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Level 50-Strawberry Candy

Looks like i finally leveled up to level 50. Where is Strawberry candy from anyway? Does anyone know? Anyways this feat took forever, i would have been able to reach this level faster if not for my computer always breaking down on me. Congrats to me.

Gamespot's new look

The front page looks pretty good and I really like the way my profile looks, anything is better than the same old one for so long, finally something new. Do you guys like the new look? Now if they would just do something about the unions.

My Baby Girl-Keira

I would like to introduce you guys to my baby girl, little Keira. She was born on May 8 and weighed in a not bad 7.5lbs and 20in. She is doing very well but she does keep her daddy up all night. She has a head full of hair not like her dad who is starting to lose his. I must have changed her diaper like ten times today, I'm glad we got a lot of diapers with all those baby showers we had. I just hope she slows down the crying so I can get some sleep.

Level 48 - Mr. Domino

Just leveled up again, this time it took forever to reach this level...maybe because i haven't been here in a while, I have been so busy.

Baby Girl

My gf and I went to the Doctor the other day and got an ultrasound and found out that we are having a baby girl. We are both very happy, we both wanted a girl. Now we just need to figure out a name for her. I just hope she does not get my eyes or my crooked jaw. :lol:

I Just bought my first home

I recently purchased my first home, it is a condo for 197K. It is on the 8th floor and its pretty nice, i got a good deal on it. Its a one bedroom apt. and has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, workout room and barbucue area. I was hoping to rent it out to someone because I won't be living there for a while. Lets hope I can find a good renter in there.

Level 47 - Jaquio

hmmm...for some reason I jumped up to level 47 from 45, thats a bit strange. The levels were stuck for quite some time, well for me anyway and I was at 99% for the longest time. Did anyone else jump levels like I did?