumbed down for people who suck at video games and need to have their hands held throughout the whole God damn thing.

My Rental Experience with Midway Arcade Origins (on the PS3)

Many of the games on this compilation are classics from the early 1980s. Their genres were driving, fighting, platforming, shooter, and sports.

The driving games did not port very well. Back in the day, their respective machines used a steering wheel. The PS3 Dualshock 3 has an analog stick. The emulation does not end well. For example, Super Sprint is an extremely unpleasant experience on a PS3 controller. I could not control my race car to save my life. With the exception of Spy Hunter, this entire genre kinda just sucked here.

There was only one fighting game: Pit-Fighter; it sucks. Dont even waste your time with this one.

The platforming ones mostly aged great:

  • Rampage is kinda boring actually. Its not that the game itself hasnt aged well, its just that the concept has not.
  • Bubbles is good, clean, bubbly (pun completely and totally intended; sue me) fun. The analog stick works pretty well with this game.
  • Both Jousts have aged great.
  • Marble Madness is harder to play on the PS3 controller than I imagine it was on an arcade machine.
  • Root Beer Tapper is great.

The shooters were the ones that probably aged the best.

  • I didnt play Gauntlet I or II, but back when I had Midway Arcade Treasures on PS2, I remember the first one being pretty good, so I imagine both of them have aged okay on the PS3.
  • Total Carnage is pretty good.
  • Both Defenders are hard as **** (Defender I is probably the hardest game on here, if its not Sinistar), but it converted to PS3 perfectly.
  • Rampart is okay. The game itself controls fine, but it just is not that fun.
  • Robotron 2084 is great.
  • Satans Hollow is good.
  • Sinistar is possibly the hardest game on this compilation (among the ones that are not hard due to poor emulation), but its good.
  • Smash TV is fine.
  • Vindicators Part II is good.
  • Wizard of Wor is fun.
  • Xenophobe controls awkward as Hell.
  • Xybots might be the best game on here.

I dont like sports games, so I did not try most of them. I did play 720, and it kinda sucked.

About two-thirds of the 30 games on here are solid games, but the games only have so much replay value. If you see this game in the store, I would not pay more than $20 for it, for $10 this is an easy purchase.

I just hope that Nintendo of America knows...

how much I hate their guts for not giving us Xenoblade. You guys, especially that Reggie dude I always see at the E3, are a$$holes. Even if you release these games in response to the great sales they're obvously gonna get it still won't redeem you jerk-offs. Your division is stain upon Nintendo and gaming in general.Go to Hell, love, Demonjoe93.


This is an announcement that I will soon be starting a union dedicated to Super Smash Brothers, "The Super Smash Brothers Club" as I mentioned in the title of this post. This is union is dedicated to all things Smash Brothers including news, friendly discussion, andhelp for those of you who are new to the game, among other things.

I'm posting this because I need charter members to join this union of mine, and anyone who else who'd like to join. If you want to join this union, just simply post a comment saying so.

I currently have three people ready to be charter members: AvatarMan96, turtlethetaffer, and ShadowsGameTime

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