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Check this:

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Anddd you knock me down again...

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Hallelujah it may finally arive :D

Maybe the next year, if we have luck
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Hey guys, its been a while... Anyway, I was wondering what platform you were going to play it on, PS3 of PC... Personally Ill get it for PC since I do not own a PS3 but thats my own opinon...


SO what are you guys gonna do?

Look for other game in the final era of 360. I done whit this
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I found this page of the asia release in June 30- Good news


And I found this page for the american/europa release- Bad news


But hey, in the asia release we can see all the gameplay, units, heros, etc

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The other materials which have been shown to have mentioned encabrossa 2 new heroes, Celes (emo guy) and Alepht (perhaps the mutant displayed in the image list), to others not mentioned anything Lehinhart.

From the dark legion Alphonse have vampire knight and maybe an orc shaman on a poster, it may be a hero or maybe a npc.

So in theory the heroes list may look like this:

Human Alliance: gunslinger, paladin and the blonde girl.
Dark Legion: Spellwords, perhaps the type of black (maybe a nobleman of Vellond) Vampire Knight and the idea of the orc shaman, (after 4 games serious and just an orc hero).
Encabrossian: Regnier, Celes and Alepth. Maybe Leihart apper.

So in the end we have 3 heroes for the human alliance, maybe 4 in the dark legion and 4 with encabrossians. So be wanting 9 more, or maybe debase the list of heroes.

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Greetings comrades.

Finally it seems that after 6 years of development the game will go on light, so avoiding discussions that will leave the game console, I propose to discuss what types of heroes have the game.

In the first analysis of the game was mentioned that would have 18 heroes to choose from, which gives 6 heroes per faction, which exceeds the amount of heroes to choose from past editions.

In these long six years have shown only three heroes:

Spellsword-dark legion.

So in this picture:

It can be seen at 3 heroes with their respective officers and also other heores with his officers. in the first case is the blonde girl, then the guy dressed in black (I have not the slightest idea that faction belongs, but the trailers seem to Vellond). Kendal finally appears and other faces that some heroes are normal troops and others.

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I've been playing rpg's for over 15 years and half-plate armor went to a half-a-plate of armor. I wouldn't wear that in to battle.

Keep the armor even KUF!!!

One more thing. Online is okay, but I hope I can still slip my KUF 2 disc in and play a single player RTS-battle-map when this masterpiece is finished.



Keep the hope on.

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This really sucks, the KUF: Crusaders is my favorite game of the first Xbox, looking forward to a true sequel for over 6 years and come out with a cancellation. This is a great offense to the fans that saw the birth of the original series console.

I remember well the first details of the game, mentioned change to the MMO crap or something, and they knew that Microsoft does not accept such games, so they mentioned that the Xbox version only focus on the campaign, so to me that was great, a continuation of the history of Regnier and Kendal.

This ends here, a thank you to the fans of this forum who did their best to keep the interest of the game and try to make it known to more people, I really hope that Blue side knows well that earns the scorn of his former fans. :evil::evil::evil:

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No info of day out

No info about campaing.

No info of xbox versions.


The onliy good thing is the game still working.

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