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Starting a Halo Reach Randomness Series/Montage. Would appreciate your clips!

As seen above, I am Indeed starting a Halo Reach randomness Montage/Series. Montage: 6 or more clips. Where as a series will be lots of clips. The way its going now, we can make 2 montages. If we get enough for 3 montages, we are making it a series. So if you have any clips you want to donate, either Link me the download here, or Link me to your fileshare. Heres an example of randomness: Ninja Ghost

Great games for Low End Pcs :)

I have a low Spec laptop that I got a few months ago. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to start PC gaming again, but my old Desktop had broken. So I took it upon myself to get some games on the internet for free that worked well. Bear in mind that only one of the games I am about to mention is legally free. The others. Well Im not sure about those. My system specs? 1.66ghz processor and 1gb of RAM. Pretty slow at times, but I speeded it. up. First things first, speed up your PC if its only crawling along. I will mention how. First, delete your internet Browsing History. I realized that it didnt only speed up my internet, but my computer. Second, use Run, and type in msconfig. Open it and untick all the services and items on startup that you arent using. Then, go into control Panel, Programs and Features. Uninstall everything you dont need/use. Lastly, use Disk Defragmentation. When this is done, your system should be significantly faster. Now for the games. The Free game I mention is a 2d version of a popular Multiplayer game. Counter Strike 2D. There are always lots of players online, the download is tiny, and it barely lags on slow connections. If you are offline, playing with Bots is also fun. Once you get used to the gameplay, the game is incredibly fun. Looking for a more 3D experience? You can get Counter Strike 1.6 without Steam for free, but Im not explaining how, if you want to find out, google it or something. You need to use a specific site to get servers aswell, considering you arent running off Steam. Its one of the best Multiplayer games out there, with good enough graphics, and a solid online community. Want to add bots? Then download a specific file and install it, and you can now play with bots. This allows offline play. Its actually really fun, although not as fun as online. Another game which can be required freely is Team Fortress Classic. Its a great online game, utilizing Half Lifes engine. Its got a solid online communtiy, and there are always lots of people on the [EVIL] servers. The gameplay is fun and balanced, and the graphics arent too bad. A great multiplayer addition. But when you get Team Fortress for free, and you search through the files folder of it, you will find another great game. You see, Team Fortress Classic is an Add On for Half life. And how could it run without it? So look in that Folder, and get your Half Life on! The Single player of Half Life is simply Amazing, with great multiplayer too. It will run smoothly on a PC with specs like mine, and even lower. The Multiplayer is fun, and the single Player is engaging. There is also Halo C.E for the PC, but I have only downloaded the trial so far, and that works perfectly, and the trial actually usually has lots of Players on it. Here is a link for the trial: Here is the Download for Counter Strike 2D: There are more of course. I hear of a game called Endless Online, a 2D multiplayer game, yet I have had problems playing it, the main menu wont work. I was told I downloaded the wrong version, but meh. Out of all these, I strongly recommend CS2D, considering the community is strong, and the game is fun. The game is loveable. As for the others, the should be checked out, but try to avoid illegally obtaining them like I did wont you?

Bungie.Net Forums have gone to hell.

Yeah, they were kinda suckish anyway, but alot of people there were pretty cool. You can have a real conversation about Halo, or answer someones questions, solve their problems. But yesterday, I got my second seven day ban. What was the first one for? The mod disagreed with my on a particular subject, and banned me, saying his reason was I was spamming. Idiot. The second time, I was careful. Bungie have locked down on all leaks on Reach, and some little Kid that didnt know posted a Link to a Youtube video. I quoted him, deleted half the link so people couldnt use the link in my quote (I did this so that when the Kid got banned or whatever, I didnt want to join him because of Quoting the link, but it happened anyway) and made sure the link was unusable. But then, KABLAMO! Ban. Again. For nearly no reason. The mods always talk about a fair system. I am one of the rare few that doesnt flame or troll, and helps where I can there. I know the Forum rules. But of course, the warning system is messed up. You get banned for the smallest thing, but the biggest things like Racism and seriously bad behaviour results in a Warning. Its messed up. I am happy I have Gamespot, but I love having a good talk with people as passionate about Halo as I am. It sucks that the Mods dont know what they are doing over there. It sucks righteously. And as the old saying goes on B.Net: Many Bans, No Warnings....

My new Youtube videos:

Recently, Boredom has set in. And as seen in one of my earlier blog posts, I wanted something to post on Youtube. So for five minutes yesterday and two minutes today, I made 2 easy to make youtube videos to get the hang of Windows Movie Maker and posted them on youtube. My camera is....Messed videoing stuff isnt possible, so I did something else. The first video I made was that of some Halo Reach pictures I had in my computer, and combined them with a great song from the Halo 3 OST. The second video was a test. I was trying to reupload some old video I had and it wouldnt work, so I made a quick project in Windows Movie Maker, in which I just combined a Pic of Left 4 dead with the theme song. It uploaded, so safe to say, it was my old Fan made trailer. They were only tests. Tests for my first PROPER video. Its not great, but its taken more than five minutes to make. Its my Top 5 Videogame sountracks. Here are the links to my "Test Videos": Left 4 Dead Theme: Halo Reach Pictures and Screenshots: When Im finished uploading my Top 5 Videogame Soundtracks, I will leave the link here. EDIT: New video is up:

Gaming To Do List:

Halo 3: -Get 15,000 in "Sierra 117" [] -Get 15,000 in "Crows Nest" [] -Get 15,000 in "Tsavo Highway [] -Get 15,000 in "The Storm" [] -Get 15,000 in "Floodgate" [] -Get 50,000 in "The Ark" [] -Get 50,000 in "The Covenant" [] -Get 15,000 in "Cortana" [] -Get 15,000 in "Halo" [] Batman Arkham Asylum: -Continue Story: Get past current area, defeat Killer Croc... [] -Score over 6,000 points in the first combat challenge. [] -Complete the First Predator Challenge in under 7 minutes. [] -Complete 40% of Riddler challenges. [] -Unlock the next set of Challenges. [] -Download the other Challenges DLC. [] Lost Odyssey: -Defeat the first boss. [] -Level up each character to level 16. [] -Have both immortals learn every skill. [] Halo 3 ODST: -Get over 200,000 points on Lost Platoon. [] -Get over 200,000 points on Crater [] -Get over 200,000 points on Rally Point [] -Get over 200,000 points on Security Zone [] -Get over 200,000 points on Alpha Site [] -Get over 200,000 points on Windward [] -Get over 200,000 points on Chasm Ten [] -Get over 200,000 points on Last Exit [] -Get the vidmaster "Endure" [] -Collect all Audio Logs [] Prince Of Persia: -Find 400 Light Seeds [] -Find 500 Light Seeds [] -Find 600 Light Seeds [] -Find 700 Light Seeds [] -Find 800 Light Seeds [] -Find 900 Light Seeds [] -Find 1001 Light Seeds [] -Complete current puzzle [] -Finish the Final Healing [] -Defeat the concubine without using grab [] Dark Void: -Finish Game [] -500 Gamerscore [] -700 Gamerscore [] The Orange Box: -Top of the class [] -Compelte all advanced Portal puzzles [] -Get past vehicle section in Half Life 2 [] -Start Half Life 2: Episode 1 [] -Start Half Life 2 Episode 2 [] -500 Gamerscore Halo: Complete the game.

Ways to release my creativeness?

Lately, I have been losing ways to release my creativity: Trials HD track editor has gotten boring, Im bored making levels in N+, Im bored Forging in Halo 3. I need something to do to release my creativeness. I was thinking of making a video, but have 0-little knowledge about Video Editing, and my camera is very Low Quality. Any suggestions? Until Reach comes out, I need something to do.

Gaming is changing, maybe for the worse.

From back to intellivision, video games have been quite a large part in many peoples lives. I spend many hours a day on my games consoles, especially my 360. Many of us have been called nerdy when we discuss gaming to other people. But frankly, without video games, everything we know would change.

Gaming is a Multi Billion dollar/euro/pound industry. Without gaming, the world would be a worse off place. Gaming was nearly always just for fun. But then it became more. More and more gamers became pro, and more and more companies made peoples dreams come true, by paying people thousands just for playing a game. It was incredible.

More and more advances in technology make gaming better and better. Most industries were making games for people to have fun with. But now its changing.

Companies are being greedy. They are not taking their time making games, they are releasing them as quickly as possible, as often as possible. A great example of this is Activisions lust for money. Why were so many members of infinity ward fired? From what I read, there wasn't much reason. If you look at the up and coming amount of Call of duty games, made by many companies under activision, you will see that they are attempting to get as many games out as quick as possible. They dont make the games. They publish them. And thats why they dont understand about the needs of a gamer. Because they are money grabbing.

Just another little example of change is Project Natal. Microsoft want to cash in on the wii's success. If people want motion controls for games, then they can have them, they can buy a wii.

The greediness for money is changing gaming for the worst. There are more games coming out this year than ever. But how many of these can you say arent rushed? There are many games coming out that do look quite good, and will be good. But these games are all games that have had a good amount of time for them, such as Red Dead Redemption, Halo Reach and Falllout New Vegas.

Companies should start listening to gamers like they used to. Publishers should just give companies the money to make games, and then get out of the way.

Whats with the shooter spamming??

Frankly, Im sick of it.

I love shooters. I always have. From Call of Duty to Halo and Battlefield, Ive played most of them. I own alot of games at the moment, and to be honest, over 3 quarters of them are shooters, but thats not because I love them.

Its because there are just so many of them. The xbox 360 has been spammed with shooters since its release, for example Blacksite, a game clearly not worked on, evident from the lack of enemy design, level design, and constant bugs.

Another importantexample would have to be the lately announced Call of Duty: Black Ops, which has had very little development time, and was only made for the sake of money.

There are some quality shooters out there. Call of Duty 4 was great, while Modern Warfare failed to live up to its multiplayer, the Modern Warfare 2 campaign was still quite good.

Halo was also good, but didnt feel as much of a shooter. There are just so many pointless shooters that do nothing for us except take up hard drive space.

A few to name (These arent all necessarily bad games):

Fear, Fear 2, Call of Juarez(Both of them), Blacksite, Call of Duty World At War, e.t.c.

Im getting sick of it. What happened to platformers? What happened to Sandbox Based Games? I know the 360 has a fewof these, there are not enough. I was excited about the wealth of games coming this year, but there are only two shooters that im even looking at buying, out of the million that have been announced (Obvious Exaggeration). Those two being Halo: Reach and Fallout: New Vegas.

As you see they are not vanilla shooters. Reach will be as diverse as the other halo games, with much freedom given, unlike the very straight-forward C.O.D games, which has little to no freedom at all.

Fallout New Vegas is a very strong RPG. I have played every single fallout game, and unlike many other Fallout Veterans, I LOVED fallout 3, and thought it was great, and continued the series flawlessly. It isnt largely focused on its shooting elements, so another reason im not sick of it.

As previously stated, I love (or loved) shoooters, but if we are repeatedly spammed by them, then clearly we are going to get sick of them.

So I beg you game developers, answer me this:


Is there any way to stop this getting boring?

Lately, xbox live is sttarting to get boring. I have some good games and I love playing splinter cell double agent online, but I can never seem to find a good match. Also, the download speeds for everything is very slow, so downloading stuff is a chore. If anyone can think of some good cheap games, or just something to keep me gaming, because lately xbox live is slightly borinig.
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