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Worst. Essay. Ever.

So, today I'm handing in the worst essay I think I've ever written. I have a serious problem with handing in bad writing but unfortuantely I can't do anything about it now. School just needs to be over right now! I have less than a month and work has been taking over my life. I need to sleep.

Bored in school

I am so disgustingly bored in school right now. Please, if you're online just message me or something lol I really can't pay attention today.

Out of my boredum I wrote two haikus about The World Ends With You

I really need entertainment lol

No time!

I have no time for anything anymore. I started about 5 games that I have failed to continue and bought about 12 books that I have yet to read and I keep buying more. I have two more games on reserve that are coming out within the next two weeks (Valkyrie Profile came out today! I have no money for it though =/) Stupid school is sucking up my leisure time and I'm not hapy about it =[

Beating Professor Layton

Well technically, I didn't beat it. The walkthroughs online beat it for me. I just got so fed up with the big INCORRECT's, "I let you down Professor" and "Well, I suppose I thought wrong" 's and I needed a way to beat it. So I shamefully used walkthroughs from the internet and I never do something like that unless I'm REALLY stuck. What got me more angry is that at the end of the credits it said To Be Continued....

Another one?! I don't think my damaged ego can handle another =[

Professor Layton and Stupidity

So two days ago I bought Professor Layton and the Curious Village thinking that I should have a game to play to relax. I was completely wrong in thinking I'd be relaxed by playing this. I never felt so dumb in my life. A lot of the puzzles are very hard and are having me doubt my intellect. Some of the puzzles are getting me pretty frustrated and I'm thinking about just stopping and starting Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (I bought it the same day) I really REALLY hope that others have had as hard of a time with these puzzles if they ever played the game.

Bad week and birthday blues

Well, this week already seems like it's going to just be completely horrible. It already started with a conversation that I did not want to have and I have a lot of school things that are just falling on me and NOW my job decided to give me more hours. To top it off my birthday is tomorrow and I don't even want it to happen. I'm going to fail my driving test, I just know it. I can't parallel park for my life. This week needs to be over and it needs to be over now.

Damn research paper

UPDATE: I passed my driving test! YAY =p

Gaming Night with Princess Mononoke

This is JePssie's friend Julianne! Jessie's at my house right now and we're planning a major game night...kind of. The majority of the night will be spent watching Princess Mononoke, which is (obviously) an amazing movie. I've seen it before, but Jessie has yet to experience any of the Miyazaki works.

We're off!

Wisdom Teeth and Pain

Well I just had my wisdom teeth taken out and it is very painful. At least I get sherbert and ice cream for the next few days =D (Also I get to play non stop video games!) My meds are about to kick in soon and I'm going to be fsat asleep so I'm going to go snuggle with my DS and try and sleep the pain much pain

Cramming before a test!

Currently, I am in my school's library cramming for my Anatomy test that I have next period...actually, more like procrastinating. I decided to play video games last night instead of study...that happens a lot to me though. I'm not a big 'study' person anyway. I'm much better at listening and remembering. I jsut can't sit still in silence and memorize terms and what not. Ok, it's getting VERY obvious that I'm procrastinating now. I don't even know WHY I'm rambleing on about this.

Checking out of Hotel Dusk

Well, I have just finished playing the game Hotel Dusk: Room 215 on the Nintendo DS and I have to sa it was quite amusing. After 18 hours of gameplay, Hotel Dusk seemed worth the tedious conversations and little mini games in the end.

I have to say I am a (not so) secret Kyle and Mila supporter (despite the major age difference) and was EXTREMELY happy with the ending! I guessed most of the story but some parts really caught me off guard, but in a good way.

I would never replay this game though because it takes so long to get through simple conversations and nothing will really be suprising anymore.

Overall, I am completely satisfied =D

P.S. Next to me is my greatest friend Julianne....she says hello to the people of GameSpot

P.P.S. My friend Dana is on the other side and says Hi as well

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