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New games ( old titles )

Just got three new games. All of these games are just games that I have always wanted to play and their just some pretty old titles.

The Orange Box

Finally got around to buying it, probably no one online in TF2 anymore but i don't care that much since the internet in my country is so slow.

Something I have always been curious with and again finally got around to buying it.

The last game and probably the oldest one to have been released. Never got around to buying it when I had the PS2 but better late than never.

Well those are all of the new games i bought. Thats gonna keep me busy for some time. But I'm probably not going to play them since i'm so busy with Resonance.

Resonance of Fate first impressions

Wow, after 4 hours of playing resonance of fate my mind has been blown away. From the sheer complexity of untraditional game play to the story that is so hesitant to reveal itself resonance of fate leads of with a pretty good start.


At first i had problems with the disc (probably because I opened it a month ago and never played it since) but after cleaning it, the game was set to go. It leads of with some pretty neat cut scenes and a good story with a lot of secrets, and yes at first your not suppose to understand the story and that's what makes it interesting in a way.


The game play is ingenious once you understand it, with innovative and new game play mechanics that personally I have not seen in an RPG. The characters are interesting enough that you will want to know there back story and the post apocalyptic world helps build upon that.

gameplay 2

The only criticism that i would like to give is the steep learning curve. You will probably spend 15-30 minutes trying to learn how to play but everything goes uphill after that.

gameplay 3

So let's just say that resonance of fate is a game that leads of with a bang and will probably be in my now playing list for quite some time.

Resonance of fate

I have had this game for a while now, finally i got around to playing it.

This will be my first RPG for the 360.

Resonance of Fate

Wait for first impressions...