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My Top Ten Badasses Videogames Characters

Well finally a new entry to my blog, and to my surprise is a ranking again!! LOL, yeah, I was wondering why I dont make an entry about myself or something, but that will be later, I dont like to talk very much about myself anyways.

So, here it is, the 10 guys that I think are the most badasses in videogames. But, there are a few things to note.

Is not based on power (number 10 may pwn number 2 for example), I only chosed one guy per game or series so yeah other favorite badasses will be missed, and I chosed characters from games I have played so maybe some of your favorite will be missed too. (***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***)

Okay, here we go, these guys can kick everyone who steps in their ways nuts and they are... :D

10.- Niko Bellic - Grand Theft Auto IV

Yeah he is very badass, very cool and original character. Even though all the other GTA games were pure badass, this guy wins because of his sense of humour, cold personality and at the same time his noble way of being. Love his accent.

9.- Nightmare - Soul Calibur III

He is the pure evil that growth in Seigfrieds heart, and later became separated from him but he was stronger than ever and evil as ever. One of the best characters in the game and so badass looking.... look at that sword... it has an eye!!

8.- Auron - Final Fantasy X

So damn cool, a legendary hero that 10 years ago saved the world and now hes kickin ass again. Hes quiet, tough and with his heavy katana he was the stronger character in the game. 99999 damage baby! :D

7.- Kratos - God of War

He is Spartan, he defied the gods, he became a god. There is nothing more to say. Leonidas is a kitty at his side...

6.- Bowser - Mario Bros Series

Even if for many Bowser looks kiddy, he is really a freakin awesome dragon with a spiked shell and can kick all guys nuts and asses (except for Mario...). Man I love him in SSBB, one of my best characters and in all Mario games when you can use it.

5.- Dante - Devil May Cry Series

When you think of a cool character in videogames, Dante comes to your mind. He is a demon, he is cool in every way possible and when he fights the fearless and powerful demons he doesnt even gets a scratch. Its show time! LOL

4.- Nemesis - Resident Evil 3


3.- Sagat - Street Fighter Series

He is my favorite character in those series, he is really tough and some people know him as "mountain of muscle" LOL, but he really is the king of Muay Thai. He got his big scar of the chest by a dragon punch fromm Ryu. He wears an eyepatch so that grows his level of badass very much haha. Tigger uppercut!!

2.- Ganondorf - Zelda Series

The king of evil, what can be more badass than that?. Nemesis of Link that always try to conquer the land of Hyrule by his evil means, that guy really has very much power and is so freakin cool. He can transform into Ganon that is a terrifing beast.

1.- Big Boss - Metal Gear Series

Only his name is badass, and his eyepatch, and himself is the deffinition of that. The perfect soldier, that overcomes all that is against him, only his clone and son could kick his ass. Just see his name once more, "Big Boss", that says it all.

Other candidates: Master Chief, Rugal, Ryu Hayabusa, Scorpion, Samus, Akuma, Leon Kennedy, Revolver Ocelot, Volgin

My Top Ten Favorite Videogames Music of all time

Ok guys first before i begin i need to say that i give the credit of originality to GreenGoblin2099 for creating the first list of games music :). And well here they are hope you like some of them. By the way i just picked one song per serie so it was a hard choice in some places.

EDIT: Now they are linkfied, may contain **SPOILERS** if you havent play some of the games. Thanks :)

10.- Smash Bros Brawl - Final Destination Theme. Link

It is a remix of the original SSBB theme (the one with Latin lyrics) and i like that one too, but this one just kicks so much ass and it is magnificent for epic battles :)

9.- Mortal Kombat Techno Theme Link

You know, an old one, i think it is from the first Mortal Kombat movie that was actually kind of good in its times lol. Anyways the song kicks so much ass too.

8.- Pokemon - Final Battle with Gary Link

Since the Blue version that i played long ago, when i threw my pokemons to kick Garys butt, i just loved that theme. The remasterization from Pokemon Stadium is my favorite version.

7.- Zelda Twilight Princess - Ganondorf final fight Link

Epic... i just found this battle the most epic one of all videogames. Link fighting against Ganondorf (or Ganon) is an excellent one but this time Nintendo did a super epic feeling in this battle. I love the original theme from the Super Nintendo and the remasterization in Ocarina of Time but this theme is my favorite for a little.

6.- Super Mario RPG - Forest Theme Link

Yeah, if someone here has played this game, maybe you remember that catchy and medieval kind song. I just love it very much and i can play it in piano by the way :D

5.- Shadow of the Colossus - Peril Personified Link

Okay the game itself is a true definition of epic, and its melodies fit perfectly to its epicness. This one in particular is my favorite, it is when you fight against the bull-shaped colossi (the giant one).

4.- Metal Gear Solid 2 - Intro Theme Link

I think that from all MGS, this one has the better songs and one of the best intros of all the time. The music of the intro is just pure awesomeness :D

3.- Street Fighter - Ryu Theme Link

I love Street Fighter, i love their characters, the story of each one and all relationated with SF lol. This song is old and i can put it in an epic SF escenario: Ryu vs Sagat (or Ken) in a grass field with a fierce storm and lighting :)

2.- Castlevania 64 - Intro Theme Link

This intro that is played in violin is just... magnificent. It is a remade too, i think that is from Dracula X but definitively this version is the best.

1.- Final Fantasy X - Intro Theme Link

I think this song is called "To Zanarkand" but im not too sure. Is the main theme, that comes in the intro when all the party is sitting next to a fire and Tidus looks to the horizon. This one is my favorite of all the time it makes me feel lot of things, and i can play it in piano too :D

OK there you go :)

My top ten favorite games of all time

Well before of all, this list is composed with the games i enjoyed the most in my whole life, so they aren't precisely the best games ever overall and they are ordered acording to the "fun factor" i had with them. Anyways here they are :).

10.- The Legend of the Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon - Nintendo 64

I got overwhelmed by this game graphics and music when it came out was just amazing and very alike to the japanese culture:). I remember this game needed a controller pack to save the data and i didnt have it so when i rented it the first time i had to finish the whole game in one pass lol, took me a day. This game had an "i don't know what", a sparkle or something that maked me enjoy it very very much.

9.- Capcom vs SNK 2: Mark of the Millenium 2001 - Playstation 2

First of all, this game was awesome, a lot of characters, nice graphics and a very balanced and fast gameplay. It had it all and more for a Street Fighter fan. But the true reason i put this game in the list is because i enjoyed it a lot with some friends i had long time ago. Every day was packed with extreme competition in the game store they had, and often they were doing tournaments. Sagat was my best char ;).

8.- Final Fantasy X - Playstation 2

This is just a masterpiece, a true gem. I know most of you have played this game so there isnt much to say. I put this game on the list because how amazed i was the first time i saw the graphics and how amazed i got after finishing it. The story, voice acting and most of all the characters, all of that will keep in my mind for the years to come.

7.- Perfect Dark/ Goldeneye 007 - Nintendo 64

The original Goldeneye was pure awesomeness, i had a lot of fun with my friends with (especially with the proximity and remote mines fields lol). But then Perfect Dark came, and it was the same stuff but 1000% better, unique weapons, awesome and classic Goldeneye gameplay, memorable soundtrack and the customizable "sims" were a lot of fun.

6.- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time/ The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Nintendo 64

For much people the best game of all time, it truly defines the word "masterpiece". For those who played the previous Zeldas, i believe they got amazed by seeing Link at a gorgeous 3d for the first time, the story and the gameplay, all was like Zelda Link to the Past but with 3d graphics. The truth of why i enjoyed this game very very much is because it was my first Zelda, and i was clueless most of the time with the puzzles and the whole adventure, and i enjoyed all that a lot.

5.- Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - Super Nintendo

This game was my first RPG, so i was just really amazed with all the stuff Mario could make in this game. The story was epic and the characters too. I really had a great time solving all the puzzles and finding all the secret stuff (beating Culex was hard :P). I still play this game sometimes since then, the last time i finished it was the last year :)

4.- Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber - Nintendo 64

And this is a rare gem, a very valuable rare gem. Im sure almost everyone don't know this series. This game is RPG/Strategy and man... i was cautivated by all it offered. Super excellent and deep story, awesome soundtrack, a very fun gameplay and above of all, the replay value it had maked me to fall in love with this game and remember it for a lot of years to come. It had so many variations of the story and the units you could create and even every single character, along with a gorgeous presentation and much much more stuff that i can't just tell it all here. :D

3.- Super Mario 64/ Super Mario World - Nintendo 64/ Super Nintendo

Wow this game just was just amazing to see and much more amazing to play. When i first saw the N64 in the stores and Mario running in 3d to here to there i just pooped in my pants. This game is the daddy of all the 3d plattaformers, enough said. And Mario World was the same experience when i first got my SNES long time ago, not so much amazing but the game is still uber awesome, both of them until today are the s**t :)

2.- Pokemon Blue/Gold/Stadium 1-2 - Game Boy Color/ Nintendo 64

Pokemon is the game i enjoyed the most time. From the Blue version to the Gold version i raised like 150 pokemons to the max level, and played like 300 hours or more with those two. The Stadiums for the N64 were a nice addition to see my pokemons in nice 3d graphics and battle them to the death (i mean faint). The true enjoyment of this game comes from the lots of friends i had to play with, trade pokemons and pwn them almost everytime. I was the pokemon master! lol

1.- Super Smash Bros Melee/ Super Smash Bros - Game Cube/ Nintendo 64

The perfect fighting game, not for its deepness but for its fun. Putting Nintendo stars to punch each other was an awesome idea. The times i went through this game were similar to the ones i had with CVSSNK2, but with my best friends, more tournaments and more people to beat with Pikachu and Samus :P. Tons and tons of hours of fun with those games, really, best gaming times i've ever had.

And thats all :)