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Older Times Have Seen Better Days

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Well, I guess this is officially updating month for me. If anyone notices, this is my first blog post in a while...update #1 :P. [edit: first blog in 2 MONTHS :shock:]

Also, I decided to rack my brain to remember what games I have that I never listed on GS; most of the stuff I thought of was Pokemon, so that goes to show how tired I was :D. Update #2.

Finally, Minecraft recently received their massive Adventure Update. Kudos to Notch and the crew on their success with such a bizarre (yet addictive!) indie game. Honestly though, I feel as though the update has wrecked the survival singleplayer for me. Too much new stuff, too many things changed, none for the benefit of well-established players. Really the only thing I like out of there is the Creative mode, allowing for the thing I always wanted out of Minecraft: simply to build. Update #3.

Oh yeah, and I watched a couple of great movies recently: Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, and 13 Assassins. The former stars Russel Crowe and Paul Bettany, and is one of the finest productions I have had the pleasure of viewing. Great special effects, well-acted characters and a solid plot make for a truly unique experience. Similar can be said about 13 Assassins. I've had my eye on it ever since it came out but, unfortunately, it was decided not to release the film in Canada :(. Nevertheless, I waited, and was finally able to get it on Blu-ray. It was worth the wait. Brilliantly assembled, especially with regards to the villain and the titular assassins. From almost the moment he is introduced, Lord Naritsugu (the antagonist) is completely despicable and easy for the viewer to hate. **SPOILER** The viewer also becomes attached to the 13 assassins, even though he may not realize it until they meet their ends. **END SPOILER** Comic relief is also well-placed in the film, coming in the form of a foolish, yet seemingly infallible youth (whose name escapes me...>_>). To top it all off is a 45 minute battle scene, the epic coup de gras of a spectacular film.