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Spiderman 2 is one of the greatest super hero movies of all time. The recent Garfield reboot doesn't even come close, sure it has prettier CG but it was poorly written and didn't have the same touch that Raimi's masterpiece Spiderman 2 did. 

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Hey guys; 3DS owner here looking for some info on Animal Crossing. I've never played the franchise before, but reading some reviews and learning of its simple, charming and presumably fun gameplay has intriguied me in potentially buying the game.

Where exactly does the adictveness, charm and or fun come from exactly from this game? I get the sense that is has some elements of an RTS or some other empire building simulation, but I can't really surmise exactly.

Gaming lately has been stressful, I often spend my days playing Smite (new MOBA coming out), and come close to popping nerves as the frustration of playing it, I am really looking for something to relax and invigorate gaming for me, not sure if I could get into this game though, but the reviews seem to indicate that it is great.

anyone have any feedback on the franchise>?

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well, i caved in, sold my PS3 to my friend; and went with the original 3DS model with Awakening and MGS3D. Thanks for all the input

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So Fire Emblem Awakening recently came out, needless to say, the release has prompted me to consider buying the hardware for it, I love Fire Emblem that much. 

Question to enthusiasts, the 3DS fire emblem liimited edition pack is sold out nearly everywhere, and I can only get it online for a 15 percent markup for 250, is it worth it? does the fact that the game is pre-installed forfeit your physical copy of the game?

My other alternative would be to buy a 3DS XL and then the game itself, is it that much of an improvement over the standard 3DS? for someone that's played both; or I was considering just waiting for the 3DS monster hunter bundle.

any advice would be appreciated. 

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Being a huge fan of LOTR and intruiged at the prospect of a console MOBA, I'm curious if anyone has any feedback/thoughts on the game, it released for PS3 today will release tomorrow for 360.

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Have been wanting to get a new action-rpg/single player game and I've narrowed it down to these two. Which is the stronger title? I plan on playing on the hardest difficulty, (my last two RPG's were the witcher 2 [beat it on Dark mode] and Dark Souls, [beat it four times].

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Everyone will progress Dark Souls at a different rate, it's a good thing you are enjoying the game, 41 hours in doesn't really anything, as long s you finish lol

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i'm on the same boat as you, I will probably enjoy MP 3's single player, but it will only last me around a weekend. that does not warrant a game purchase for me, the real thing that is going to get me to purchase the game is a solid multiplayer with the promise of longevity. I'm still torn between future soldier and this, but I am leaning toward max payne 3, considering how terrible the future soldier beta was.

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skyrim is so bland and boring compared to dark souls. I can come back to dark souls after months of inactivity and get right back into the despondent and rewarding world. the level design in the whole dark souls makes Skyrim look like a toddler game.

Skyrim's novelty wore off far too soon, as in, right after the first dragon fight. 

Dark Souls is the game of the generation. 

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chose to go the orc route because i wanted to test out the berserk ability.

I was NOT disappointed.

I sided with ulfric stormcloak, he's def the most mis-understood character of 2011 tbh, the game throws so many different characterization paths for ulfric, it's truly amazing. while one villager might call him a murderer, another might say he is an honorable duelist, while another may claim he is self-centered and ruthless, another might claim he is sympathetic for the people of skyrim.

the only thing that is for certain is that he is a racist bastard. but still, he's an awesome character.