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Birthday + Brawl FC

My 15th birthday was this past Thurday (the 10th). So yeah:P. I got a new Rock Band drumset (my others broke:(), Guitar Hero 5, a new guitar, a Walkman,Rayman Raving Rabbids (I love that game:P), and $100.

Instead of saving the money like I probably should've, I spent half of it to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I like it better than Melee actually, but it's gonna take a LOOOOONG time to get used to the Wii controls (because I dont want to use the GC controller:P). But if you're interested my FC's 1161-8955-4828. But remember that I'm still struggling with the controls:P!

I'm gonna get a 2nd RB pedal at Gamestop so I can play GH5 on Expert+ (since you cant just use any splitter to play double bass with RB drums [although I have 2 pedals], I have to get the official splitter that comes with the Gamestop pedal) and see if they have any Resident Evil games. I'm in a RE mood:P.

So I guess that's it. See you all later!

Rock Band Cymbal Review

So I went out and bought a 2 pack of Rock Band 2 Cymbals at Gamestop since they didn't have any Guitar Hero kick pedals (mine broke recently) and I dont like to walk out empty handed:P.

So I went home and hooked them up, using them as the hi-hat (yellow) and crash (green), since that seemed like the most realistic combination, since a 5-piece drumset has only a hi-hat and a crash. So they hold up pretty well to the drums. They just attach to the legs and stand up behind the kit. You can pivot them around to your likeing, which is nice.

They're responsive, for the most part. It has noticeably better rebound than thestock drumheads, which is importantfor some of the faster songs like Bad Reputation.When playing a slower song, like Man In The Box or something, it'll count every hit. But when I played Crazy Train on Guitar Hero World Tour (which does that hi-hat roll like in Everlong), only some of the notes registered. So when you play fast on the cymbal it drops a few notes, and it drops enough of them to fail the song (I know it wasn't just my playing, since I can normally 5 star that song easily). But for anything other than extended 16th note rolls, it doesnt miss a beat. Literally.

The only other problem I've encountered so far is that when I play on the hi-hat cymbal it slides down, even though its locked in as tightly as I can get it (I even used pliars to make sure it was secure). It may just be that I'm hitting too hard, but regardless they shouldn't slide down this much. By the end of just about any given song it's making contact with the other yellow pad. The cymbal that serves as the crash is much more secure, but it may just be because it's used less often.

Over all I think they're a good inclusion to an already fun game, especially for only $30 (since cymbal costs $20, double costs $30, triple costs $40. All US$). It takes a bit of getting used to, since you'll get the cymbal confused with a different color since the green knob holding it down is so small. When you do get used to it, it makes the drumming feel more realistic. I actually felt like I was drumming to a song while I was playing. Now all I need is a real drumset...

Over all, I'd give them a 8/10. They should be more secure and slide around less, and they drop notes when playing fast runs. But they add to the realism and let you add some flair to your fills and in the freestyle mode (where you can actually use all of the cymbals along with the toms).

Got Rid of My Ps3 Stuff

I'm really pissed off because I sold all my PS3 games (12) and only got $150. I decided to pawn them, since Gamestop only gives about $3 per game (unless they changed since last time I turned in a game). I still havent decided what to do with the system.

But there is a bright side: I'm only $150 away from a 360 now! But then I'll have to get a game or two and Xbox Live, which, at a minimum, would be $90 + 6% tax. So that's roughly $95 for a new game and a year of Xbox Live. I'll need about $400 to get the whole thing.

Guess that means that I'm $250 away from a 360... *sigh*...

PS3 Broke...

My PS3 isn't turning on... This is what it did last time, but I cant send it in for repairs again, since it's out of warranty and I dont want to pay for it:(.

If I cant get it fixed by myself I'll have to sell all my games and then do... something with the system itself. I wont buy another PS3 if I cant get this one fixed, but instead I'll get a 360 with the money I've been saving up.

It'd probably be better if I didnt send it to get repaired anyway, since last time it got sent to Canada:|...


Well, for some reason I forgot to mention in my last blog that my girlfriend dumped me. Actually it was a month ago yesterday. But the reason for writing this blog, other than to give all of you a little summary of what's been going on in my life (not much, by the way:P), is to ask a question: what makes a guy crush?

Is it just lust? Or is it the personality?

There's another girl now, and I really do like her personality, and she's pretty too. I just want to know if I like her more for her personality or her looks. With the last one, I think I based looks over personality and didnt realize it. I ended up not likeing her as much after more 1-on-1 conversations. I dont want to make the mistake of going out with a girl based on looks again, because even though I didnt like her QUITE as much, it still threw me into a mild depression.

I've lost most of my friends (the moved away) and then the girl that I KNOW that I liked for personality said that she didnt love me anymore (ironically I was listening to Blood To Bleed by Rise Against when she called to say this!), and I walked in on one of my best friends half dead on his bed with a heroin needle hanging out of his arm. The last girl breaking up with me threw the thought of suicide into my mind (I'm perfectly fine now, so dont worry about me:)) I'm afraid that if I made the wrong decision again, the thought may not go away... And I (as well as my friends and family) would NOT like that at all!

So as you can see, this is a very VERY important question to me. I've already asked a few other friends and talked to my therapest about it, but I was just wondering if any of you have any imput into my little situation that you'd like to share:).

Wow, that is the most that I have ever said to people that I really dont know in person! Thank you all for reading:D!

P.S.- I put my friend code here on my profile. It's in the little box with all the online information in it (duh:P).

I GOT A WII!!!!!!! *caps*

Yeah I got a Wii:P. I only got Wii Sports and Dangerous Hunts '09 so far, but I'm going to Wal-mart today to get some more:P. After I get another game or so I'll come back on here and give my friend code.

This is awesome:P. I had no idea that I'd be getting a Wii! Especially on my Dad's birthday:P!

Mortal Kombat Kollection

I went to Wal-Mart today and bought the Mortal Kombat Kollection for $20. That'sa GREAT price, since I got Mortal Kombat Deception, Shaolin Monks, and Armageddon together for less than one game.

Even better, MK is my favorite fighting game. I havent tried Shaolin Monks yet, but I'll probably like it since I like Adventure game too:P. I remember playing Deception, but I dont think I've played Armageddon.

This is a great little treat for me because I havent played this series in a couple of years. Well I take that back, I think I played one at a friends house for about 2 hours. But thats not long enough for me:P. Well, now I've got 'em for myself now!

Wow, that was a long blog post for me just getting three games, which I'd only played one of so far:P. OK, that's all for now, see you all in the forums!