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It's a trip to read my last blog entry. Seems like so long ago. I just reviewed Tekken 6. It is a strange feeling.

I've been wanting to write essays to practice for my English class (and to just get better at writing) and then post them on here, but...what to write about?

Oh, how exciting life is.

Anyway, if you dont mind, read my Tekken 6 review and tell me what you think, both about if you agree/disagree and how I can improve my writing.

May GOD help us all

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Because Firefox for some reason won't let me paste stuff in Gamespot, I can't link you to the video. But I'll give you the gist of it.

Katsuhiro Harada just revealed to us all that Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion won't be coming out until Fall 09' (thats a chuffing YEAR away!) and that it will be coming out on the 360 as well.

Well thats fantastic. Not only did i sell my 360 and all my limited edition games to buy a PS3 specifically FOR Tekken 6, but now I have to wait another year. And I split my wig when I heard rumors of a March release. Good God.

What will I do now. If only humans could hibernate... bastard.

Metal Gear Solid 4

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Is extremely good.

Almost as good as Tekken 6 will be.

NO! NO! Thats crazy talk, nothing will be nearly as good as Tekken 6.

But seriously Metal Gear Solid 4 is so stunningly beautiful and fun to play. It would be even better if I had played the games before it instead of reading a brief summary of the story but whatever.

Go out and buy this game everyone. And also play Tekken because Tekken is good.

I Feel For You, Gamespot

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As you surely have noticed now if you log onto the forums, well...ever, people not being happy with Gamespot is not rare. If an editor doesn't score a game just right, there will be a group of people here on the forums that will be very vocal about their favorite game ever that they haven't played yet being scored lower then, say, a nine. Then of course there was the whole Jeff thing, although to be fair, thats more CNet buisness then anyone at Gamespot.

Now we have the Best of 2007 Award dealies. I usually don't take notice of these things, I mean, its interesting to see what the staff consider to be the very best of the year, but if a game I liked doesn't win a certain award, I'm not really going to think twice about it. But it doesn't appear as though lots of people share this same mentality. As with very nice and logical people who are vocal about their dissatisfaction with the editorial team, now there are people actually complaining about games not winning awards.

To be fair, most of the threads are just "'x' game didn't win 'x' award...OH NOES!", but its this thread that caught my attention.

As it would appear. Someone has "lost faith in Gamespot"...because certain games didn't win awards.


By the way, as I mentioned I got Guitar Hero III for Christmas, its freaking addictive. I want to play Mario Galaxy (and to a lesser extent Need for Speed Pro Street)...but I just keep getting lured back to that wonderous guitar playing dealie.

My Christmas

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And oh what a Christmas is was. Well, it all started at 12 o'clock last night, as my family doesn't wait until the morning to open presents, we rather stay up until 12 to open them. Another thing thats seeming to become a family tradition, is that we tend to go on holidays to other countries in January (this year its to Phucket), so my mom insists on giving us a few hundred dollars of spending money (us being me and my brother), so of course her and dad decide not to spend as much on Christmas presents to even things out, which is fair enough. So I wasn't expecting much this Christmas, a game at the most from my parents and maybe a few dollars from som relatives, but I ended up getting much more then that.

From my parents, my expectations were correct, I oh so happily got Super Mario Galaxy from my parents, which so far is a really amazing game (I've got like 7 stars so far, but still, 7 stars in its very, very good). Then under the tree, there was another present for me. This one was from my grand mama, who asked me before what I wanted for Christmas (she insisted that she get me a game because she noticed I tend to play games well...a lot, so I just asked her to get me Need For Speed Pro Street, seeing that I knew I wouldn't buy it before Christmas anyway due to other, better games coming out). So I indeed got Pro Street, but I had pretty much forgotten about this, so it was a nice, semi-suprise.

Then I noticed that there was one of those Xbox Live Headset boxes hidden at the back of the tree (obviously I hadn't payed much attention to the tree before that point), and this present has a bit of a story behind it, but long story short, my older cousingot me to buy it for him at JB (cause I work there, I get a discount) and then he'd pay me back. Then when he was at my house, I assume he hid it there when I wasn't looking. And he only got me this really because he recently got Xbox Live and we figured playing Halo would be much more fun if you could talk to each other. So yeah, I haven't used this one yet, but it will come into good use later hopefully. And then also my brother gave me a card that was from him and his Girlfriend that had $60 in it as well. And I do love money, so that was nice.

So yeah after we all unwrapped out presents from each other and the like, I played Mario Galaxy for a bit (and as I mentioned, amazingly good) and went to bed. When I woke up, seeing I'd gotten my presents already...I forgot it was Christmas >_>. Very materialistic of me yes, but after my mom finished explaining why our grandparents were coming over for lunch, I had a shower and got dressed and the like and then went with my dad to pick them up (actually, I wasn't asked to go with to pick them up, but I like listening to music in the car...and also needed to take a break from playing Mario Galaxy and Pro Street). When I got to my grand parents house, I saw a big yellow bag (JB HiFi) and saw a Guitar Hero guitar. After greeting my grandparents of course, I wondered over, and then told me that my other cousin (the brother of the cousin that bought me the headset) had bought me Guitar Hero III and bought my brother a portable DVD player (!). Actually, this cousin just got a new job...I guess its paying him pretty well >_>. Anyway, he's with his brother up in Valla (near Brisbane I think) to have Christmas with their parents so I couldn't thank him in person but needless to say, I was rather gleeful. And then to top it off, my grandparents gave me a card and $30. I know $30 isn't THAT much, but I do love money (as I believe I've mentioned before),so its appreciated nontheless :P.

As its the season of giving, I of course bought a select few some presents and have some to buy still. I bought my brother Season 1 of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (I didn't know what to buy him, and I know he likes that show...well...who doesn't?), I bought the cousin who gave me the headset Stillmatic by NaS (its like, his favorite Nas album and one of his favorite albums but he's never actually had it in his CD collection so I figured he might like it), I bought my dad a Crosby Stills and Nash DVD (I pretty much asked him what he wanted though so...its not like I randomly picked it out) and I bought my mom Ricky Gervais Live 1&2 (she loves "The Office" and "Extras" so I figured she'd like this). Also, needless to say, I need to buy my cousin who gave me Guitar Hero III something (I was going to anyway) and a few other people some things as well, but maybe I'll be able to find something interesting for them while we're in holidays in Phucket.

Anyway, Merry Christmas all.

I feel like a kid in a candy store.

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Only instead of a candy store, its an electronics store.

As you may know if you read my last entry, I recently got a job at JB HiFi and after two weeks, four shifts or some 27 hours of work later, this week I'll be getting my first pay, of around $220Au and I'm overwhelmed with possible things to buy. I mean, I've had more than $220 before, but now that I have a renewable source of income, plus the novelty of said renewable income, I want to spend my first pay on something, mainly because I feel I should reward myself (27 hours over 4 days of work is a lot for me okay!). Plus my $40 of pocket money from the last two weeks (I still get pocket money, as my JB HiFi job may just be over Christmas), I have about $260, minus about $30 on movie tickets, food or whatever I spend money on when I'm out with friends, and I have quite a lot of spendable money (at least for me, $230 is quite a lot of money to spend willy-nilly, and I actually should probably save it but....meh).

I could buy a PSP, which I've been thinking of doing. I used to own a PSP and never really played it, so I sold it, but theidea of Tekken on the go really lures me to buy another one. Plus with the new PSP Kingdom Hearts game coming out, I know I'll need to buy one eventually anyway. But I can't help but feel its nothing more than an impulse buy on my impulse of portable Tekken, but I still kind of want one. I've also entertained the notion of saving fora PS3. I know what your thinking, and so, I haven't overworked myself into insanity, as normally the thought of seriously considering buying a PS3 would make me flinch, but it makes sense. Seeing that I earn a little over $100 a week now, and I'll probably earn more now that the holidays have nearly started and I'll be able to work, I could have enough money for a PS3 in a few weeks. But for the PS3, its simply buying it for the promise of future games, namely Tekken 6 and Kingdom Hearts 3, and to a lesser extent Final Fantasy XIII.It makes sense, because with my normal $20 a week pocket money, it would probably be literally impossible for me to save up the neccessary amount to buy a PS3. So logically, I could buy it now for future use.

Or I could also buy some of the things I've been meaning to buy for awhile now. Things like certain CD's I've been wanting to listen to as well as maybe a DS or Wii game, as I haven't played either system in a long time. I'm thinking maybe Meteos for DS or something, because I loved Lumines when I had my PSP back in the day, but I don't really know what to buy for Wii. Really the only good game on Wii that I'm yet to play is Super Mario Galaxy, which I'll probably get for Christmas, so I'll just wait for that.

It should be noted that work is much harder than I imagined (its mainly the 8 hour thing). So while I want to buy something, I also don't want to just buy something I won't use (buying something for the hell of it, in other words).

Good News Everyone!

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I got a job finally. I used to work at Hungry Jacks (Fast food chain in Australia, for you Americans who don't know) but I mean a real job. Well, I don't mean full time real but...better than Hungry Jacks. Its at JB Hi-Fi (which is a shop that sells games, cd's, tv's and more, for those Americans that dont know again).

I start this Saturday....


Looks like he got what he deserved...

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You've probably heard about the Jeff Gerrstman controversy.


Who does he think he is? Voicing his objective opinion!?

Especially when the game was advertised on GS!

Doesn't he know not to flop games that got advertised as much as Kane and Lynch?

No seriously though, this sucks pretty hard. Especially for him but also really bad for Gamespot obviously.

On a side note though, I got Assassin's Creed, and its freakin' awesome.


Upon realizing that this is not just a rumor, and apparently the truth, this is outrageous. There better be a better reason to this than him scoring a game lower than the developer/publisher would have liked. Sure Jeff has made some controversial reviews, but for the most part I agree with him, even the Twilight Princess review I moreorless agreed with, but thats not the point. Gamespot really needs to adress this problem quickly, otherwise they can expect their site activity to slowly decrease (or quickly, either seems likely).

But the fact is that one of Gamespots most familiar faces (and one of its best editors) has been fired over him voicing his opinion on Kane and Lynch, of all games.

Now when Kevin VanOrd becomes editorial director...

I called it.

Oh and on another side note, I've nearly finished Assassin's Creed, and its still awesome, but damn does the combat get annoying. many games

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I forgot how many games come out this time of the year. I'm pretty sure this happens every year (me being overwhelmed with games I'd like to play), but I'm pretty sure this year is worst than most (or better then most I guess). Its a shame, because during the year, there were a lot of times where I had money and there were no games to buy, so I bought something that, in retrospect, I could have gone without and now when there are games out (and lots of them) and I don't have quite enough money to buy them all (not nearly enough money, actually).

So lets take a rundown shall we. The games I've already bought are Metroid Prime 3 and Call of Duty 4. I haven't even finished Metroid Prime 3 yet, but that doesn't stop me from impuslively buying new games (like Call of Duty). Call of Duty I finished in about two days, and seeing that my online doesn't work I'll probably return it for Assassin's Creed.

So, after that, other games that I'm looking out for are Mass Effect, Need for Speed Pro Street, WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2008 and of course Super Mario Galaxy. I know I should be patient and just get one of them, finish it then maybe buy anothing one and so on. But patience isn't my thing, so chances are when I get Assassin's Creed, the week after I'll be half way through it, playing Need for Speed or something.

If I can afford it that is.

Oh well. I've still got a trick up my sleeve (albeit a widely used one).

Heh heh heh. Good ol' Santa.

Oh school, how I hate you so

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Those of us residing in Australia will know, that the school holidays are now coming to an end. This is not good. During the school term, I always thought that these school holidays would be boring, because I'd have nothing to do during the days, oh how I was wrong. During these school holidays, I played more games than I thought I would (Halo 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Tekken 5 and I also just recently started playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass). I went out more than I thought I would (every day, pretty much), and in doing so, spent more money than I thought I had (well, techinically I had to earn the money, doing jobs for my parents and whatnot). I also made more professional progress than I thought I would (I may be getting an interview to work at EB Games, which may not sound like much, but considering that I thought I would make no professional progress whatsoever, thats still better than I expected).

This is in contrast to school where I do...nothing. I learn very little in most classes, get quite a bit of homework, and thanks to me having my yearly tests next term, I'll be studying a lot as well. I'm not complaining about this, its just hard to get back into the groove of school after having a good holiday as you all know.


I was bored and don't have anything better to write about.