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My top 5 favourite games of all time!

So after my previous blog about my favourite games I played within last year, I now feel I should share my top 5 favourite games of all time since it has changed so much in recent years. It's also for my to actually confirm them aswell, since I'm always trying to decide in my head what is actually my most beloved franchise / game!

#5: Pokémon Emerald


Yep, Generation 3. It's not that often you actually hear someone say there favourite generation was the third. I think the reason for it is that Generation 3 came out around the same time I actually started to pay attention to story and the goings on within the pokémon world. With Generations 1 and 2 I pretty much just played through them mashing certain attack buttons, because that's what 4 year old kids do! At the age of 7 when Ruby and Sapphire came out however, I began to take an interest in the story and further events within the game, such as finding the 3 'regi's' and searching for Latias / Latios. The reason Emerald is here however, is because it gave us some nice changes to the original two, and I prefered the general 'green' asthetic, aha. It was also the first pokémon game to introduce a proper cutscene, with the fight between kyogre, groudon, and rayquaza. That blew my mind back then!

#4: Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4 has long since been known as my favourite video game of all time, but a lot has changed recently! It's still incredibly brilliant though, and is the first game that properly introduced me into the world of survival / action horror. Unlike most people, I'm totally fine with games having both aspects of action and horror, and Resident Evil 4 pulled this off absolutely perfectly. There was tonnes of things you wanted to go back and explore after beating the game, not to mention the extra content after beating the game like Mercenaries, a minigame based on getting the most kills within a time limit, and Separate Ways, an Ada specific campaign giving you another perspective on the same story. The Regenerators / Iron Maidens still scare me to this day, and are probably alongside the Necromorphs of Dead Space as the enemies / creatures that freak me out the most!

#3: Dead Space 2


I wasn't so sure on the Dead Space series when I played the first one. It took the best elements of survival horror, using Resident Evil 4 as an inspiration, and threw it into a sci-fi environment. I loved the concept and the game was brilliant, it even introduced me to the necromorphs, one of my favourite gaming creatures / enemies. However everything felt very repetitive as we only really had one big objective: fix the ship and escape. There was a lot of unnecessary backtracking and the whole middle section of the game felt incredibly rushed. Dead Space 2 however, fixed all my worries. Less repetitivity, and more variety in terms of story and atmosphere. It also included some of the 'action' influence from other survival horror / action games, which I enjoy. The controls were well refined and easy to handle, and the graphics were absolutely beautiful. I played on PC at 1080p on the highest settings and it's a stunning looker, especially since my PC doesn't run games that well all that often. Dead Space 2 completed what its predecessor started, and became the refined 'Resident Evil 4' of the Sci-Fi universe, perfect.

#2: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


What can I say, from the moment this game hit store sheleves my life and any shred of existence of myself ceased to exist in the real world. From that moment on it was me, Skyrim and the hours and hours of questing I partook in. Everything about this game just stood out as perfect to me. The voice acting was brilliant (and produced some great internet memes), the story and general lore of the Elder Scrolls universe is top notch, and the exploration is so fun I literally wasted hours of my life simply looking around the map for caves and extra goodies I may find. The visuals were rather good, though I managed to improve them even further through the use of PC mods until it became too physically demanding for my PC! I haven't seen this level of immersion in a game ever, which is why this game stood out so well for me.

#1: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


You might be asking yourself, how can this be his favourite game EVER?! It's certainly not perfect in terms of design, but as a fun to play, enjoyable, and faithful to the series kind of game, you can't get any better than this.

I started watching Naruto about 19 months ago, and since then have grown into a huge fan of the series in general, so there was no doubt in my mind that i'd buy the accosiated games. First off I bought UNS1, which was a respectable game. The free roaming around konoha was great, and the fighting was fun and entertaining. It lacked any form of structured story however. It was there, but in a terrible mess of mission based fights / minigames that would have made no sense if I hadn't watched the anime beforehand. I then purchased Naruto UNS2, and was overjoyed and surprised as to what I found. The freeroaming aspect was now turned into a fixed camera perspective which took a little getting used to, but you could now travel elsewhere other than konoha and visit the sand village, or the hidden rain village etc. The system eventually turned to my liking and I grew to love it. The fighting is now a lot more fluid and refined, and the characters were now the roster from Shippuden rather than Unleashed. In this new story mode, there was an actual structure that stood true to the anime and was easily accesible to anyone not familiar with the series, whilst being great for long time fans. Some of the scenes in the game I felt were better done in the game than in the anime! For example (SPOILERS AHEAD), Asuma's death scene and when Naruto meets Minato. All of this makes for one absolutely brilliant fighting game, and at the same time a wonderful Naruto game, which for me makes it my number one title EVER.

What are your favourite games? Let me know in the comments!:cool:

Favourite games I played throughout 2012!

Hi there ;D

So christmas and the end of 2012 is looming near and as far as I can tell the Mayans were liars, so we're still around to enjoy another game fuelled year in 2013! I thought I'd go through a list of games I played in 2012 that I particularly enjoyed. These games don't have to be released within this year, so long as I first played them to an extent anytime within the last 12 months.

#5 Journey


I bought this game on a whim. Everyone was talking about it, saying it was a new form of art and that it's one of the greatest games to ever exist. I honestly felt all of them were totally bold claims, but boy was I wrong, and I'm glad I caved in and bought it. It's a very short Journey, the entire game in length lasts about 2 hours, if that. But it's perfectly paced and put together so well that you'll be happy it only lasts that long. It's an experience that's only supposed to last for one sitting. Journey is a hard game to describe to someone who hasn't played it, so if you're reading this and trying to find a reason to purchase this game, don't. Just buy it, you simply won't regret it.

#4 Pokémon White 2 Version


Gamefreak changed things up this time. We all anticipated "Pokémon Greys" announcement on one of the Pokémon Sunday TV shows. But what we got I believe shocked everyone. My feelings were mixed at first, how will it work? Why did they do it? But eventually it dawned on me that Gamefreak didn't want the series to fall into the same category as games such as Call of Duty or games of that nature, they wanted to show Pokémon still had life and vitality in it, and they pulled it off extremely well. Set in the Unova region, 2 years after the events of the first game, you still start as a regular ordinary pokémon trainer looking to fullfil his dream of becoming the pokémon champion. This time however the game is a follow on of the story of the first two games in Gen V. The fifth generation games were known for having a more mature storyline behind the family friendly combat mechanics and visuals, so it only makes sense to continue this onward. What they pulled off kept the series feeling fresh and opens the doors for a lot of new oportunities for franchise, here's to the future Gamefreak!

#3 Kid Icarus Uprising


This was perhaps the biggest surprise of all for me. I'd known it was a good game, but at around the time it came out I wasn't interested in accosiating myself with a new IP (I understand there's an NES Kid Icarus, but to me that doesn't count!), so I just sort of disregarded it as another good game I probably won't get the chance to play, like Super Mario Galaxy. However I borrowed it from a friend in exchange for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 1, and I loved it to bits. I played through day and night until I beat it, and it was one of the greatest gaming experiences I'd had for a long time, despite the rather awkward control scheme at first. My luck was pushed even further when he said he didn't want the game back, he never played it and it was just taking up shelf space, so I got it for free! I'd say my favourite part about the whole experience is probably the incredible voice acting and script. It breaks the fourth wall so many times without seeming incredibly cheesy, and brings a smile to my face every time.

#2 Resident Evil: Revelations


So Resident Evil Revelations was the series first step onto the 3DS if you exclude the full priced mini-game package of Mercenaries 3D. And in many ways, this felt like this years flagship Resident Evil title after the horror that was Resident Evil 6 which came much later in the year. You were thrust into the shoes of some classic Resident Evil characters such as Jill and Chris as they try to uncover the happenings at different locations, from the somewhat desolate yet beautifully decorated and designed cruise ships to the tall, modern buildings of the "floating city" of Terragrigia. The gameplay mixed the old with the new, tight corners andclaustrophobic hallways during Jill and Parker's sections and then fast paced open areas for Chris and Jessica, not to mention it's also one of the best looking games on the system. The feel of the game fit both of these perfectly and Revelations may have even surpassed the balance of Resident Evil 4 in terms of Action x Horror. 8 hours or so await you in single player goodness, but Raid mode and some nice replayability options will give you a lot more time to play with.

#1 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


I also bought the first game in the UNS series this year. I'd only started watching Naruto a year and a half or so ago, so I wanted to wait until I'd surpassed the point in the anime that this game covers before picking it up. Needless to say, this game improves upon the first game to no ends. The combat feels much more fluid, the graphics are a little sharper and brighter, and there's so much more to explore in terms of content. One of the big problems I had with the original game was that the Ultimate Mission Mode felt very rushed, the story wouldn't have made sense to anyone not familiar with the anime. In UNS2's Ultimate Adventure Mode however, the story is much easier to follow and the hidden secrets you get from beating the quicktime events quickly really add that little extra depth for anyone looking for it. The character roster this time round is certainly more varied, and includes a whole cast of playable character rather than sticking most of them as supports like UNS1 did. A brilliant triumph of a game not only as a sequel, but in its own right. I've already pre-ordered UNS3 Will of Fire Edition!

Honourable Mentions:

Red Faction Armageddon - The desctructability in this game is incredible, and I could spend hours just in the sandbox mode destroying every waking building and enemy in my path. The short story and lack of replay value held it back from my list however.

Gotham City Imposters - Best F2P game I've ever played, no doubt. The style, setting and Bat vs Jokers idea behind it is so good, and the combat just feels perfect. However there's a ton of matchmaking problems that cause me to stop playing a lot.

Games I must beat before I kill a kitten. (need suggestions)

Hey there! ;D

So I have a lot, and I meana lotof unfinished games that I keep avoiding but still need to beat. It's rather frustrating, I just can't find the time to beat them all and whenever I do, I end up drifting off to play a different game. So without further ado, I'm putting a list on my Gamespot blog of all the games I need to beat. This is mainly for my future reference, but I thought it'd be fun to share it with everyone!

Red Faction: Armageddon

Kid Icarus Uprising

Pokémon White Version 2

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

Shin Megami Tensei: Demon Survivor (1&2)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Dragon Age Origins

Just Cause 2

The Saboteur

3D Dot Game Heroes

Halo 4

Blazblue Continuum Shift

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway

Gears of War 2


Forza 2

Splinter Cell 3D

Company of Heroes

Mafia II

Saints Row: The Third



Far Cry 2

Metro 2033

Dead Space (1&2)

Mass Effect 1

Aaaaaaaaaand that's it! wow I have a tonne to get through....

2013 resolution!!!

To beat every one of my unfinished games by the end of the year.

Any suggestions on what to beat first? It'll be tough, especially because there is a lot of amazing games coming out in 2013. I've got to start somewhere though, and I can't complain about not getting new games when I have this many unfinished, so it's about time I made some changes around here. These are the current games I plan on buying in 2013, and I hope I'm not convinced to get any more than this...

South Park & The Stick of Truth

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Will of Fire Edition)

Any and all Pokémon related titles.

Finally I'll leave you with a new segment I'll do at the end of every one of my blogs from now on...

Epic Picture Of Epicness...

(please help me think of a better segment name...)


The blog with no title due to lack of creativity.

Hey there!

Been a long time since I did one of these eh? I've had a lot on my mind recently, not to mention I have now started college, which is such a drag it's unbelievable. Education really isn't for me! I prefer a laid back approach to learning, which is why I'm really enjoying Media Studies. All of my other subjects are very academic and involve tonnes of writing, patience, and the ability to focus for more than 5 minutes, which I can't. I also chose a college that none of my friends go to, so I'm essentially on my own which isn't very pleasant.

So what has gone on during my absense? well, nothing much has happened apart from me buying a few games. Some turned out great, some not so much...

RE6 is a shambles! Click this for my review.

This was extremely dissapointing for me. I blamed Kevin V for a bad RE6 review before it came out, but now I'm over my fanboy visions I can see exactly what he means. I was even more critical about it than him in some places! Being a major RE fan it was hard to come to grips with how bad this game actually is really...

Pokémon White 2 also came out, and I'm yet to complete it. I haven't had much time to play it. I'm currently on the 7th Gym, so i'm getting there I guess.

I'm eagerly awaiting Far Cry 3! I have to wait until xmas, but even so that's going to be amazing!

Last but not least...


My favourite band are headlining wembley arena in a few days!! I've got standing tickets ordered and ready, and me and the band members from my band are going down the night before and camping out to get to the front. You can probably tell we're super pumped for this. I doubt we'll get any sleep at all, we have tonnes of energy drinks ready for the evening and plenty of pokémon battling ahead of us during the wait!.

That's about it for this. I guess I'll try and be more active from now, it gives me something to do to get away from all the college troubles. Would be nice to get to speak to some of you all again.


Blog 89: The 5am blog.

This should be interesting...

So it's 5AM, and i'm shattered :| I can barely move my fingers, yet I don't want to sleep. I don't know why, I don't really have a reason, I'm just... staying up.

Armed with bottles of Mountain Dew and pringles, i've been playing Resident Evil 5 and Black Ops up until about an hour ago:roll:

I'm not used to playing games this late. I usually stay up until about 2 or 3AM anyways, but playing games hurts my eyes after a few hours, so this is like needles being constantly poked in my face... :evil:

Speaking of staying up incredibly late gaming, I'm doing a 24 hour gaming marathon for charity with a group of friends, more info on how to sponsor my endeavours and watch the stream we'll be doing, closer to the time!

Who's excited for Resident Evil 6? ME :D

and Pokemon White 2? ME :D

how about Halo 4? ME :D

aaaanddd.... Assassins Creed 3? Not ME:?

I haven't had the time to beat brotherhood or revelations yet, so I don't know fully what happens to ezio or desmond yet. I'm not going to AC3 without knowing that vital info!


I've been watching a lot of Naruto recently, I'm on episode 78 of shippuden. Then I discovered Bleach... god my life is in ruins now :shock: so much anime, so little time...


... :|

I get childish when I'm hyper.

I meant tired, not hyper :lol:

Who likes Skyrim? Who has it on Ps3? Have fun with Dawnguard....troll_face_dancing_banana_by_zorkky-d3cy

Sooo... I got my 11 year old brother to play slender. The results were hilarious! xD

There's a new slender game coming out, Slender: Source. It's made in, well, Source, and it's on the Steam Greenlight thing. If you don't know what that is, it's basically Kickstarter for games except you don't pay anything and you don't get any bonuses.

Well. That was fun.

There you have it, me at 5am splurting out random stuff that's been on my mind today.

Don't tell me you expected anything more interesting did you?


Blog 88: Creating a gamespot union and I need charter members and ideas!

Hello! :D

So I had a thought last night about creating my own union on gamespot, and wondering what it could be about etc. And instead of going for the usual, I want this union to be a place where loads of gamers can meet up and arrange in-game events on a weekly basis. We'd also have talented writers working on the front page union posts with maybe some game reviews or to set a challenge for the week. So basically it's a union all about connecting with the other members of gamespot as best as possible and sharing your passion for gaming!

This is where you all come in. I need people who like the idea to become charter members and help me out with the union to the best of there abilities! Also, check your PM's, I may have asked you personally to do something for me in the union because I like your previous work.

We'll cover games like Mariokart (Wii, 7, DS), Pokémon, Street Fighter 4, Forza, Battlefield, CoD, you name it. A variety of games to choose from and you don't have to take part in the ones that don't tickle your fancy.

Last but not least, we need a union name! Something creative to go with the idea, any suggestions welcome and you will be credited for it :)

Share the blog around!

Blog 87: New games and amazing desktop :D

Hey! :D

So July 9th was my birthday and I pretty much just asked for money :P

I originally planned on getting the Nexus 7 tablet but after some thought i didn't actually see what i'd use it for other than to stare at amazing looking Tegra 3 games...:|

So in the end, I spent around £95 on games! Plus about £80 on guitar hardware and software for my PC so I can now record music onto my computer and perhaps make some covers and original material ;D

Games I bought:

Portal 2 (PC) - Amazing
Mafia 2 (PC) - Amazing
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC) -WOAH
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3) - Fanboy Alert
Naruto Shippuden: A New Era (3DS) - Fanboy Alert
Splinter Cell 3D (3DS) - Meh
F1 2011 (3DS) - Meh

My... 'simplified' reactions are next to the game names :P

Both Portal 2 and Mafia 2 were from the steam sale, but the rest were all from amazon. the most expensive one was the 3DS Naruto game. It's actually about a year old but I never knew it existed. Didn't sell very well and wasn't recieved greatly by critics either but I really enjoy it and it's quite the challenge. I'm sure I'll write a review!

And I've become quite the fan, here's a screenshot of my computer desktop that took me hours to setup :D


I think it looks awesome :)

Expect reviews for all the games mentioned above at some point or another!

Blog 86: Join the Pokemon Hype!

Pokémon Black and White 2!! :D

I'm uber excited for these new games as you can probably tell after my massive Gamespot profile face lift:cool:

Made the banner myself thank you very much!;)

If you want to join the hype train for the new pokémon games, head over to the 3DS forums on Gamespot and go to the Official Pokémon Black and White 2 Thread, where me, the OP and a bunch of other people are discussing a lot about the new pokémon games, and there is a lot to talk about considering they're now out in Japan!

the OP has created a list on the front page of all the information. Also, on Page 23 there is a list of remixe's of songs from previous games that are in Black and White 2! Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh remixes!!! I'm extremely excited and they look like they could be the best games in the pokémon franchise! :D

I'm staying away from as many real spoilers as I can so everything comes as a surprise to me when they release:)

Also, has anyone got there hands on Pokémon Conquest yet? I imported over from America and have played around 6 hours so far.

It's a great spin off title! Probably beating Pokémon Ranger: SOA to my favourite spin off pokémon game :D

Gamespot disapointed me with there 6.5 review, all of there bad points being things you can alter in the settings.:evil:

So let me know what you think of Pokémon Conquest, and also i'd like some feedback on my new banner! Hope you decide to join me in my amazingly hyped up state for black and white 2!


Blog 85: Goodbye school years! Plans for Gaming 2012


I haven't blogged in over 2 months. Wow. If I'm truthfull It's because people stopped commenting on my blogs in general so I didn't see any real need to post anything. I'll try my best to keep them up and running from now on, that's a Gamespot promise from me to all of you!


So nothing big has really happened throughout my absence. Apart from the fact that tomorrow is my final official day at school!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:

I've been waiting for this moment forever. No more proper school anymore. I get to pick the main subjects I want to learn in college and start a proper career after that. I'm going to miss all my friends though, despite my prom night being the best night of my life so far, it was kind of disheartening thinking about losing contact with a lot of my friends. In primary school, although it did matter, it didn't matter so much. I was still young and managed to make new friends, but I think in secondary school I was able to understand and think for myself a bit more, and care more. And the fact that I'm going to different college to my girlfriend doens't help either:cry:

On another note..:P My gaming plans for this year are simple. Resident Evil 6, Pokemon Black 2, Resident Evil 6, Black Ops 2, Resident Evil 6, Halo 4, Resident Evil 6, Tales of the Abyss 3D, Resident Evil 6 and Rayman Origins 3DS. Oh and Resident Evil 6 ;)

I am so unbelievably hyped for Resident Evil 6. My favourite series ever with the two titans of the series (Leon and Chris) clashing together. And Weskers son?! What a twist. Give me the game now!

Finally, expect a Resident Evil Revelations review soon! (Hint: It's good)


Blog 84: Favourite games by platform

Hey! :D

So I just sort of felt like doing this as I haven't even done anything on my blogs for quite some time now. This is just something quick and interesting I thought I'd do. I'll do as many platforms that pop into my head. And obviously this is just my personal experience with the consoles, for example I haven't played many of the critically accliamed wii games. They don't have to be exclusives either. Lets get to it! Starting with the more obvious platforms:

Xbox 360:

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Playstation 3:

Assassins Creed 2


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Deadrising: Chop till you Drop


Temple Run

Windows Phone:

Jet Car Stunts WP

Playstation 2:

Resident Evil 4


Pokemon Colluseum

Nintendo DS:

Pokemon White / Black Version

Nitnendo 3DS:

Resident Evil: Revelations

Game Boy Advance:

Pokemon Emerald Version

Game Boy Colour:

Kirbys Dream Land


Ratchet and Clank: size Matters


Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer / Raptos' Revenge

I'm a bit stupid and tired, so if I've missed any platforms out you think I've probably played (I grew up from PS1 and Game Boys upwards) let me know!