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Problems with the System

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I don't know if it's just my mad skillz, or if I'm soft, but when it comes to ranking the quality of games, I only ever seem to give out great or, at the very least, very decent ratings. (Those being in the neighbourhood of 8.0-10.0).

If it's my skillz, then that's great. It means that I only ever spend money on good games, and I will be happy for that trend to continue for many years. However, that's probably not so true, as I have terrible luck with almost everything else in my life, and I really only pick out games based on the pretty colours on the cover of the case :D.

I do have a tendency to disregard flaws in many things, and see the good side of them instead, especially with movies. Of course, most of them are sci-fi or action thrillers, and I am a sucker for pretty colours, awesome CGI and over the top explosions (cue Michael Bay). I have my limits: Avatar: The Last Airbender (M. Night Shyamalan or however you spell that) and Splice were two of the most abysmal films I have ever had the misfortune of seeing, not to mention that the former completely massacred the original story upon which it was based. Still, many of my favourite games have been ranked low by GS and other sites, even though I love 'em. Take, for example, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii) and Transformers: War for Cybertron (PS3). I thought that both were well designed tributes to their respective series and franchises, yet according to the brass they belong in the bargain bin. Same with Kirby Air Ride (Gamecube), which was one of the more innovative games of its time, suffered the same fate of being trashed (this time due to a lack of a complicated control scheme. Why can't we just go back to the old arcade button mashers?).

Overall, I guess I just don't have enough experience with the gaming industry to make incredibly informed decisions about it. I've really only been aware of what happens in it for the last few years, ever since I finally worked up the courage to ask my father for money to buy games :). But after that point, I have been actively trying to make sure that I buy good titles, and with the theme of this post in mind, I'm not sure if I've actually been buying good titles. Now that I think about it, any suggestions as to good games to play would be most welcome. Until my next late night rant...

All Hail Lelouch!

All Hail Lelouch!

P.S. @NeonNinja watch Code Geass. You will like.

P.P.S. If anyone can inform me on how to do a proper caption, please let me know! :D

Franchises With Gaming Promise

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*Please note, these are entirely my opinions, and, should you choose to revoke or deny them, I can not be held liable*

Since I was just a wee lad I had an imagination. Now, I'm sure that everyone else has one as well (unless you're a killer robot *_*), and it doesn't really make me special in any way. However, I have always spent my time trying to imagine the video games that may result from great media franchises. Some of them have already tried to expand into the industry, but to no avail, whereas others have simply foregone even trying. Regardless, here is my list of franchises I wish had been made into (decent) video games:

Stargate: (MGM Studios --> SG-1 seasons 1-10; Atlantis seasons 1-5; Universe seasons 1 and 2)

For those of you who do not know what this series is, you are not a sci-fi fan. For those of you who are not sci-fi fans, here's a brief description of the show: A team of Earth scientists and military operatives use an ancient galaxy-wide system of portals called stargates to travel instantaneously from planet to planet within the Milky Way galaxy. Along the way they meet various other civilizations, as well as many cruel and sinister alien races that they eventually end up eradicating (hooray! :D). Point being, it was funny, well written and, in my opinion, one of the greatest sci-fi shows of all time. As a matter of fact, the titular stargate also happens to be my avatar right now :).

Anyways, this franchise always displayed great video game promise to me, what with its great characters, massive universe (by that I mean our galaxy) and multitude of different races and civilizations to choose from. In fact, it even had great weapons. Now, MGM studios (the production studio of the series) tried to create (2!) games based on the original series (Stargate SG-1), but, alas, they were both complete failures and, to my knowledge, were discontinued due to a lack of success. I believe that the problem they encountered was their fixation on making the game an MMO, as opposed to a typical third-person shooter, similar in its mechanics to Halo. I think that the later spin-off series (Stargate: Atlantis) would actually make an even better game than SG-1 could, simply because of its slightly darker, yet more exotic atmosphere and environment.

Verdict: make the game in the mould of Halo in its gameplay mechanics, yet keep a third-person perspective on the game so that the player can still absorb the environment.

Sherlock Holmes: (Multiple reiterations across time) (@YoungMaverick will love this)

Now, the Sherlock Holmes franchise has been victim to cosmetic surgery multiple times over the last 20 years: from movies to video games, the faces of Holmes and Watson have been greatly modified since their original detailing by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The most recent installment (a BBC TV series remake dubbed simply Sherlock) bypasses the old England setting of Holmes past and brings the story to modern London, England, cell phones, Internet and all.

Personally, I am a huge Holmes fan (I'm actually reading Hound of the Baskervilles for a project right now) and I have been disappointed by the abuse the series has received from the gaming industry. It isn't as if there have been no Holmes games, but the quality of them is often brought down by developers' inability to perceive an interesting way for the players to immerse themselves in the world of Sherlock. Now, with the fairly recent appearance of 3 key games on the market, I think I may have cracked the key to interesting Holmes gameplay.

  1. Batman: Arkham Asylum
  2. Alan Wake
  3. Heavy Rain

Arkham Asylum sports a gameplay mechanic fittingly called detective mode, allowing the caped crusader to spot both clues and dangers in his vicinity. This would slot perfectly into a Holmes game, considering that the intellect of the man allows him to spot clues and connections that are unseen by those around him.

Alan Wake provides a great atmosphere, with its dark and constantly on edge environment (except for those select few parts of course). Now, to have this atmosphere constant throughout an entire detective game where the player is trying to focus on gathering clues and not just avoiding the beasties of the night would be slightly tedious, if not downright frustrating. However, to inject that mood into the parts of the Holmes story where we are still unsure of the existence of something bigger and badder than us would go a long way.

Lastly, Heavy Rain would provide the actual control system. It was a major deviation from normal gameplay, in that it used the entire controller to control the character's movements. Such a system would also benefit Holmes, as it would give the player the feeling that they were actually walking around in the great detective's shoes.

Digimon: (Viz Media)

If you were always a Pokemon fan when you were little, fell free to skip this one. Digimon was my absolute favourite show as a little kid, leagues better than Pokemon and more intriguing, an anime with plenty of humour and innovation, as well as something somewhat philosophical in that it brought into question the workings of a computer (sort of like Tron, but more Japanese). Keep in mind that this show was created just after the beginning of the Digital Age, and also that I am disregarding the much more radical ideals of the third season of the show and onwards.

There have been so many games made from this show, though, that I am pretty sure that there are multiple gems in the archives, but I am only aware of 2: Digimon World: Dawn and Digimon World: Dusk. These two were spectacular games from the franchise, introducing a unique and fun battle system, along with a strain of Digimon created specifically for the game (the two games were for DS, check them out). However, I always wanted to be able to explore the Digital World itself (just Google any of these terms if you don't know what they mean) and be able to interact with it the same as had been done in the first two seasons of the series. I would think it prudent to use the same sort of battle and collection system as had been employed in DW: D, but instead move it to console and build the world, along with all of the creatures within it. (In case it isn't clear by now, I love me some console). (And side note/opinion brackets). I think the game could work on PC as well, using the same world-building system that is used in Minecraft in order to generate the environment.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: (Nickolodeon) (WARNING: If you have watched the abysmal 2010 film, purge your brain with 98% alcohol, scrub thoroughly and then enjoy the spectacular original TV series)

Actually, the game made from the Nicktoons show was decent. My issues lie with the fact that it didn't cover the entire saga. The Wii version was what I had looked forward to the most though (I own the game for both Wii and PS2 hooray for gift confusion and lost receipts) and I was greatly disappointed. Not only did the graphics suck (which was to be expected of course), but the motion controls were poorly assigned and applied. Now, with the creation of the MotionPlus accessory and the Playstation Move, even the Kinect for the XBox lovers, the game's potential may truly be released. Taking the same basic gameplay, extending the story to cover the whole series, and revamping the controls may result in a vastly superior game that would leave the player feeling powerful and in control of the elements as the characters in the show are.

The Matrix: (Warner Bros. Entertainment)

I realized the other day that this movie has a strikingly similar premise to that of Assassin's Creed. What with all of the bad dudes, chase sequences, awesome weapons and virtual world. There have been attempts (albeit poor ones) at creating Matrix games, but to no avail. The reasons behind their failure: obsolete technologies used to create them and reliance on the films to provide the game with story material. With today's tech (can anybody say "Cryengine 3"?) it is possible to create a horrifyingly beautiful environment of the real world, and a perfect, organized virtual world without batting an eyelash. It may also help to build off of some of the possible endings and continuations from the first movie, as that was what left the entire series wide open to interpretation. Use of some of Vanquish's slow-motion mechanics, as well as the arsenal's from such hits as Call of Duty would lead to the player really feeling like The One.

Code Geass: (Sunrise --> 2 seasons, both aired on Adult Swim)

Now, raise your hand if you have ever heard of Code Geass. Now keep your hand raised if you have followed it. Keep your hand in the air if your parents still let you watch it even after seeing the first episode taking place on Kaminejima. That's what I thought.

I actually stumbled across this show on YouTube one day, and I was hooked ever since. I had never heard of the show before as I, being from Canada (in case you couldn't tell from my copious use of "ou") do not receive the beauty of Adult Swim. There have also been many games released about this franchise, but all in Japan and all with glowing reviews from players. So, my only complaint about this game is for them to PLEASE bring the games to North America! (along with about half of the Fire Emblem series :D). Otherwise, this is just an informative segment trying to bring more attention to one of the most brilliantly written anime shows of all time.

Thanks for reading my longest post ever, probably longer than all of my others combined! I look forward to your letters-- er, comments!

Time to clear the air...

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I have wanted to get this out of my system for a while now. It is something I have disappointed with over the last few years, what with all of the false promises, Internet rumours and terrible attempts. As the French would say: Il faut qu'ils fabriquent un bon, nouveau jeu Battlefront. For those not speaking the language, here it is in plain English: Make a goddamn good console sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront 2!

Battlefront 2 for me was the pinnacle in franchise-based games, as well as in the third-person shooter genre. It was intense, the gameplay was highly intriguing and the controls were incredibly intuitive. It also allowed sci-fi geeks (such as yours truly) to immerse themselves in the world of Star Wars, and provided them with the ability to play as the characters from the galaxy far, far away that they had always dreamed of. Also, the wealth of campaign modes, difficulty levels and the spectacular local multiplayer were enough to keep the player amused for hours on end. I still break it out every once and a while.

So, Lucasarts, I implore you: enough of the garbage DS titles that you have been using to soil the good name of Battlefront. Enough of the "speculation" over a new game in the series. And, although some may not agree with me on this one, consider making a decent Wii version of the game! The gameplay in Goldeneye 007 was great with the motion controls, and Sony has also proven the success of motion controls in shooters with Killzone 3. I've waited almost 5 years, so please, just in case we actually will all die in 2012, make Battlefront 3!

AGH!! Dilemma!!

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Alright, so here's the deal. I just finished playing through the main storyline of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (AWESOME game BTW), and I'm stuck in no man's land. Here's why:

A few weeks ago, I went over to Best Buy and pre-ordered a copy of Crysis 2. Now, that game comes out just after the March Break (on March 22), and I really want to start playing that right from the start. So, my problem is that I'm not sure about how I should handle my gaming situation over the next week and a half. I could take the passive route wherein I continue to play Brotherhood (AWESOME game BTW) in order to try and get closer to 100% completion, more trophies and the like. OR, I could take the active route and start up Heavy Rain, another game that I have been dying to start playing.

Now, it may seem a little creepy, but I'm going to have to ask you guys for some help: which route do you think I should take?

Thanks for the insight!

P.S. I was originally going to put the title for this post in all caps but apparently Gamespot no likey...poofs.

Riffing on: Demos

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Demos. Possibly one of the gaming industries most valuable tools, as it helps build hype for their games, yet also one of the more frustrating parts of said industry today.

Why?, one may ask.

Well, for starters, demos are often spoiler trailers for the game they represent. Because the studio/publisher is trying to capture the player's attention, they often use a part of the game that is either beautifully rendered or contains a major plot element that makes the player want to delve further into the storyline of the game.

This brings me to my second point: when the publisher/studio uses the portion of the game that is the most complete the game usually suffers, as the publisher feels more pressure to release the game before the hype dies down, and oftentimes the game is left feeling either incomplete or as a shell of that spectacular demo you just played. In fact, almost all of my favourite all time games were demo-less, and it seems that there have only ever been one or two that, after having played the demo, I have vastly enjoyed.

Then there is Microsoft. You $&!!*&^$! little poofters. First with Halo, then Splinter Cell: Conviction, they seem to want to buy every great game they see. Why not? they do have the money after all. Anyways, the point here is all about Crysis 2. This game has been fluctuating between my top three most anticipated games for over a year now (Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently at the top :D), and when I heard that the demo was due to come out THIS MONTH, I was, to say the least, wetting myself with excitement. Only after I had changed my bottoms did I realize that the demo was only coming out on XBox 360, not on my beloved PS3 platform (PSN ID: Dedaxys, BTW), to which I had recently added a brand-spanking new 500 GB HDD in preparation. Oh well, apparently the game lags so much on the XBox that, according to one forum dweller the player, "...should wear a helmet so that they are protected when their XBox explodes". Sage words if there ever were any.

Now, hopefully I can get out of the pessimist groove I have set myself in and get into a more optimistic one. Actually, I'm more of a realist: instead of seeing the glass as either half-empty or half-full, I simply believe that I need a refill. Back to topic.

The entire reason I started writing this segment (and my longest yet), was because I have just played the Bulletstorm demo, and it was pretty awesome. Short, concise, to-the-point, hilarious and, better still, AWESOME. EA games has taken everything people love about modern shooters and cranked the volume on them up to 11. Over-the-top gore serves as a catalyst to the gameplay, to which the controls are surprisingly intuitive for a new shooter. The addition of so-called "skillshots" makes you want to play the demo over and over again just to try and discover all of the different ones possible. The background commentary and narration are also completely over the top parodies of modern shooters, with tons of crude humour and profanity. DO NOT play this with your girlfriend.

Anyways, it's late, I'm tired, and *shudder* school is an ever-nearing reality. 'Night.

The Truth Behind Pokemon

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I just had an epiphany. Literally, right now. Pokemon shouldn't be played by children. In fact, it should be rated M for mature due to the serious nature of the activities carried out by the main character. This is a major issue and needs to be addressed.

Consider the following:

1. You are a human, roaming a world full of creatures considered to be of high value, some of which are often considered rare.

You take them from their natural habitat, then pit them against others of their kind. You are a POACHER!

2. When pitting these creatures against each other in fierce combat, they fight for you and follow your every command obediently and without question, until they faint from the extent of their injuries.

You are running the equivalent of a DOG FIGHTING RING!

3. Once you have beaten another of your poacher friends, you earn money off of the victory, implying that both you and the other trainer have placed some kind of wager on the outcome.


Thus, I am not quite sure why PETA hasn't come after Nintendo yet, seeing the extent of the animal abuse IP used throughout the entire Pokemon series. Come to think of it, they probably enjoy playing the games themselves. Filthy hypocrites.

So next time you see a Pokemon game on a store shelf, and have the urge to buy it, remember these points. Don't be a criminal. Play Assassin's Creed instead =)

Gamespot Taking Care Of Business!...more or less...

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Finally, Gamespot put the PS3 trophies into the achievements section of the profile. I have been sick of watching all the Xbox and PC players rack up their achievements while mine go unnoticed. Actually, they still are, as the section looks to be a dummy for now. Seriously, check my PSN ID (Dedaxys) and see that I actually have some...

Anyways, I guess the folks at Gamespot aren't perfect, but THEY SHOULD BE!!! =P

Don't we all love glitches?

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Okay, so I've left my Assassin's Creed (1) unplayed for a while. Not a huge thing. But I finally managed to start playing it again the other day. I had just finished an assassination and exited out of the Animus (for those who don't know, the thing that allows you to access your ancestor's memories) and was walking around in the real world. As I was wandering around, I looked at the time, and realized I really had to be somewhere soon, so I quit the game, not realizing that there was still some background dialogue going on. Anyways, I come back to it yesterday, and it would seem that I was able to trigger a glitch in the game. I was completely alone in the room, with no way of accessing any kind of features and with a faulty control scheme. In other words, I was completely stuck. I tried many things, resetting during loading sequences, pushing random button combinations, even begging my PS3 to simply let me move along in the game, but to no avail. Alas, the trivialities of life, as I am forced to restart the entire campaign (whoopee one save file!). At least AC Brotherhood comes out in a week...

At last...

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Finally, after having played the awesome demo, I can finally aim to get the darned thing. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've lost a good amount of sleep thinking about it, and now that Gamespot has rated it a very solid 9.0, I'm pretty sure I won't be dissappointed by the wait (not like FF XIV, at a dismal 4.0). It's also been quite a while since I got a new game, and I've grown a sort of affinity for third person shooters, as I find it much easier to simply see the surroundings instead of having to check a radar or mini-map every couple of seconds, only to get assassinated by by friend while I'm at there house playing Halo online and there are a bunch of crazy g@merz who are just out to pwn some n00bz as a warmup to their daily rituals *breath*. Anyways, if you haven't guessed by now, that game is Vanquish, a new release as of today, and, if you haven't downloaded the demo (and played it) yet, DO IT NOW. I'll be waiting.

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