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My Thoughts: PS4 and GTA V

With the recent news of the PS4 and GTA V still in my head Im getting all types of excitement building up in me. There are a lot of things that I like about the new PS4 and not much that I dont like. One big worry for me though is with the controllers having these touch screens and motion sensors on them. Im all down for new innovation but if this means I have to drop $100 for a controller then you can count me out. What would be nice if they allowed you to use the old PS3 controllers on the system when the DualShock4 isnt needed. Also it is about time they release the System with the actually Dual Shock instead of getting a plain one just to trade it in latter for one with Vibration.  The Share button is a real plus for me too so many times have I wished I could share something Hilarious in GTA or Uncharted. The hardware for the system looks great which Im more interested in the game developers making better games that I can buy on my PC. Even though Im mainly a PC gamer now my heart belongs to PlayStation since that is the system that I have some of my fondest memories on. I love the fact that it will be able to download updates in the background and while off main power. What might really change Console gaming and gaming all together is play as you download concept. If they pull this off and it works great I can see this really helping the PS4 sales.


            But enough about the PS4, Im sure you all have been reading up on it. Lets talk about games. Mainly GTA V because after hearing it pushed back to September unlike some people I rejoiced. More time for the Developers to fine tweak everything and to be totally honest Im glad I wont be stuck in my roomed glued to my TV during the Summer thats what good old Fall and Winter is for. I have heard rumors that it wasnt for the game its self but promotion and other stuff but even if that is true now that can do those things they wanted to do but didnt think they had enough time for. What Im worried about is the fact that it is pushed back to September and the PS4 is supposed to come out the 2013 holiday season. Im not scared that They might mess it up Im scared that I might not have anyway to pay my bills after I drop money on a New PS4 and a Limited Edition GTA V. The more I think about it though and the fact that the PS4 wont be backwards compatible because of the way its set up I doubt that they will release GTA V on it as a launch Title but you never know. Besides that Im really looking forward to The Last of Us and Watch Dogs but dont have much to say about them at this time.

Uncharted 3, GTA V, and YouTube Channel.

Well I might as well start writing some blogs on this....I should also get a avatar for my account. Well anyways just last week I went up to New York City to play in the Uncharted 3 ACM Theater Event. It was Loads of fun and got to meet one of those 7 year old kids that is kicking everyones ass online. This Kid was destroying everyone left and right and big theater screen 3D! It was fun my team that you are randomly put on won are first match but lost a second in overtime by one kill in the last 10 seconds. I kinda felt bad because I know i completely choked that game and if I did as good as I did in the first round we would have won at least that round. They were giving away prizes from signed penny arcade UC3 posters, which i won, to PS3 official headset and an uncharted 3 controller. I wanted that controller so bad. But all in all it was a fun time no new news was released there besides the small vinyl figures that this one dude is making for UC3. They game the very first one of it's kind away there only in New York because thats where the guy that makes them lives. Once i make a random ass video of my time in New York i will upload it for my first Youtube video. I'll give links later. I'll be getting the game in the mail sometime this week so i will most likely review it for anyone that cares about my opinion.

The next thing I wanna Talk about is the announcement of GTA V!!!!! I know I was peeing my pants and giggling like a 12 year old when i heard the news about the trailer coming out on Nov 2nd. All the thoughts of what it would be! My vote if it's gonna be a place we already been before let it be San Andreas. If it's a completely new place i say go D.C. or Detroit. But I really don't care where it is as long as it's as fun ass all the other GTA games i've played. There is also rumor that it might be coming out as a Wii U launch title. This i could see ending up like china town wars when i played it. Spend 1 hour on doing the main mission then get in to the drug dealing... and never stop. I can't explain how many times i started up that game and was going to play the main mission then saw that some guy was selling **** for cheap or I had something that someone wanted really bad so I would go and sell them my stuff. Then once you start you just keep doing on hours on end. I'm not that far into the game and i probably have more money then most people do when they beat the game. But back to the main subject of GTA V and that is What the hell is it going to be about! I have no idea i liked the gang wars it was fun. If you have a thought leave it in the comments.

Last thing I wanted to talk about is that me and a couple of my friends are gonna start up a YouTube Gaming Channel with all kinds of stuff from Gameplay to random videos of us being stupid in game and pretty much anything we can think of. One of my friends that will be doing this isMrJack3690. Heis decently active in Game Spot community, meaning since him and me have gotten full time jobs this is all we do all day at work, so you might have seen him around on the forms. So Go check his page out and even track him or befriend him, but i understand if you just want to be the creepy lurker that reads all his post but never comments. Me and him will let you know when we get our channel up in the mean time check out his youtube channel of him playing the uncharted 3 beta and being a total newb by aiming and no where near smashing the square button enough.