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I LIVE! (Again d-(^_-)z)

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Yup, still alive, despite some of your best wishes. I feel that a lil update in my life is in order:

Contracted strange illness that has basically made me drop half my bodyweight, have plans to go tell Tesco (My workplace) to go **** themselves and their job with a big, knobbly stick, certain that my winkie got a little longer, quit drinking (I know, I know: Mind blown. Alas, PepsiGhast shall have to live in the past, I'm afraid, unless anyone here wants to carry on my legacy (Go for it (ZOMG! Triple brackets!))), working on quitting smoking, working on becoming a firefighter, am in a committed relationship with the love of my life, have stopped picking my nose completely, and have stopped scratching my arse with forks.

There you have it: My life since I last signed on in about 30 seconds worth of reading (30 minutes for all you slow guys). And now, for all my fans, I give you anudder pic of myself in my going out clothes (With short hair (Sorry Matt, I don't look like David Walliams :P (=O Triple brakets again lol!)):

Until next time (Dunno when that'll be, life's pretty full at the moment), toodles!

P.S. *Trumpet fanfare and 21-gun salute for Liam* He was a true patriot. :cry:

Alas, my net tries to outdo me once again, But I shall prevail!

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Yup, AOL is once again trying to go arse-up on me by being an uncooperative rectum, and has been like this for the last three or so months!

So I phone them and ask them "Excuse my, my dear chappies? Could you possably be good sports and all that by MAKING MY ****ING NET WORK FOR ONCE IN YOUR MISERABLE, FETID, MONKEY-SHAGGED EXISTANCE!" (Actual wording may vary). So what do they do? They say precisely this: "We'll look into the problem".

Oh, thank you very much, I feel sooooooooo looked after now. Y'know, that's the kind of service I expect when I pay £20+ A MONTH FOR THIS SHODDY FUNKING SERVICE! It just boils my piss when I think that customer care for these guys is precisely "Make sure they don't switch to another provider, and do ****-all else"!


From beneath the shadow of an aged tree...

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Cometh Dellrizla... dum-de-de... (As much as I wanted to think of a rhyme for that one, I couldn't be arsed)

Anyways, youmay have noticed that I hath returned, and there is a very good reason for that... which I won't tell you! Ahahahahahahahaha etc.

And I know you all missed me a considered offing yourselves due to my absecnce, so I'll give y'all a little present:

(And yes, I am aware that I look 12, not 20 >_>)

Anyways, until next time! Toodles!

Dellrizla's Top Ten, Volume 1: "Why I want to punch a baby"

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1. I have a headache

2. I couldn't find a copy of MGS4 today.

3. Not enough alcohol in my fridge.

4. I couldn't find a copy of MGS4 today.

5. I didn't pre-order MGS4.

6. I couldn't find a copy of MGS4 today.

7. My constant stomach illness and not being able to keep anything down.

8. I couldn't find a copy of MGS4 today.

9. The one person who will read this and just not get it.

10. I couldn't find a copy of MGS4 today.