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In Case You Haven't Noticed Yet...


I finally got around to doing one, something I have been thinking about for a while. In other words, I was supposed to be working on a project when the ADD kicked in and I started up Photoshop, placing images right and left like there was no tomorrow. Anyways, the banner is pretty much a visual version of that song that goes, "these are just some of my fav-our-ite things".

As can be seen, my username and PSN ID is written on the top, above the symbol representative of Code Geass, the most awesomest anime series of all time. No joke. And if you have read the last few blog entries you will realize that I am quite obsessed with that show. To the left of the Geass symbol is the Black Knight from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. To the right, going in order is:

  • A stargate (more specifically a "spacegate") from the TV series Stargate: Atlantis
  • Cloud Strife, from FFVII. Really, even though he's awesome he's here mainly to represent every FF game, a series that I am a huge fan of. Shame I couldn't get a pic of Lightning...:(
  • Sora from Kingdom Hearts II (this specific image anyways), another spectacular Square Enix accomplishment.
  • Above Sora is the logo of my fav NHL team (that's the National Hockey League for all you heretics :P) the Montréal Canadiens.
  • Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (for some reason I always try to abbreviate this title to STFU :?). I haven't actually played the game (my friend who's a huge Star Wars fan said it was boring as hell), but he is representative of the Star Wars saga, and he looks pretty badass doing it doesn't he :D.
  • A black hole. 'nuff said.
  • The logo for Assassin's Creed. Also 'nuff said.

I changed my avatar as well, to Zero from Code Geass. I think this obsession may be getting unhealthy...