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I just don't get it

I realize people have opinions with games they review and go over, but some of these reviews are to much to stomach... if I am interested in a game and look a player reviews I look for the lowest. That way I understand the problem(s) people may have with them, but I find maybe one or two on here... and with the stunts gaming companies have been pulling. It doesn't seem to make sense. I like praising a game as much as the next person, but I always point out what I think they could have improved upon, or something I did not like. I've had reviews removed... which is sad simply for all the work I put into them. Mainly the ones I dog on for killing a franchise, or movie based games with colourful expression of words. Still the perfect "Ten Out Of Ten" shouldn't be given as often as it is, but I find more of those standing out and really it's a shame. I know we deserve better games with not only astounding graphics (like most games are these days), but in fact game play stepped up to go with it!

I want to buy games

If only they gave me a full game with no "down loadable content" what so ever, it has become the norm and it's killing the very nature of gaming. I pay sixty plus dollars for a game I don't expect to pay forty more and get access to stuff that is locked on the damn disc, so companies better listen and listen good. Give us full games and no D.L.C, I'll gladly run out to the store every month even twice and pick up games brand new! Your sales wouldn't suffer if you did this for not only gamers, but your selves as a company we don't need Origin accounts, we don't need D.R.M., we need quality full games! You want our support... don't treat us like sheep... treat us with respect, I mean how did you make your millions and billions... ohh yeah you made games that gamers loved! The older gamers didn't ever have to worry about this... we bought a game, it was ours and we weren't renting the system. Sony... Microsoft... your digging your own grave with all this milking. Gamers are getting fed up and once a system comes out, that has nothing of this legal junk you make us agree to so we can play online... well your done. You think the smart gamers are going to race out and blow another five hundred six hundred dollars on a console... "we don't own?" PS3 Is the last console I will own... until a console from a new developer comes out and isn't owned by Sony or Microsoft! It's all about control and not what gaming should be about. Perhaps I'll go to Nintendo... or just get an I pad, I can game on there and I don't have to agree to anything that is legal garbage... I'll get the same quality and have just as much fun. You have been warned... I'm on to you and like I said... I'd love to buy games monthly, I'm just tired of the legal garbage and the milking.