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Okay... 11 months later

Okay I really need to do this more often... I will try and doo a monthly blog post of what games I am curently playing and stuff going on in real life, but chances are it'll disband like the other times I attempted this.

Well I guess I should start with the fact that a huge load of games came out in November but yet I only got 2 of the 6. I ended up getting Skyrim (duh) and Saint's Row: The Third which in my opinion was worse than Saint's Row 2 for the main erason of it trying WAY too hard. The fact that the ridiculousness being based off of everything you do thus making the ridiculous parts seem less special is really quite a disappointment and overall the game while fun isn't the best Saint's Row. Worst thing about it is that the previous game's setup where you had 3 gangs to take down and 3 mission sets is gone now in favour of a linear structure which ends up making the 3 gangs feel like 1. I'll go more in depth in my review. Skyrim is awesome... that is all I'm sure you've already played it and know why.

Kinda a short post but better than nothing...

I wish Harmonix was located in Canada

Okay so a few days a ago I went to Gamestop to pick up a rock band 3 pro drum kit... they didn't have any. I went to Future shop... neither did they. I even went to best buy and they didn't have any either! They all had the same reason "USA didn't send enough up here and we don't know when we will get more". I was waiting ever since RB3 Pro Drums were announced to get the drums. I couldn't get get them around October when RB3 was released because I had to pay a debt. Now when I have the money they don't have any and even if I DID pre-order them they said I might not have gotten one... that's BS.

I am still gonna get the drum set but for now I bought DiRT2 (PC), Forza MotorSport 3 & CoD:Black Ops. I also got RB3 (software only) for Christmas along with Goldeneye... which is really fun btw. I'm sure I'll get a review out for those games... eventually. Also I hate steam now because my Bro got Fallout: New Vegas (PC) and I want to try it to at least give it a chance but it goes through steam... and I can't use his code to install it because it's a duplicate because he used it on his account and he's not gonna give me his account info (can't blame him). If someone can help me with this problem send me a message. Also if anyone can tell me how I can get an RB3 Drum kit without having to go the states please tell me below :P.

Anyway thanks for reading Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and all that other good stuff and I'll see you on the other side.


I was starting to think I was dead

okay last blog post...AUGUST? wow I have been slacking, and hopefully I will try to make more regular updates about my gaming, ie:games I got played and like and also some new/games that look interresting. Wwl as of this Blog time I just got Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), it is really fun so far but I still perfer the original :P nostalgia is a **** I played rock band 3... this was my response . Yeah, also Stalker shadow of chernobyl (is that how you spell it?) and my god is that game creepy D:.Blackops... I couldn't care :P. Civ V is awesome...and way too addictive for it's own good :(. I was thinking of going back to replay the Thief series, but I think ill have to play it on expert (god help me) seeing as how Normal is too easy and hard is pointless that I might as well go all the way 8) . Fable 3 is pretty fun, maybe better than the original? probably I find the review here doesn't do it justice, I will put my own on here sometime soon.

In Terms of news nothing seems to jump at me especially since all the "big" releases are already here (assassin's creed, COD, NFS, Fable 3 and Fallout 3... I mean New Vegas) My plans for future games is for Rock band 3 with the drums... and also Im am blatantly advertising here but please :P this is what I have been up to so if I haven't updated this I probably updated this but see you guys next time ->

Let's Play!

Yes I know I haven't been putting anything new on here, and that is because on my youtube account I have been posting some LP videos. If you want to check them out the adress is current LP's Crysis and Diablo 2 (paused).

E3 Thoughts

I haven't done one of these in a while eh? Well I guess I should start by saying what I've been doing lately... playing Red Dead Redemption and Rock Band Beatles/Lego. But what I really want to talk about is the recently passed E3 2010 and what I think about it. Well of course Kinect looks like it COULD be good but could ruin some games and make them gimiky. It will sell well but might not play well is what I mean. The Move seems to be in same category as Kinect sell well but might not be good. And then of course the 3DS which at first I thought would just be really gimiky. Which it is but if those Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (3DS) pics are real then HOLY CRAP! Also why the hell are they re-releaseing Chaos Theory!? I guess they relized that was best one in the past 5 years. Also Saints Row on DS... that's all I need to say. It seems like its a good idea but I hope the 3D isn't going to be like you have to be in perfect position to utilize it and I hope no games really incorparate it into it's game within a gameplay sense.

I'm still trying to see why no one would mention Thi4f but I guess it's a cult game so they don't care about us. Though the real reason is that they (Eidos) didn't have a conference (from what I heard). There was also Rock Band 3 Which was probably the best game there (I'm such a music game whore :P) like come on there's a KEYBOARD, and cymbals to the drums (which RB2 had but no one used them).The other game that kind of grabbed my attention was Professor Layton 3 (Unwound Future), I STILL haven't finished the second one :). Fable 3 looks EXACTLY LIKE FABLE II. I don't care about Halo or GOW or Assassins creed Brotherhood. Deus Ex 3 WOO! Nothing else really that caught my eye. But what ever all I ask is that Thi4f comes out in 2011 at the earliest and 2013 at lastest and that its better then all of them... or atleast the third one.

NEW GAMES! (this is very brief)

Well I have just recently got Guitar hero 5, NFS most wanted (actually I just reinstalled that one) and I have been playing Dragon Age: Origins for the past few weeks now and I 'm sure I'll get a review out for that eventually.

Also I have just got a dog walking job from someone who's gonna pay me 10$ every week to walk her dog for 5 days! That means I will be able to do Xbox games now due to the fact I have some cash flow comming in so thats good! Also get ready for those games having reviews!

Well anyway I gonna start playing Dragon Age now so see ya guys and happy gaming :D.


I have...followers?

YES! I know it's nerdy to do a blog post about this but when I made my accounts on other websites (youtube etc...) I would have my real friends as people that follow me but seeing as how I have real people that care about my contributions!

If you tracked me because of my reviews help me make trhem better because I know they can improve over what they are now. Well I may as well make this blog give you a heads up... I'm doing C.O.P The Recruit as my next review seeing as how I got it today so that should be up soon!

Well thank you to all who track me, this gives me something to do when I'm bored, while listening to Daft Punk (they kick ASS by the way).

Dromed's a b*tch

Incase your wondering yes I Dromed but I have 2 problems with that...

1: I suck at making water animate

2: I can't think of a good mission idea!

If someone wants to they can post a mission idea below so long as you don't want water in it I will make it for them! (I'll give special thanks in the intro :p) I'm not good at it now but I will get better so if I make it, don't expect a mission as good as "life of the party" or hell even lord bafford's (okay maybe) but the main reason I'm doing this is to let everyone (1 person) release their ideas of a mission for Thief 2!

Whatever I gotta go to school so please comment below on ideas or even how stupid this blog idea was!


Hi I'm James (Deltaforce2665) and I LOVE video games, and especially the Thief series. SO much I have all of them (including Theif 2x) Installed on my Comp RIGHT NOW! Anyway I live in Toronto,Canada and was born on March 11th 1996 (I'm 13) and like I said above, I LOVE video games but I also LOVE music (lol I like caps :P) I mostly listen to System of a Down and Disturbed.

I don't want this to be to long but just an intro to what kinda person I am. My Gamertag is Deltaforce2665...shocker! Games I mostly play on my Xbox include:Rock band... um Rock band 2? and saints row 1/2 and GTA4.You can add me if you want but add a message telling me what you play or if you know me on GS tell me your name on GS and I'm sure I'll add you.

Any way see ya guys!