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Wow... O_O

well...hello Gamespot! :)

got an xbox360, and just started Modern Warfare'm back?

lol...who cares. XD

Lol im back!

lol guys, im back to gamespot!

Ive been playing all kinds of free online MMORPG's and i found that i havent been going on Gamespot.

So now ill be on more,

for anyone who cares....lawlz


Level 9!!!! + Facebook

WOOOT!!!! level 9!!! Ikari Warrior!!!~~!!! really happy

Sorry anyone who cares, i joined facebook and so i will hardly be on gamespot.....i xD

Wii Sports automatic 91 pin strike (bowling)

Dude i found out this secret for wii sports (obviously for the wii), where in the training game for bowling (second one),you can automaticly knock down all of the 91 pins! in the game you try to knock down tons of pins as you go further in the game, and on the last frame there is 91 pins. its sick!! so here it is:

Idea of what to do: make the bowling ball stay on the railing (on each side,left, and right) till the end of the lane, then you will hear a "BOOM" then all the pins will be knocked down.

Detailed steps: Press A on the Wii mote, then tap the left or right button on the direction pad depending on what hand you use. Then Press A again and move all the way to the side(left or right depending on which direction you moved in) then just swing the bowling ball so it lands on the railing. It should make it all the way. If not then figure out a way to do it. Tip: watch youtube videos on it.

It takes a lot of practice, so be patient!!!!

trust me, you will be very happy when you have it covered.

c ya!!

More homework

Now i have 5 projects to do....

so i wont be on as much....i love GS and all, but the homework is eating all up all my time!

so see ya for a couple days....ill try to go on as much as i can....

Creepy old people!!!!

dude theres some weird people, but the weirdest i think are OLD PEOPLE!

dude no offense to some guys who really like them, and its not like i hate my's just that some old people.....are just creepy.....heres my story!

I was in a public library, reading forums on GS, then an old guy starts massaging me and he was like

"im your friend , its ok, im your friend"


then i elbowed accident(no i really meant it) because my clothes smelled like chinese food!

then i called the librarian and then he left and was screaming like a girl and hopping around and then he was slapping his bum

THIS IS NOT A JOKE, IT HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY!!!! watch out for old people!!!!

Home work stinks

Guys!! i wont be on GS until this week because of all this stupid homework!!!! i have geography, world history, pre calculus, and stuff....

homework is soo lame.....

Union Troubles......

The union is 100% sure its going to die....

Nobody has come back.... and now its going to be drifiting in space.....

And now the leaders going to give the union away....

BTW: the union im talking about is the FFLOZKH union....

Huge Snow Storm!!!

my place had this massive snow storm, and it took hours to clean it up!!!!

did anyone else get this storm?!?!!?!?

if you did, how was it!?!??