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I'll definitely purchase "The Testament Of Sherlock Holmes" and "Sherlock Holmes V's Jack The Ripper"..

After watching the reviews, both titles can be played in either first person or third person..

Many Thanks

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I'm not very clued up on PC games to be honest, as I've mostly been an Xbox and Playstation gamer..

Recently my Mother has gained an interest in gaming after watching me fire up the 360 if she's been visiting..

My question is.. "If I was searching for a first person crime solving, detective PC game, what would you recommend?

The only title that interests her on 360 is 'L.A Noire', but as we know it's a third person game, and driving from A to B won't interest her.

I would really appreciate if someone could possibly point me in the right direction as the guys within my local gaming shops don't know much about PC titles either.

Many Thanks

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The reason why I ask is due to the fact that I really disliked the way the bikes handled in the GTA 4, thought it was difficult to steer and shoot at the same time, especially in chase missions.. IF GTA5 includes the occasional Motor Mike mission, "How do the bikes handle compared to the previous title?

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the sooner the better, "WITHOUT KINECT!"

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I've just bought a new 360 E due to my Xbox360 Elite finally dying..

I was just wondering if your Xbox360 E is louder when playing certain games!

Mine seems very quite compared to my old Elite, but when playing Halo 4, the fan seems to be working much harder making the console much louder than normal, sounding very similar to an electric toothbrush, even when installed! I have two copies of that particular title, and both copies seem to make the new console sound a lot louder..Plus the console gets VERY warm even though it's upright on the floor with nothing beside it enabling correct air circulation

I was just wondering if your Xbox360 E sounds the same 'all the time', or does the noise of the fans differ sometimes when playing particular games.

Many Thanks.

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Was just wondering if this game is going to get released onto Xbox360..

All trailer advertisments say it will get an Xbox360 retail release, but I cant find it anywhere?

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Just completed "Tomb Raider", and even though I thought it looked stunning, and found it enjoyable..

It certainly lacked thought concerning the puzzles..

I was suprised how it felt more like a 'fuel filled action adventure title' with some platforming elements simply thrown in for effect..

At times It felt like I was playing "Gears" due to the cover system.

More platforming please developers!!

And please stop dumbing down the puzzles!

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!

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When a slimmer version is released and it only costs £199. then "Yes" .. Till then, I will simply wait and play all of the games upon my list that I haven't yet experienced, which will take me at least two years to be honest.