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Too many games!

I am so screwed this year.

I want:

Skyrim, RAGE, MW3, BF3, AC:R, Dead Island, etc. I cannot afford all of these games! It comes to about £280 if I get em all.

Which ones are you gonna get?

I think I am getting RAGE, AC: R and BF3 first, then Skyrim and MW3. Anyone else got a different opinion.

It's still fun to play Bully(Scholarship Edition)

I have recently been playing 2 games. Red Dead Redemption and ...Bully. It's still good, even after 5 years, proving that graphics don't mean **** over gameplay, I think that I'm going through a 'Retro Game period'.

Bully is great even though its title is a bit of a misnomer. If you don't know about this game you can find it here.

I think next I will buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to continue my retro-game-playing streak.

So, What games have you been playing?

(Although I highly doubt someone will read this it's still fun to write)

Black Ops Zombies Matchmaking is rubbish

Well right now there is 13,000 people playing Black Ops Zombies Call of the Dead, And guess what? I can't find a game? I hope that the rest of the 12,999 people aren't still in matchmaking because of the same reason. Also if you do want to join a game, make sure you are there for the matchmaking, I refuse to wait 20 minutes for the 2 people to 'ready up'.

it seems I can only get a game if EVERYONE 'readies up'. doesn't anyone else have this problem?! Is so frustrating, you'd think things like this would be fixed by now.

And if my connection details help A results:

Connection: Download 30mb Upload 6mb.