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Merry Christmas! (It's been a while)

Hey all. I haven't been on this site for a while, hope everythings been cool here. I've only really gotten two games in my absence, Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2. Both are really fun and awesome, I'd recommend them both to everyone. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Geometry Wars 2

Hey everyone. Just wanted to talk about Geo Wars 2. I was initially turned off by the 800 point price, but after trying the trial and purchasing the full version, it is definitly worth it. In fact, I would have paid slightly more, since it has like triple the game in it. There's multiplayer, which is only local unfortunately, and it has six game modes, instead of just two, and they're completely different from the first one for the most part. If you want my opinion, I'd pick it up. See you all later.

EDF! Woot!

Hey all. I found this neat little game at my local blockbuster, and bought it for 7 dollars... Earth Defense Force 2017. Never before in a game have I had so much simple fun, what with explosions, robots, and giant bugs. I just wanted to say to you all that if you see if for the price that I did, pick it up. The EDF thanks you!

30,000 and counting...

Well, a while ago my gamerscore topped the 30,000 mark. Thanks in part mainly to Civil War, I am now a 30,000+ gamerscore club member. Have fun all!! :)

The Orange Box

Well, I finally got into the Orange Box, (specifically Half Life) and I must say I am utterly AMAZED by it. I mean, the story is so awesome, and after burning through the Half Life 2 and both it's episodes, I even went back and got the old game and it's two expansions. I can't wait for episode 3, and I'm hoping they'll answer all of the questions brought up in episode 2. Anyway, have fun all!

Yay! It's Rock Band!

Hey all. I finally got my 360 back, and I picked up Rock Band, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and that Civil War game. Rock Band is wonderful, Rainbow Six is fun, and the Civil War game is surprisingly decent. Hope everyone had a happy Easter, and I'll see you all on Live!

Dang it...

Well, my 1 and a half year old 360 got the one red ring of death the other day (Error #74, whatever that is) and I will be without if for about a month. Oh well. I needed some time off it anyway, I guess. :) Hope you all are having fun!

Happy Holidays

To Everyone! Haven't updated this in a while, but everything's been goin fine with me. Halo was everything I wanted it to be, Christmas is right around the corner, and I'm not failing Calculus (lol!). But yeah. Have fun with all of your Christmas presents!

Halo 3 Woot!

Well, Halo's about a week away now. I picked up Medal of Honor, and I must say that it is AMAZING. It really brought new life to the franchise. I also picked up Two Worlds, and it's a really good RPG for anyone who's interested. I just got my COD4 Beta Code, and I'll try that out too. I must say that I'll be pretty busy till Halo comes out, in which case my life will become consumed by it. :D

MoH Airborne

Well, I just played the demo, and this is definitely a must-buy for me. It comes out the 4th for anyone who didnt know. Halo 3 is also less then a month away. YAY!!!!