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Oh. It's you. How've you been? I've been fine. Well, since you KILLED me. But that's OK. We can still be friends, right?

Ah, it's great to be back. Just a TINY hiatus (what was it, four months?), but hey, high school's a b****. Good times spent away, playing some games, buying some games, getting addicted to How I Met Your Mother, normal stuff :P.

To start: I finished Portal 2. Great stuff, amazing and hilarious dialogue as always, and puzzles that were both challenging and fun.

I bought Oblivion. Haven't progressed that far into the game yet (I don't have THAT much time on my hands), but I figured that getting the prequel to Skyrim at only $20 for the GOTY edition was a pretty good bargain. Skyrim seems to be next up on the "to buy" list though, so I think I might play through Oblivion more in order to get more familiar with the gameplay and lore.

I got Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective for the DS. I heard good things about it, and I wasn't disappointed. The gameplay was exceptional, the puzzles spectacular and the story a masterpiece. All for the low cost of $20 :D. Awesome. And definitely one of the best games I've seen on the DS over it's 5 year tenure. I'll probably get around to rating it sometime soon...

I got Final Fantasy XIII-2. Yep, I had some money to spend. Funny story: I pre-ordered the game for Gamestop/EB Games or whatever they call it, for some cool bonuses like character skins and a new (free!) weapon. After I'd put in the pre-order, I ended up at Best Buy for some reason or the other, and I saw what their exclusive was for the pre-order: a book. Damn. Not to go against any scholarly gamers, but who exactly did BB think they were targetting when they offered that? Corporate North America never ceases to amaze. But yeah, the game itself. From the outset I was almost convinced that I had wasted my money: the story was bland, as were the characters, the music and the general atmosphere. The game was completely linear and restrictive, and had (seemingly) removed some of my favourite features. Fortunately, it got better. MUCH better. The story erupted from its chrysalis and took to the skies, the musical scores soaring with it. (Which reminds me: gawd, did I hate some of the FF XIII music) The world exploded outwards, evolving into true RPG-style gameplay with a more branching crystarium, exciting gameplay, and QUESTS! Gotta love it. Sadly, They appear to have gotten rid of one of my favourite parts of the first game, the component-upgrading system, but other improvements to FF XIII-2 make up for it. I've yet to finish the game, but it certainly looks promising.