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YESS FINALLY. God that last scene in episode 3 still gives me chills.....

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Honestly, I've been playing it on PS4 for a few hours now. The only way I could sum it up is All Flash, No Substance.

The graphics are by far the most beautiful and technically impressive i have seen on a console; the presentation of the menus, inventory, NPC interaction is probably some of the best I've ever played.

However, the game just feels extremely bland to play, the story seems SO generic and the voice of the robot that guides (whom I know to be Peter Dinklage) is pretty boring, you'd imagine they would go to great lengths for the quality of the voice that guides you through the game but alas they did not.

The mechanics are solid, but it feels like every FPS i've played in the last 10 years, with really nothing meaningful/new going for it.

I'll reserve my judgement, but I see this scoring in the 7 category.

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I can attest that the regular 3DS is one of the most uncomfortable things in regards to playing extended hours, especially if you have average size adult hands. I dealt with it to play SMT IV and Fire Emblem, however, and have no regrets with the cramps, since the games were so magical. But yes, get a 2DS instead, it's much more comfortable and cheaper than the 3DS XL by far.

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so lazy that they've recycled the same two shitty characters from the previous uncharted games, nate and sully. I was hoping for something of a historic prequel rated M reboot of the Uncharted series.

Oh well, guess I'll be buying this for the multiplayer, as i've done the past two uncharted games.

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the multiplayer is going to be unbalanced as fuckkkk

you'd be foolish to think this was even remotely close to a primary focus of their game. You want to get your Halo fix? wait for Guardians

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Spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, one of the greatest games of all time? Yes, it is.

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wait until you see the ending. it is literally one of the worst endings I have ever had the displeasure of playing through.

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because of its nature as an RPG, the level field will hardly ever be equal. in halo, everyone is equal and skill is more relevant than RPG elements. your title is so stupid.

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I don't understand how people can make judgement that the PS4 is superior based on this myth that because the X1 is going for EXTRA multi-media capabilities, it somehow has forgotten it is a gaming console?

Last I checked Microsoft has done an OUTSTANDING job with their launch line up. DR 3, Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome have been reported to be quality experiences well worth the investment. So much for not being "for the gamers" LOL

Likewise on Sony's end, Shadowfall and Knack,the limited flagship PS4 exclusives, have received extremely lukewarm reception.

So I beg the question, how can the PS4 be considered "for the gamers" if its games are crap?