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Still no reply to this ? Whats the point of having all these issues in one post if no one's checking them ?
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I am unable to stream LIVE videos only. I can replay older ones just fine. This is at my work computer (lunch break, natch) but I have no problems at my home computer.


Windows XP, SP2, updated through LiveUpdates

Windows Media Player 11 installed

Divx Codec installed

Extra .dlls for Firefox installed to plugin directory.

Have tried the work arounds of playing WMP files on other sites and then trying Gamespot again. No dice.

I always get all 3 portions of Live Broadcast for On the Spot loaded and can live chat or do the trivia quiz. But the video area stays with a black screen and then says "Connecting to Media" then "Stopped"

This is a very disappointing problem that seems very common and should be a priority to fix. One of my main reason for being a paid user instead of free user was the advertised ability to stream live videos.

I did try IE7 and got the same error message.


Pretty much the same thing, except mine always says "Buffering". Any soloutions to this yet ?

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As above. I use Ice Dark, and I'm stuck in the standard view in both FireFox and IEDazzHardy

After hitting submit to post that in IE, it refused to load the page back up.

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As above. I use Ice Dark, and I'm stuck in the standard view in both FireFox and IE
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Cake all the way
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I can watch the show on Firefox, only listen to it on IE, and nothing else, no chat, no trivia, no questions :\
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The usual "Click here to enter chat" things has been replaced with a "subscribe now", but I'm already a subscriber. Any ideas what the problem might be ?
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I upgraded to get the E3 goods last year, and just never unsubscribed. It's nice to have video's in high res. Although if GS isn't going to be offering anything along the lines of the E3 thing like last year, I dunno if I'll continue my subscription much longer. It seems like there aren't as many benifits as there used to be.metroid_dragon


Can't really blame Gamespot for E3 downgrading. I don't doubt they'll get as good a coverage of the event as they can though. 

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I upgraded for E3 2005, plain and simple, and I havent regretted it once since