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Big stupid jellyfish

So, I'm 21 now.

What the heck.

Christmas seemed to creep up on me faster than expected and then it was all over, before I had even blinked.

It's a new year and I figured it was time for a new blog. So, hello. Long time no see, GS. You look fit. Me? Oh, nothing much.

What I'm reading? Oh just a 100 canto long epic poem, that's all. Yep, you guessed it. Dante's The Divine Comedy. Yeah, I wish I could read it in the original version, too. The rhyme scheme just tickles me that way, I guess.

So, dealing with my mental health hasn't gotten any easier, but here's to 2013 bringing some kind of good news. *weak hope*


A day in Pandaria

*trigger warning - picture heavy*

So since the Mists of Pandaria beta began, there has been many errors, flaws, bugs and what not. But Blizzard works hard, as always, to please the fans and to keep the game as beautiful as possible.

I have been one of the many blessed Annual Pass buyers to get relatively quickly into the beta, and as such many of these pictures, information and other may be subject to changes, possibly big changes too.

I instantly rolled a female pandaren shaman, called her Madotsuki (literally means mirrored, copies the player controlled character of Yume Nikki) and began my journey through the starting quests of the zone The Wandering Isle.

This is not from my actual first booting of the beta. It was a LOT more crowded.

As always with a freshly started beta, or alpha for that matter, bugs are aplenty and people are going to be either obnoxious spammers, clueless idiots or patient, gentle giants. I probably belong in the second category.. People were blocking the quest giver, of course, and I spent around 15 minutes just trying to click on him.

The female pandaren model is both cute and deadly. The monk has an interesting new combat system.

As I progressed, I couldn't help but notice how polished everything looked in the starting zone, and I wondered if the new continent of Pandaria (level 85-90) is just as gorgeous looking. The music of The Wandering Isle is very oriental, with asian instruments I couldn't possibly name due to my ignorant, western upbringing, and you can practically see the bamboo groves with the prowling tigers coming to life in the very room you're in. The buildings around the starter zone are heavily inspired by Chinese and Japanese architechture and by the lore behind the Pandaren; proud sake-drinking panda-people with a penchant for brawling as well as zen-like balance with nature.

The nature in the Wandering Isle is bamboo groves, rice fields, rolling hillsides with mountains, peaks covered in snow and incredible temples popping up, bridges curling over gorges and ravines. All of this, on the back of a giant turtle.

This may shock some, but it really fits into the lore that Blizzard is building up for the Pandaren. Asian lore and mythology, Chinese in particular, has many power animals that play large roles and among them is the turtle. This particular, very large turtle also play a large part in starting as a Pandaren. Following the rampage that Deathwing went on in Cataclysm, WoW players went on to challenging him along with the help of the rest of the dragon aspects and Thrall, using the power of the Dragon Soul and ultimately killing the large dragon before he could finish his horrible scheme.

During the war effort, a massive airship chased Deathwing across the Great Sea, somewhere near the maelstrom where he originally set his plan in motion, but it was shot down by the leviathan and crashing into the side of Shen-zin Su, better known as The Wandering Isle.

Wounded and weakened, the turtle is caught by the power of the maelstrom and is forced to swim in circles.

Without spoiling too much, it's up to the pandaren to help their ally by getting the ruins of the airship out of the wound it has created, so it can heal.

But enough about the lore, on with the show!

Honestly, the bow had me convinced.

Broucely? Original for a Pandaren monk...

She's as cute as a button, but she'll hurt you if you laugh at her.

New tiger skin. Female Pandaren is still amazingly cute.

view of a village, immediately after you leave the starter area.

While they are not exactly Sakura trees, they are still very pretty.

some of the houses in a farmer-part of the map are very heavily inspired by sake barrels.

Racial mount for the Pandaren. Four horned yaks.

I'll put up some more pictures of the character screens, new talent trees and the spellbook next time.

My descent from madness

So I'm slowly starting my school-life again, one subject at a time.

I've started a course on how to love yourself, accepting your faults and disabilities and learning how to deal with negative thinking. It's going to run until summer'ish, and it's every tuesday.

Hopefully this will be the start of a new life for me, ever since I broke down with a depression back in 2007-08'ish. It has been a long, tough battle with many fails and few wins. I'm not expecting to ever function 100% like anyone else, but being able to go to school and be with other people once a week for two hours is a big hurdle, big enough for now.

One small step at a time is a sure way to learn new things and overcoming hardships.

Egads, I can barely think. I'm just so exhausted.

Two hours among other people after more than 8 months with no contact except for my family and a socialworker..

Happy birthday, my sweetie

In an hour's time, it's past midnight on saturday the 30th of july, which makes it sunday the 31st of july, and marks the day my little doggie was born.

Ludvig, I've grown to love and adore your snores, grunts, groans and odd quirks (like refusing to go outside in the rain, when you have been sleeping all night and not been out once to pee, you silly dog) and I can't imagine my day-to-day life without you.

Only 8 weeks old, and already so cute.

You've become such a huge part of my life, that when the day comes and I move out, I don't think I could really handle being in my new place without you.

A tribute to the one thing I had hoped to ever take the spot of a deceased friend, a companion I hope to spend more time with as I grow up and become a 'proper adult'.

First I lul'd

then I srs'd.

I've recorded him oncemore since the first time you slept in my bed, when we got you. Gosh, you've grown. It's under my videos, if any of you are interested.

O child of the great son - slight spoilers inside

So I recently aquired and started playing Okamiden, the sequel to Okami, the infamous game that lets you paint the world to become a better place.

I am a HUGE fan of the original, and as such I just had to get Okamiden, no matter how bad Capcom would make it. And sadly, it doesn't feel like a new game. At all.

It's the same Nippon. That's cool, it's alright. I didn't expect a new world to explore, but they could at least have kept it exactly like the original game, but nooooo..little details are amiss, and I guess only I would notice that, given I've completed the first game like seven times in a row.

I'm 18 hours into the game, and it's almost at the end. It's sad, because I enjoy Nippon and the company of its denizens so much, I wish I could just pick up Chibi and hug him all day long.

Fixing the world, one Sakura at a time.

New stuff in Okamiden includes:

Partners - I really adore this solution to Chibi's limited powers. Your partners are actually useful, maybe except Nanami, but that's because she's a mermaid and prettier than me *jealous*

New brush strokes - Okay, Magnetism is useful for some of the new puzzles, but a Yin/Yang whale with two baby whales, one yin and one yang, doesn't make much sense. The Direct brush stroke really didn't need a God either, in my opinion. A bad excuse for a cute penguin God that doesn't really have any place in a Japanese Mythology inspired game. Honestly, Capcom.

New Demon items - See, Demon fangs weren't enough for Clover and Capcom in the original, they gave us three different items to collect this time. Demon hides, demon bones and demon livers. Hmm, okay, not too bad. But with three different items, what are you going to purchase with them? I'll get to that now.

Weapon upgrades - instead of five different levels of three kinds of weapons (Glaive, Reflector and Rosary beads) you can buy upgrades with the demon items you collect via Floral Finishers(Special brush strokes you finish enemies off with, depending on which enemy you're killing). Sounds simple enough, and it is. If the floral finishers were as simple to time as they were in Okami, it wouldn't be a hassle. You have new enemies to study (we did it before, we can do it again) and figure FF'ers for, and now you have to do math to figure out how many livers, bones or hides you need for a glaive upgrade or for your rosaries? Yes, I'm bad at math and I'm lazy enough to not want to warp from origin mirror to origin mirror between every Demon scroll I beat, just to check if I've got enough items for the upgrade I want.

Brush stroke upgrades - instead of chasing around Nippon in search for hidden shrines to throw your hard earned Yen into, you can now buy scrolls from a shaman in your 'home base' village for yen, which makes it easier and faster to get Inferno upgrade or Splash (formerly known as Deluge) as well as Cherry Bomb 2.

So, it's a sequel, so we should have a completely new plot. Right? Right??


We get the same plot, only in a smaller scale (at some points. Spoilers!) to fit Chibi's smaller-scale powers, and with slight tweaks here and there to fit the new story, centered on Chibi and his partners. It feels old fast, despite the new characters in Kuni and the other partners, having to run around Nippon, healing the land, making people happy, same old same old. I had hoped for something new and exciting, but I guess you can't ask for much when Okami got so bad sales on the PS2. Despite my massive fangirl heart, I have to face the facts that it's not as good a game as it seems to a fangirl, as it might not be one for newcomers to the universe. Which is a damn shame, because Capcom had all the things they need to make a great sequel, but instead they chose to make it for the DS, instead of, say, the PS3 (where I feel it belongs) or even the Wii. Sure, the touchscreen is good for brush strokes, but it feels forced on so many levels. The wonky controls, the fact that if you make too light strokes on the touchscreen, your stroke will fail, and the even bigger chance to fail a brush stroke, because the machine doesn't understand that you are indeed making a circle..around..that..stupid..SAKURA!

I've failed time and time again on the same damn tree, because my stroke wasn't a 'circle', even though I kept circling around the entire tree. It makes me rage so much, since it worked perfectly on the ps2 back in 2008, when I finally got Okami.

I can only hope that Okamiden sells enough to make a third game, or maybe a new Okamiden for a console, because this game has so many options of making a great game, and keeping a visually stunning and fantastic world alive, but the creators decided to halfway kill it before it was even released in the rest of the world.

But enough of the fangirl rage, on to the things that matter; the rating.

I'll give it a 7 for effort, but I will push it up to 7.5 because Chibi is so damn cute.

Happy Hogswatch

Ho..ho ho?

'Tis the season to be merry, and I think it's alright to post a christmas blog now, since it's 16:something in Denmark on the 25th December, so most people should've gotten their presents unwrapped by now.

I've been in, mostly, a bad mood all December, and I think it'll stay that way the rest of the year (Gosh, that sounds so weird). Christmas spirit has been limited, and albeit last night was a hyggelig evening in the lap of the family, 'twas very energy consuming and as such I had a hard time being like Dexter and keeping up appearances.

Loads of presents, even if the economy made it scarce with money, we made do with what we had. Hopefully everyone got what they wanted.

Spending my time on WoW, leveling a tiny goblin shaman, is what I do more than most other things, even during the holidays..Well, not really, but I have spent a lot of time on WoW.. level 66 and rising, she is. Cute as a peach, too.


Ain't got much more, so.. Happy Hogswatch everyone.

no title

Every time I see his cute blue eyes, I swell with emotion - hatred and long-forgotten love.

Every time I read a message from him, I remember - the summer he spent on the other side of the planet, corresponding with me only via email.

Every time a memory of his voice lingers for the briefest of seconds, I remember - the feelings I felt, for someone I hardly knew.

Then why do I still cry?

The rage in me or The temper-fitting gamer

You grab the controller

Come ON!

The console turns on slowly, but surely

Can you turn on any slower?!

Small whimper-like noises escape the machine as it loads the game and boots up the start screen to Prince of Persia


I've been playing Prince of Persia lately, as can be seen by my achievements. I can safely say that this game controls worse than any other puzzle-action game remotely related to it. You take a climb up a wall, the Prince automatically tries to grab a ledge - fine, no problem in that. Except, if you 'accidentally' pushed the A button a bit too much, he thinks "Hey, maybe I should JUMP DIRECTLY TO MY OWN DEATH!"

Great work Ubisoft..great work.. Make the Prince suicidal as you reboot the series..brilliant plan.

As the big fangirl I am, I was bound to compare PoP with God of War, right? So, I did..or, I do.

Kratos vs the Prince.


  • Blades of chaos/athena/exile
  • Climbs up walls with his blades
  • Can do amazing combos without the need of a sidekick to help
  • You can see how much health/magic he has left
  • upgradeable weapons and magic
  • Can pick the eyes out of his enemies

The Prince

  • A sabre and a glove
  • Climbs across ceilings by the use of random rings that, conveniently enough, are EVERYWHERE
  • Can do combos by the use of acrobatics, his sidekick and enviromental moves
  • You can only take one hit before the screen flashes red, and your sidekick has to save you/you get a quicktime event that is very rubbishly build up
  • Magics that can be bought for light seeds, that you have to collect, that only your sidekick really benefits from
  • Can't do any violent ending combo

Kratos is more bad-ass and beds all the hot women, most definitely, and the Prince has been reboot into a bit of a weakling since Sands of Time.

As much as I want to, I don't really like Prince of Persia. It doesn't catch my attention as well as many other games have done before it. I have in mind to complete it, though. Trust me.

As much as I'll hate it once I've passed the next few 'zones'.. Xbox needs God of War. Badly.

Edit: as many commented, it's a bit unfair to compare


But eh, it's what makes us laugh.

would have lasted at least five minutes vs. Kratos.

xbox 360 slim or How I admitted defeat and stopped being a fangirl

So, today, my fangirl threads caught up with me. I spend 1998 dkk on a xbox slim with Mass Effect 1, bought ME2 for 199 dkk and later purchased Gears of War 1 and 2 as well as Prince Of Persia on Amazon for 320'ish dkk.

I've accepted that I can't keep refusing to spend money on a single console, just because I 'hate the controller'.

I've gotta adapt to the xbox and the menu when I turn it on, but so far, I don't regret buying it.

Maybe soon, you'll hear me swear over XBL as I get sawed in half by other GoW2 multiplayer gamers.. who knows, maybe I'll even bow down and eat my words about Halo.

The Gods have truly forsaken my soul, but I don't mind.