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10,000 posts!!!!!

Finally, I've reached 10,000 posts in the GameSpot forums. Finally. Sitting at work, rainy day, 2:43pm, wearing that Angry Birds T-Shirt I bought yesterday. I'll remember this day.

So I picked up my Xbox 360 Kinect Special Edition Bundle and....

.... To be honest, I love it. Really, I do. For many things like:

1) I love the new slim design it's sexy and in white it looks even better. The controller as sexy as ever and the Kinect sensor looks much better in white. I don't I just like my electronis in white.

2) Kinect is awesome. Maybe I'm late to the party, I don't care I love this thing. It recognizes your voice, and movements, I spent all night playing Kinect Sports with my girlfriend, boxing, table tennis and volleyball are what I mainly played with her yesterday and to be honest I hadn't had so much fun in a long time. We really enjoyed it and she loves it.

3) The silence when it's playing a disc is SO much better than my previous Xbox, obviously, the one I had was from 2009, this one was manufactured January 2012.

4) The design is much better, improved. My ONLY little complaint with the design would be that I can't install an HDD from the older Xbox models but I don't mind since I think they sell USB adapted HDDs for the Slim version.

For now that's my review of my new console. It came with 4GB flash memory, and I have Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports as well as Halo Reach and 3 months free of Xbox Live. I'll start playing online as of next week as well as have my new Gametag. Until then I'll keep loving my new console.

9000 Posts.

Reached 9000 posts today, on my way to the 10,000 post party. Let's see how long it's gonna take for me to get to 10K.

My problem with gaming today.

So, I love video games, I love my 360 and PS3. I love to sit on my couch for 2-3 hours and enjoy a good campaign, story or match. But, I think people today are losing focus of what a real game should be. And by people I mean developers and gamers in general.

I'm at my local EB Games store and I see all these little kids begging their dads to buy them the latest Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I watch them with tears of sadness in my eyes as I see games like Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City and RAGE being ignored by them. I mean Activision can spend MILLIONS on marketing and advertising but for my $60 I'd rather get Batman or Uncharted instead of a repetitive CoD. I bought RAGE that day and though I found it to be buggy and have some texture issues, I loved the game. It's an FPS yes, but it had a story, weapons, setting, characters and feel different from other FPS'. I liked Call Of Duty up until Black Ops. I loved Black Ops, it was short and out of the Modern Warfare world. But after reading reviews of MW3 and seeing what it offers as a package I feel a deja vu. Yet it sells and my question is why? I find the people who play this and only this makes them amateurs in my view. I don't like the direction it takes because games that have taken longer to develop and more effort put into story, character background and Single Player campaign are either ignored or simply get shelved and price is lowered and they don't sell as much as you would expect them to and then no more sequels or support for that game from the developer because it didn't sell as much as it was expected to sell.

I don't like this and actually I'm kind of glad that MW3 is having a negative impact amongst gamers that way Treyarch and Activision can maybe focus on making something new. I mean stick with the FPS but make a new IP or something. Modern Warfare was fun and good while it lasted but it's time to move on now.

I'm not trashing CoD or anything I just think it's time for people to enjoy something else. I know I do. I don't regret missing out on MW3 and playing RAGE or Uncharted 3 because they're great games that are worth my money and time.

I don't want the video game industry to go the wrong way or anything. I want developers to give me more awesome games and not useless sequels, prequels or expansions.

Anybody played Oblivion IV and Fallout 3???

I want them BOTH! But, I need a review or summary from someone who has played it. Are they good? Good story? Weapons? Characters? etc.... I'd really like it if someone helped:D

I'm not a BIG RPG an but I've gotten a certain ''taste'' for RPGs lately. I got Final Fantasy on my PSP and it's good, and I'll get Crisis Core later:D

One Year Ago.....

Rest In Peace Heath Ledger:(....I still can't believe you're gone:(....The best Joker ever, you will be missed.

Rest In Peace!


AAAAhhhhh....Finally I got my laptop:D I'm so happy I'm gonna cry:cry: It's a beautiful SONY Vaio:D:D:D:D:D I love it:D The speed, the beauty, the things I can do:P


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